Chapter 149- Neirlar’s Justice or Revenge

Neirlar was a typical dragon4dragonspecies lord by the standards of the game. His level was 798. By the time the first players reached the 500s, he was supposed to break through 800. Later, it was predicted that he would be a large scale raid boss. Who would have thought that he would make an appearance as a summon from another dragon in a war between humans and demi-humans versus the demons.


Neirlar shot into the sky with a trail of fire. Those of age and desire to kill those aligned with the one that had killed one of their brood members went out to do as they willed to the demons before returning. Meanwhile, Neirlar spotted the Demon General Enel inspecting a hairy beast before mounting it and looking to the skies with a pained expression. The fury in the dragon’s eye ignited, and he charged toward the previously unknowing general. To survive, Enel instantly used his trump card. A phantom of Electra appeared behind him as a tortured soul. Unfortunately for him and the other demons, that just made things worse.


Kyl was still recovering from the emotional shock of the crater and the following earthquake. No one had expected that such a force existed in the game, and even more so, no one had expected the perpetuator to walk away even if barely alive. As he was preparing to retake command of the situation, the momentum completely turned toward the right field as the young dragon brood lord unleashed a torrent of flames from the sky into the crater. This summoned another brood of dragons to appear. Over a dozen level 500 or higher dragons torched the demons while the strongest ones pursued the demon generals. The summoning lasted only a minute, but its aftereffects left fiery rivers with a few demon stragglers that had persisted through luck. It was not long after that the battle was officially declared a victory.


KMega6KMegacharacter watched the rest of the battle from IRL. It did not escape him that sitting beside two young women in their underwear was far more appealing than returning to the game. After the main event that KMega knew of had occurred, it was pretty much over for the demons. All that remained was cleanup. Adams, Brian and Elsa who were all at a special event commenting on the live feed were left speechless by KMega’s actions. They were struck even dumber by the dragons which were live on the news broadcast, so he went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink. As for Winter, she started going back upstairs but paused to give KMega a signal to follow her that he caught. As for Emma, she hugged her body pillow, annoyed. “Hmph, hogging the only boy toy in the place.” (Emma)

She swore that she’d make the next boy coming to the house hers.


Weise and the other game developers were struck dumb at what they had witnessed. There was no second way to say it. What had happened was unprecedented. “Is he a hacker?” (Leerie)

Many in the room turned toward Professor Leerie, agreeing with her. “It must be. To do that amount of damage on such a scale!” (Dev)

Right then, a sphere in the middle of the table materialized. “This scenario is my fault. I did not properly account for the creativity of this user. As you all know, VR games have a basis of realism. That means physics. The player did not cheat. I even nerfed the damage he would have done to that of IRL predictions of an analogous meteor impacting the earth. If I hadn’t, there wouldn’t be anything left of the playmap.” (LAAW)

The room quieted. For the third time because of KMega, a developer of Sword Kingdom put in overtime hours to fix the game.


As for Neirlar, after he and his brood returned to their lair, he pondered if his actions were justifiable or purely vengeful. One thing was for sure: getting out and causing mayhem had got his blood pumping for the first time in dozens of years to the unexpected pleasure of some of his broods queens.

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