Chapter 132: The Rallying Cry of Youth

These were the soldiers who were sweating away their lives on the practice field as they shaped their bodies into impregnable fortresses at the price of their youth, waiting to be called into battle!

Ye Jian only needed to step onto this piece of land that was filled with dignity and motivation for her entire personality to change drastically.

Her gaze contained the coldness which belonged only to those of military background, and she liked it here.

She liked to put on her training wear and climb over obstacles with the soldiers while tasting the feeling of victory after passing through layers and layers of barbed wires.

She liked to sweat on the practice field, and she liked to eat, laugh, bleed and cry with all the other soldiers.

“Train an army for a thousand days to use it for a moment.” If someone has never walked near the world of the soldiers, they will never know what happens during the thousand days, such as how the young soldiers train and how they race against time.

The soldiers in their training wear formed a circle in the training field in an orderly manner. Xia Jinyuan was among the spectators, and he silently watched the girl who was courageous enough to wrestle with a fighter from Inner Mongolia in the field.

His abysmal pupils contained fragments of a smile as he focused all of his attention on her.

He had seen Ye Jian’s training schedule. It was divided into five fundamental stages of training. Number one: Weapon Sergeant training; number two: Engineering Sergeant training; number three: Communication Sergeant training; number four: Commander training; number five… was Medical Sergeant training.

The fifth was left for the last because Uncle Gen and Principal Chen were not experts in it. Besides, it could not be understood in such a short amount of time.

The first, Weapon Sergeant training, was Ye Jian’s current focus. It was about learning the characteristics of small arms and light weapons from China and other countries.

These included handguns, semi-automatic rifles, machine guns, mortars, anti-tank weapons, and air defense weapons.

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In addition, she also had Special A class training which included tactics, indirect fire attacks, usage of portable air defense weapons, weapon disassembly, bomb disassembly, etc.

Furthermore, sniping practices were attached to the first stage of her training, so Ye Jian obtained the best result in the first stage.

After sparring continuously for one week, Xia Jinyuan had a clear idea of Ye Jian’s skills. It was like what Principal Chen had said—besides being at a disadvantage in terms of strength, her other attributes had reached a reasonable level.

Although he avoided the first crucial training, he did whatever he could to increase Ye Jian’s combat ability within this one week.

At the same time, he had to tell her how to scout, defend, and carry out non-traditional combat (assassination, etc.)

The sky was getting dark, and the deafening shouts that could even wake someone in a coma had stopped coming from the field. Ye Jian then entered the training under Xia Jinyuan’s mentoring after warming up.

By the time she left the Provincial troop’s practice field, it was already 10 pm. Her training continued for seven nights straight.. When Ye Jian returned to Provincial High and entered the dorm from the backdoor, it was exactly 11 pm.

“Survival, escape, resistance, avoidance—you can apply them to not just tactics, but also combat.” Xia Jinyuan, who had changed into his combat uniform, emitted an eerie chill that resembled that of a sword, and even his dark pupils gleamed with the luster of cold steel. His voice was stern while driving, and he steadily steered to pass through a large bend. “Properly digest what you have learned in the past seven days. I will assess you when you reach the capital.”

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Ye Jian gently nodded her head and earnestly said, “I will. At what time will you be leaving tomorrow?”

Having rigorously taught her for seven nights… Given that he was leaving tomorrow, she only asked that as a form of basic courtesy.

“What, do you intend to see me off?” Xia Jinyuan smiled while glancing at her. He really wasn’t used to the lass being polite. “If you do want to see me off, I’m afraid you can’t go back to school tonight.”

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