Chapter 126: Going to Jin Se Hua Nian Again

After he placed Hong Chen down to rest, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character went home and immediately called Zheng Mo.

“Wei! This is Su Ke!”

There was a brief moment of silence before Zheng Mo’s came out,

“You, are you home?”

Her voice was hoarse and a bit quiet since she was just crying a lot.

Su Ke then imagined Zheng Mo’s teary face and his voice became gentle.

“En, I’m home. You must’ve been so scared today!”

“As long as you’re okay, Su Ke!”

Zheng Mo then went silent and Su Ke wanted to respond, but before he could, he suddenly heard her say, “That girl!”

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When she returned to the dormitory, she was completely preoccupied with shock and guessing Su Ke’s relationship with that girl.

She then thought about the girl that Su Ke carried out and she felt a pang of jealousy.

“Ah, Hong Chen! She’s my friend! Did you hear about that thief I caught? She’s the one who videotaped me. We got to know each other after that incident. She was at Jin Se Hua Nian to gather information. That’s right, she’s a journalist!”

While Su Ke was speaking, he realized that everything seemed to be intertwined.

It was fate that he bumped into Hong Chen again and saved her!


“Is that so?” Zheng Mo’s voice seemed to have relaxed as she continued, “Su Ke, I’m a little tired, so I’ll head to bed first. You should go to sleep too!”

Once she knew that the relationship between Su Ke and Hong Chen wasn’t what she thought it was, Zheng Mo breathed out a sigh of relief and her body instantly felt exhausted.

“En, sweet dreams!”

Su Ke then hung up and laid down on his bed, his heart trembling as he accepted the 1000 RMB reward.


Su Ke sat up and walked over to his desk with the 1000 RMB in hand. “This is enough to buy Mom a necklace!” All of his money was inside and there was 6000 altogether. There was less than half a month before his mother’s birthday and he finally should have enough.

As he mumbled to himself, he suddenly realized that his arm that was hit by the pipe no longer hurt, causing him to feel surprised.


He felt around his body and slowly realized that there was a slight stream of continuously moving energy. It not only energized him, but it also healed some of his injuries.

He clenched his hands into fists and punched the air, making whistling sounds. He then unconsciously thought about the situation in Zhang Wen Long’s bedroom.

He was like a madman, completely ignoring the consequences.

Even after all that, he broke one of the waiter’s arm, which scared him.


After he got Jeet Kune Do, his temper seemed to be more explosive and he was more violent. “It’s because I was too angry then!”


Su Ke could only comfort himself with that kind of reasoning.

Luckily though, nothing bad happened in the end!

When he recalled his strong urge to kill Zhang Wen Long, he felt very frightened.

He helplessly ignored his feelings and pressed his hands against his cheeks, trying to supress his violent emotions.

At this moment, he could feel that the weak flow of energy inside his body is the《Daoist School’s Twelve Movements》(1).

He didn’t think that 《Daoist School’s Twelve Movements》could be used in such a way.

After going through the entire thing, he felt refreshed and energized.

When he went back to bed, he fell asleep rather quickly.

Mondy was really busy because of year-end exams, causing everyone to be very focused and quiet, even in between classes.

Su Ke was no exception.

Even though he was rather confident, he studied seriously and revised just to be safe.

After taking exams for a whole day, Su Ke and Wei Lan rode home on their bicycles.

“How are your revisions?”

As a member of the study committee, Wei Lan was very concerned with Su Ke’s studies, not to mention the bet.

Su Ke smiled at Wei Lan as he pedaled, his delicate cheeks carrying a bright smile that exuded confidence, “He he, everything’s fine!”


Wei Lan snorted and smiled widely, making her look rather cute as she spoke, “Alright! Stop boasting!”

The more Su Ke spoke, the more it seemed like he was bluffing.

After all, his past grades were horrendous. Even if he did his best, he couldn’t surpass her.

Black lines covered his forehead as he responded, “Eh! You don’t need to attack me like this!”  No matter what, his foundations were bad.

Even if his results weren’t very good, he knew that it will still be an improvement.

Whether he would overtake Wei Lan or not though, only time could tell.

“If I really overtake you, don’t forget about the bet!”

Wei Lan squinted her eyes with a puzzled expression on her face, “Bet? What bet!?”

“Wa! You forgot!”

Su Ke anxiously blurted, “You said that if I beat you, you’d let me kiss you!”

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This wasn’t just a first kiss, but also related to the High School Science Proficiency (Intermediate) reward! If he didn’t get the reward, he wouldn’t be able to master it!

Wei Lan pouted and stared at Su Ke’s gloomy face, “Tch, stop dreaming!”  

She actually felt a bit happy as she turned around and murmured, “If someone really beats me, I’ll definitely keep my word!”


“Hei hei, wait for it!”

While they spoke, they finally reached Wei Lan’s house.

Seeing Wei Lan blushing face as she walked upstairs, Su Ke shook his head and gave a goofy smile.

“Eh! Right, I still need to go with Hong Chen to Jin Se Hua Nian and grab some stuff!”

Su Ke then placed his bike back on the road.

Hong Chen remembered yesterday that her clothes and personal belongings were still locked inside Jin Se Hua Nian.

However, she wouldn’t dare go alone, so she could only ask Su Ke to go with her.

He prayed that nothing would happen today!

Su Ke felt that the lesson he gave Zhang Wen Long yesterday was enough.

He even asked Ma Meng to helped him.

However, nothing is permanent, so it’s better to be prepared.


  1. Changed the previous name of this to Twelve Movements instead of Duan Brocades because I think this represents the meaning a lot clearer.


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