Chapter 127: Can I Hug You?

In order to save time, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character down flagged a cab and headed to Jin Se Hua Nian KTV.

Just as he alighted, he heard Hong Chen say, “Su Ke!”

When he turned around, he saw that Hong Chen looked like a completely different person.

Yesterday’s Hong Chen was sexy and seductive with her pink chiffon dress, but this one is dressed like the reporter in his memory.


She was wearing a tight sky-blue shirt and loose light-grey overalls.

Her hair was short and her face was as clear as water. Seeing her without makeup surprised him. However, it looked like she didn’t have enough sleep last night since her eyes were red and swollen.

She then beckoned Su Ke over so he walked towards her.

“Did I make you wait long!?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Jin Se Hua Nian and its golden sign.

Hong Chen felt a bit apologetic as she spoke, “I also just arrived. I’m just a bit embarrassed that I made you come all the way out here. Why don’t I compensate you for your cab fare!?”

Su Ke had just finished school and rode in a cab without going home.

This attitude is way too generous.


Su Ke quickly waved his hand as she spoke, “Eh! Compensate me? There’s no need!”

Even though he’s rather poor, he knew that he had some savings, so he couldn’t take Hong Chen’s money and violate his dignity.

He then grinned as he continued, “Just give me a hug!”

Su Ke felt like his mind was splitting open. He could be very shy and anxious at times when he talked to people, while other times he would use very flirty words.

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With Wei Lan to Li Fei Fei, and now Hong Chen, he would blurt them out without thinking.


Hong Chen still hadn’t reacted to the difference between ‘hug’ and ‘report’ as she said, “Give you a report?”(1).

She blinked rapidly until she noticed Su Ke’s strange smile and finally reacted, thinking about their shared embrace yesterday.

Su Ke stared at Hong Chen’s blushing face and held back a smile, feeling a bit smug.

He then raised an eyebrow as he teased her, “Your face is so red!”

Hong Chen was a bit embarrassed, but after seeing Su Ke acting like a pervert with a wagging tail, she immediately regained her composure and glanced up at his face, “Hey! You want me to hug you?”

“En!” Su Ke didn’t understand what she meant so he unconsciously agreed.


“Are you asking me to pop you’re a*** cherry (3)?”

Hong Chen asked, with a serious expression on her face.

“Pu!” Su Ke felt his blood pressure suddenly skyrocket and he wanted to vomit blood.

His head was covered in black lines and his scalp went numb as he stood there completely dumbstruck, looking like he wanted to cry without tears.

Hong Chen didn’t relent as she said, “So?”

After noticing that Su Ke was unmoving and frozen like a stone, she couldn’t help but laugh at him, “Your request is really too much, it has a lot of personality!”

Su Ke finally recovered his senses and quickly changed the topic, “Let’s go!”


“Oh!” Hong Chen followed Su Ke as the two of them walked through Jin Se Hua Nian’s doors. Since the two of them were laughing just now, it made her more relaxed.

However, when they entered, she kept remembering yesterday’s horrific events.

Even though nothing happened, after going through something like that, nobody would want to go back to such a place again.

It’s just that Hong Chen left some things in her work locker that were very important to her.

She forced herself forward and followed Su Ke.

Zhang Wen Long scolded in his heart, “D*mn, brat! Don’t ever fall into my hands or I’ll kill you!”

He didn’t just lose face when he lost to Su Ke, but he also almost lost his life.

He had a broken nose, two broken ribs, and a slight concussion.

Zhang Wen Long was lying on his bed right now with a bottle in his hand and gauze wrapped around his nose. In order to alleviate his other injuries, he had to wear a chest brace that looked like a woman wearing a bra. The brace left his stomach wide open, making for a gross scene.

The more he thought about the fight, the angrier he got.

Even though he had so much wealth, he didn’t know that Su Ke was with Liu Fei Hong, so he still felt a bit uneasy.

The more people mixed with the underground, the more they would understand the consequences. He’s met Wu Ao Ran’s boss a few times before, but relationships are as thin as paper; who knew if he would help? Liu Fei Hong’s reputation was also growing.

If he provoked her this time, this KTV studio would be kicked out.


“Revenge is a dish best served cold (4)! You just wait, Su Ke!”

He got even more annoyed and his breathing picked up, causing him to feel pain in his chest, so he gazed at his private nurse.gaze went to the private nurse.

After Su Ke left last night, Zhang Wen Long rushed to the hospital and didn’t receive a good diagnosis. He was advised to stay and heal, but he couldn’t stand the smell of disinfectant, so he hired a private nurse instead since he had the money.

The private nurse was currently sitting on the sofa and reading a book.

She was rather young and looked to be around 23-24 years old. She was wearing a pale pink nurse uniform and a pale pink nurse hat that covered her hair and revealed her smooth forehead.


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Even though she looked average, her body was rather good and she had two large peaks hidden under her clothes. For whatever reason, she was leaning forward slightly, revealing her calves that were pressed together without any gaps.

Zhang Wen Long looked over her whole body before unconsciously rubbing his nose, “Tch! I can’t tell if she’s young or not!”


Pain suddenly spread throughout his nose and he sucked in a cold breath.

The private nurse looked up at him and furrowed her eyebrows, “Leader Zhang?”

She then quickly walked over to check on him and carefully ask, “Leader Zhang, are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

She bent over as she spoke, her two peaks flowing down like waves. He didn’t know if she was wearing a bra or not, but just the thought made Zhang Wen Long swallow his saliva and unconsciously reach out and try and grab them.


  1. Hug and Report are homophones in mandarin.
  2. The direct translation is actually “burst your chrysanthemu”,  which is slang for popping their an** cherry.
  3. The actual translation is “A gentleman’s revenge in 9/10 years is not too late”, so I used the next best thing.


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