Chapter 127: Mad Jealousy

After the math exam had concluded, a few girls walked out of the classroom crying. As Ye Jian looked at them, she lightly sighed in her mind.

The whole nation would only pick twelve participants; therefore, she must qualify!

After the two morning exams had concluded, the names and the marks of the students in the top ten were broadcast through the speakers.

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One could say that those in the top ten scored perfect marks.

However, if the students were ranked based on who completed the test first, Ye Jian was far ahead in the lead.

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Ka. A ballpoint pen was snapped in half by Ye Ying who had a gloomy face. She pursed her lips tightly, and her formerly beautiful eyes were shrouded in a haze.

“I heard Ye Jian is a student from a town middle school… My god, Provincial High’s students can’t even compare with her.”

“I sat on her left, and she handed in her papers too fast. Before I could complete my first page, she had already submitted her exam.”

Several students whose faces expressed their emotions passed by Ye Ying, and the words that fluttered around in the air were torturing her. Hate, loathing… Those thoughts contorted her pretty face into something akin to that of an evil witch, from which an intense chill radiated.

“What’s on your mind?” Gao Yiyang who was staring from afar while holding a bottle of mineral water walked towards Ye Ying who was standing underneath the blazing sun. Her silhouette was unmoving, and she seemed to be pondering about something to the point that she did not realize she was being baked under the hot sun.

Ye Ying’s shoulders moved lightly, and after turning around, there was only bland disappointment on her face. “Ye Jian won; I lost. What should I do, Gao Yiyang? I’ve let you down.”

With her previous confidence gone, her sorrow was revealed. Gao Yiyang felt that the girl in front of him was so real and not the so-called… pretentious.

“Ye Ying, it’s not a big deal. If we were to describe the world as a pyramid, then there will always be some people who will stand at the top as others will stand on the bottom.” Gao Yiyang pointed this out very realistically because he intended to let Ye Ying understand thoroughly that there was no need to pay too much heed.

Who knew that after Ye Ying had heard that, she almost failed to contain the anger on her face.

Does he mean to say that Ye Jian is one of those who will stand on the pinnacle of the pyramid, while I stand among the bottom feeders?

“Moreover, you didn’t lose, so there’s nothing you can do to disappoint me. Ye Ying, cheer up.” Gao Yiyang did not lower his head to look at the expression of the girl standing beside him; his heart was not a single bit calmer than Ye Ying’s. One had to say that none among the student population could remain calm after hearing about Ye Jian’s marks and the time she took to finish the exam.

Regrettably, Ye Ying was not even listening at this moment. She parted ways with Gao Yiyang with a shroud over her heart. She threw the broken ballpoint pen into the trash, and she did not go back to the dormitory immediately. Instead, she walked towards the school’s commissary with a ruthless expression on her gloomy face.

Let’s wait and see! I will never let the d*mned lass continue on!

The students were shocked, and the teachers from all the other cities were not exempt. Ye Jian entered the world unexpectedly, and disregarding the fact that she had crushed the students, she had also ruthlessly crushed all the teachers.

Xia Jinyuan, who was concerned about the results, heard the speakers announce Ye Jian’s results for two days consecutively. As he looked at the calm yet confident lass in front of him, his lips curved into a smile, and even his dark, enigmatic pupils contained smiles. “No wonder Principal Chen said you would not need to attend the next 15 days’ intensive studying.”

Ye Jian did not know that there was such a thing, and her eyes started shimmering once she heard him. Glancing at the dangerous man who appeared in front of her for two continuous days, she warily said, ”Why do you know things before I do?”

…The focus of her concern is always so interesting. Besides, her small wary face almost caused him to be unable to hold himself back from teasing her.

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