Chapter 128: Why Is That Brat Back!?

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There are a lot of things in this world that people understand that gives them purpose.

The nurse that Zhang Wen Long hired had her own.

After graduating from medical school, she wanted to work in a public hospital, but it’s very difficult to do so. Even if she wanted to work in a private hospital, she can’t because all she studied was nursing, so Wang Hong Yan was stuck with working as a temporary nurse to get experience.


Her current salary is 800 RMB a month with no housing or meals provided. If she wanted to buy makeup, new clothes, or anything at all, she had to save up first.

She was constantly dreaming about meeting a golden turtle, a rich and eligible bachelor.

However, reality is harsh.

Even though it looked like Wang Hong Yan was reading a book, she was actually observing Zhang Wen Long quite closely.

She even noticed his lustful gaze directed at her.

Even though he wasn’t good-looking, she knew that he was successful!

After the lights go out, who can see who?


When she saw Zhang Wen Long lift up his arm, her mouth curved slightly into a smile as she feigned ignorance and leaned towards him.

Her white and soft hand was placed directly on Zhang Wen Long’s head as she spoke with worry in her voice, “Leader Zhang!”

Who is Zhang Wen Long?

He’s an individual thats worked very hard for a great many years, so he was an expert at reading people. Even though he had a concussion, he knew exactly what she was doing.

His mouth curved up into a smile as he reached forward with his right hand and pinched her fat rabbit. It was soft and had excellent flexibility, making him actually lose control.


“Yah!” Wang Hong Yan looked shocked as she retreated, her arms covering her chest.

The gentle-looking and considerate nurse now had a red face.

When Zhang Wen Long saw her blushing expression, he was even more interested since her temperament was different then the other young girls he’s met. Not to mention, her assets and uniform were great as well.

The anger he felt for Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was cleansed as he silently smiled at Wang Hong Yan.

Wang Hong Yan blushed as she yelled, “Leader Zhang, you!”

She was stunned and had a confused look on her face as she stared at Zhang Wen Long.

After seeing that he wasn’t going to say anything, she quickly calmed down and prepared herself.


“I hope Leader Zhang can control himself!”

The easier it is to get, the less it’ll be cherished. Wang Hong Yan was very clear on this rule. She also knew how men thought; the harder the melon, the sweeter it is.

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“Oh!” Zhang Wen Long’s interest grew.

If it wasn’t for the bandage on his nose, he would have already loudly said, “Come and sit over here!”

“Leader Zhang, I’m not such a frivolous woman!”

Wang Hong Yan’s face was serious, but even a foul could see that her eyes were lit up.

Zhang Wen Long raised his eyelids and naturally rubbed his stomach before speaking, “This is fate then! This brother is also not such a frivolous man!”

“Since we both aren’t frivolous people, we’ll be positive together, so you can take it easy! Come sit over here and satisfy me! I won’t treat you badly!”


Wang Hong Yan stayed still as she responded, “Leader Zhang, it’ll be hard for me to work if I do that! I’m not in the mood to joke with you!”

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Zhang Wen Long immediately knew that she was giving him conditions, but he completely brushed off her words as he said, “Ha ha, this isn’t a joke. If I’m happy, you’ll also be happy. I feel like I need a special nurse taking care of my life. Hei hei, especially my sex life!”


He’s an experienced person in society and she’s just a naive woman who wants to take advantage of people. If you compared them, Zhang Wen Long obviously had the initiative.

“You’re still injured, so don’t move around too much!”

No matter how foolish Wang Hong Yan was, she could tell that Zhang Wen Long wasn’t sincere. However, this was a good start.

She gently walked over and sat by his bed.


While her pink nurse uniform wasn’t very tight, her skirt tightly stretched over her round butt.

Zhang Wen Long reached out his hand and grabbed her butt, feeling the addicting elastic feeling in his palm as he said, “I won’t move, but you can!”

“En?” Wang Hong Yan was rather relaxed when she heard Zhang Wen Long’s words since she already experienced the affairs of the world.

She then turned around and looked at his nether region that was covered with a loose pair of beach shorts that stretched taut over his bulging belly, his waistband covered by a roll of fat.

Unknowingly, a small and bulging sand dune popped up in the middle of his beach shorts.


“Don’t tell me you want me to ride you?”

After hearing his words, an image of her unceasingly riding a black horse filled her mind.

“Leader Zhang, you really can’t move right now!”

Wang Hong Yan cleared her head and thought up an excuse as she continued,

“No! You can’t release the hawk without seeing the hare (1)”.

“Ha ha, I know that you just move your mouth. This is just like an investment where the people receiving should show their aptitude!”

Zhang Wen Long then lifted his hips up quite high as he spoke, “Come, don’t just stand there!”

Wang Hong Yan thought about his words for a moment before finally making a decision.

She turned around and laid down on his bed, her two hands directly gripping his beach shorts as she pulled them down.


As soon as they were around his ankles, there was a “Dong, dong, dong!” at the door.

Zhang Wen Long looked at his exposed little brother before yelling with annoyance, “What is it!?”

“Boss! Su Ke is back!” Yelled a man on the other side of the door.

Zhang Wen Long was slow on the uptake before he quivered with anger and repeated what he said, “Su Ke?”

When it finally clicked, he pulled out the needle of his IV drip and jumped off the bed as he pulled up his pants.

“F*ck, why is that brat back!?”


  1. Means to act with no incentive.


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