Chapter 148- Game Crash

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KMega6KMegacharacter looked at the black void in front of him. Normally, something would usually tell you that you had died here, but in this case, [Connection Error] floated in the air in ominous red letters. With a blank expression on his face, he restarted his pod, but he still could not log into the special event, so he decided to leave the pod and check the news. Just as he was about to turn on his computer, Winter barging in through the door.

“What the hell did you do?” (Winter)

KMega blushed seeing her in her underwear, but she ignored that as he told her about [Moon’s Pile Driver]. She was speechless as she dragged him to the living room where Emma waited in her underwear as well. However, Emma had a bit more modesty and quickly covered up with a pillow. On the main monitor was absolute destruction.The point of impact had reduced the battlefield to a quarter mile deep crater over a mile in diameter, debris flying all over the place. Worse off, everything seemed frozen.

“F**k me, you managed to crash the game.” (Winter)


The system understood KMega’s plan upon his descent and immediately carried out calculations for it. The numbers developed were beyond reason, namely, because the initial calculation for KMega’s [Moon’s Pile Driver] was for his human form at a max height of 1000 feet. However, in his dragon4dragonspeciesian form, with its much greater mass and density and a specially designed shield that cut wind resistance over mile-long fall along with his borderline superhuman reaction speed to perform the most minute corrections during the flight, he had gone beyond even optimized impact damage. Even after downgrading the mathematical modifiers to IRL scenario equations, the system had to nerf the actual damage. Over a hundred thousand demons vaporized in the impact area. Another fifty thousand died from debris. Even more died from the terraforming event. The simultaneous damage numbers alone forced the system to revert to an old form of calculations: frame by frame. Three hundred frames per second was the norm in this time period, yet the system had to reduce quality to sixty at most until it finished.


It took near five minutes for the game to resume. Realistically, KMega’s toon should have died from the impact, but after the dust cleared, he stood there in bot mode. He had about two percent hp, and the arm holding his shield was a mangled wreck. His neck seemed twisted as well, and he was in a dazed state. Everyone else including the demons was stunned. As he aimed for the rear of the demonic horde, the mortals of Heiror were less affected but still stunned by the sheer damage. It took ten minutes for fighting to actually resume.


KMega, when not online, had three simple settings for his avatar. The first was sleep mode, which he employed when recovering from his large stat penalties from the Tournament of the Gods. This also helped him grow his stats over time. His second setting was find and defend Astrid7Astridcharacter. The third was if he was awake and Astrid could not be found, then the avatar should return home. After the reboot, the battle unfolded as expected until the demon generals took to the field.


Astrid fought in KMega’s stead after setting his avatar to sleep mode. She could not help but be impressed with what he had done. His actions cut the expected battle time in half, causing the generals of the demons to appear sooner than expected. Astrid, in her dragon form, unleashed a torrent of fire in the sky. This torrent was naturally a summons calling Neirlar.

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