Chapter 147- EPIC Moon’s Pile Driver and Physics

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KMega6KMegacharacter came out of his tent partially rested, adjusting his belt. He was glad that IRL time and game time had been synced so that IRL viewers without the special software for viewing could watch the event in real time.This allowed KMega some time to stretch his legs and do other necessities before rejoining the game. However, those that saw him come out of his tent had their thoughts perverted. “By the gods, the rumor is true.” (random soldier)

Astrid7Astridcharacter was in her own bed, soundly sleeping after working on KMega’s armor and restocking his potions. She hadn’t had time to do anything else.

As the twelve hour mark had not arrived yet, KMega went to Luke for an update. However before a word could be said, an exhausted Astrid appeared at his side. “I just got word from Neirlar. He and his brood will be ready for when you see the one responsible for his daughter’s death.” (Astrid)

KMega nodded then turned to Luke. “How are the lines?” (KMega)

Luke pointed to a map with their sections of the line. “The church is faring well enough: not enough to take things leisurely and send out reinforcements but also not struggling and needing to call for them. The sects of the large kingdoms in the center are doing about that well, but I know as well as you do that they see us as mere sacrificial pieces to absorb after these demons are defeated. They’ve been ignoring my calls for relief forces.” (Luke)

KMega nodded to him and initiated his dragon4dragonspeciesian transformation. “Wait for my signal. You may only get moments, but it will bring you some time.” (KMega)

Luke turned quickly, seeing KMega leaving. “Signal; what signal?” (Luke)

KMega only looked back as his face grew scales, his lips curved into a smirk. He took out a book with a diagram of a starry constellation engraved.

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KMega’s stats were balanced but favored agility and intelligence because his strength and endurance stats were supplemented by his dragon blood trait. This allowed him to be proficient in any task but an expert in none. However, unlike other players with such a trash build, KMega had his secrets. For one, he had only been fighting at half strength. He kept half his stats locked to grow them at a faster rate like how a boxer tied their dominant hand behind their back to train their other. This was what KMega did, but he went a level further. As most of his days had been training rather than actual combat, he had had the leisure to do this. However, not even he knew how much he had grown until he unlocked his stats. Because of the special circumstances of the event, he could use this ace without risking losing the benefits of it in the main game.

High in the air over the battlefield, KMega took out several bundles of javelins designed with one purpose: to be dropped. Just dropping a heavy and pointy object would be considered a normal attack; he came up with this more specialized method while ruminating upon his first custom-made move of the [Moon’s Pile Driver] called [Shower of Stars]. Using his race’s dragon eyes to spot targets and then employing [Eye of the Future], his evolved [Clairvoyance] skill, he created a move with a high hit and crit rate. All he had to do was time his throw of the bundles of javelins to deal the maximum damage.

The demons crowding the right flank were surprised by the rain of javelins from above, but after the first wave, they designed countermeasures. The interruption allowed the lines of the right flank to have a breather, but KMega was not finished. Among the bundles of javelins was a special one particularly poised for his next move.


Luke thought the rain of javelins had been KMega’s signal, so he had them shore up fortifications and swap out the exhausted. Never in a hundred years would he have thought that it was mere preparation for an attack that could flatten a city.

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