Chapter 133: Teasing is a Form of Affection

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t drive the car directly to the school compound’s backdoor; therefore, he could only park it under a residential building. After turning off the engine, both their breaths could be heard clearly in the tightly sealed car.

Ye Jian unlocked the door, opened it, and jumped off. Gently smiling at Xia Jinyuan who was still sitting in the car, she said, “Don’t be too happy, Captain Xia. Farewell, I won’t see you out.”

Like all key provincial schools, Provincial High was located near towering residential buildings. On the other hand, along the back gate were buildings that belonged to the 80’s; the buildings were only seven stories tall and were stacked together row by row, and the buildings were only about a meter apart.

Every night, once they had arrived here, Xia Jinyuan would properly park the car and personally walk Ye Jian into the school compound, and tonight was not an exception.

As she laughed lightly, he elegantly got out of the car and closed the door. Looking at the girl with thin brows standing under the street light, the contours of his lips hooked up into a sexy curve as he asked, “Am I not getting even a hug from you before we part ways?”

“We did hug a lot on the practice field. Why, does Captain Xia not remember anymore?” Who doesn’t know how to tease someone back?

Being under his influence for a few days, even someone dumb would learn his tricks! Ye Jian laughed to the point that her eyebrows were curved, and her pupils revealed a hint of craftiness. “We will still have plenty of chances to hug each other when we get to the capital.”

The lass’s mouth was getting better, thus it looked like he had to start restraining himself. Otherwise… if he ended up influencing her to the point that she would start teasing boys… he would be angry with himself.

After summer break had begun, this area that was filled with traditional residential buildings was only lit by a handful of light coming from some of the rooms; the rest was pitch black.

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And after the two of them had walked past a few blocks, their gazes lightly landed in the same direction almost at the same time.

Her pupils then revealed a cold light as she said to him, “There’s not much further left; I can head over there by myself.” Being stared at by someone continuously for a few nights did not feel very good.

“You want to go up there alone?” Xia Jinyuan did not stop, and he did not agree to walk her only to this point. “If you want to go up, I can accompany you.”

“I do want to go up there, but after having been stared at for a few nights, I want to ask the people up there whether they are tired of doing so.” Ye Jian laughed lightly, and in an instant, her pupils went cold. Her sharp gaze swept towards the window that only had a desk lamp on immediately after.

Behind the window, the person was so scared that his arm trembled, and he reflexively let go of the curtain that he was holding up. He grabbed the cup from the study table and started gulping down water.

How frightening! Ye Jian’s gaze looked like she was about to kill someone, and the chill he felt at the sight of it almost scared his heart out.

Around three minutes passed, and then the frightened person lightly patted his chest. After calming himself down, he gently raised the curtain.

He was ready to raise the camera in his hand and record down the scene of a guy and a girl walking back together every day in the dead of the night once again.

He had only just raised the curtain slightly before he saw a face suddenly press close towards the window from outside under the illumination of the desk lamp. He screamed, “Ahhh!!”

Liao Jian, who was holding a camera, let out a horrifying scream as if he had seen a ghost. Ultimately, he could not hang onto the camera he was holding, which let out a thud as it hit the floor heavily. He was uncertain if it broke on impact.

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Once the window was fully opened, Ye Jian, who supported herself against the windowsill, lightly stepped up with both her legs and was now standing on the windowsill.

She pulled the curtains to the side and saw Liao Jian leaning against the wall out of fright while staring outside with a face of horror, and an imported camera lay at his feet.

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