Chapter 146- The Right Flank Shall Hold Part 2

KMega6KMegacharacter made a simple large strike and bisected an elite demonic beast.

Before he could prepare his next attack, two demonic soldiers went in low and attacked, forcing him to let go of his sword and deal with them. With an event buff that brought everyone to level three hundred and upgraded their equipment by 1 tier all the way up to legendary, he was struggling against them as he was forced back with two new holes in his armor and blood pouring from his wounds. Like many others, he was prepared for a long battle, but six hours is a long time. Six hours is the normal time that passes for an average mid-sized raid, but this battle is expected to last several times that. After dispatching the two demonic soldiers, KMega fell back to the front lines. Demon blood caked his body and blood flowed from the openings in his armor, making him slightly more terrifying than the demons.

“Prepare the relief forces. Anyone with broken equipment or out of healing items, fall back first and get some food and rest. I’m going to see my wife.” (KMega)


KMega saying that he was going to see his wife was a shock to the people that weren’t from Eastguard. Some of them thought he was presumptuous, but a lot of NPC’s thought he’s a man among men to be thinking about his wife in such a situation. While the citizens of Eastguard had the thought cross a lot of their minds, they all knew that his wife is his personal blacksmith.

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That means if they thought that KMega is a terror, then the outsiders were clueless about the real beast.

At the six-hour mark, there was a signal for them to change their ranks. The reason for this is because even if they had excellent item consumption control, six hours is usually when players start running out of potions. Even with runners resupplying and alchemists making them on the spot, a battle on this scale meant that tens of thousands of potions were being consumed a minute. Naturally, most of these were NPC generated by other NPCs, but even they had to obey some laws of reason. Astrid7Astridcharacter was no different as she made mid-tier quality potions instead of high-tier ones like she usually did. A large shadow drew over her body, causing her to quickly turn around ready for battle, but she calmed down after seeing KMega. He was covered in bandages that wrapped around his arms and midsection.

She then jumped on him harder than any demon attack he received and gave him a kiss.“ Oh, you sexy beast.” (Astrid)

Astrid put a hand on his broad chest and KMega gently held her with a happy expression on his face.

“If I wasn’t hungry enough to eat a horse, I might take you up on that temptation.” (KMega)

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They kissed again before KMega put his gear in their shared storage.

Astrid turned around and picked up a few potions before offering them to him.

By then, he already turned back into a human.

“Go eat, then meet me in our tent.” (Astrid)

He nodded energetically as he grabbed the potions.

During the second wave, there were more players on the front lines.

Six hours is what the major guilds decided to let pass before they take part.

Kyl, the leader of Crimson Phoenix, waited for this moment to take the front lines.

He immediately did a similar feat as KMega, but that was soon overshadowed by a large dragon4dragonspecies on the right flank with a blast of fiery fury.


Lazar was once a simple and weak dragon, but after being rescued by KMega, he never forgot his gratitude for his savior. On top of saving his life, KMega became Lazar’s mentor and taught him how to fight. He taught him stamina control, spatial awareness, and combat techniques. While all the people on the right flank knew about the dragons, all of them thought that they were just going to be quiet observers and not actually fight. As for Lazar, all he thought about was fighting and about how well the demihumans ladies will reward him.

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