Chapter 513: Peeping together

“Father, why are you here?” Long Yi walked out of the secret room and the magic door closed without any trace.

“Yu’er, come and sit down.” Ximen Nu wasn’t surprised when he saw that Long Yi walked out of the secret room. His tone was one of indifference, but there was a happiness which was hard to hide on his face.

Could it be that he has good news? Long Yi thought in his heart and after walking over, he pulled a chair as he sat opposite Ximen Nu.

“This morning, news came from the north.” Ximen Nu said while caressing his beard.

“Was Ice Wind City breached?” Long Yi asked.

“No… However, it won’t be long before we take over Ice Wind City. After our army besieged Ice Wind City for several months, the forces inside are completely split up. The city is currently in chaos without us having to do anything. I guess Ice Wind City will collapse within a month.” Ximen Nu displayed a rare smile.

Long Yi nodded his head and suddenly thought of something. He said, “Father, looking at the situation, Long Zhan will definitely make a move in the last moment. We must strengthen our defense. Perhaps…… We can also take the initiative to gain the upper hand.”

“Father has already arranged the defenses. However, it is very inappropriate for us to take the initiative. The Long Clan is already deeply-rooted as the imperial family in the eyes of the common people. Our Ximen Clan must find a pretext in order to do anything. If we are able to find a reason, we can take the initiative to attack Long Zhan. We want everyone under heaven to know that it is not us, the Ximen Clan, who wants to rebel. The reason why we revolted is because Long Zhan forced us to do so.” Ximen Nu said as his eyes glimmered. Clearly, he was eagerly looking forward to the arrival of that day.

Now, looking at the overall situation, it seemed as though the Ximen Clan already occupied the absolute advantage. Because of Long Yi, the Nalan Empire completely stood by the Ximen Clan’s side. Ice Wind City was also about to be breached. Not to mention the fact that Beitang Yu used her ruthless methods to clean up the army from the top to bottom. The allied army could be said to be the Ximen Clan’s private army now. It was impossible for Long Zhan to not know about this. This made Long Yi certain that Long Zhan would launch a deadly counterattack before Beitang Yu could return from Ice Wind City. As long as the Ximen Clan was completely eradicated, all of Long Zhan’s problems would solve themselves with time.


The weather was extremely gloomy and find rain droplets fell from the sky. The cold wind notified everyone that winter was upon them. People who were wearing thin clothing the day before were wearing thick cotton-padded clothes today. The weather seemed to have changed overnight.

After chatting with Ximen Nu, Long Yi went to Beauty Shop in order to look for Mu Hanyan. Naturally, he wanted to take an indirect approach to prove his conjecture. As for the matter about the Blue Moon Continent which was situated on the other side of the Hengduan Mountains, Long Yi decided against telling Ximen Nu.

Mu Hanyan wasn’t present in Beauty Shop which slightly disappointed Long Yi. In the end, Long Yi thought for a bit before heading over to the Heaven Forbidden Prison. He had to figure out Long Zhan’s plans in order to make proper countermeasures.

Long Yi was already very familiar with Heaven Forbidden Prison. After a few turns left and right, he arrived at the door of the special prison cell. When he opened the door, he instantly discovered that Murong Shuyu was squatting in front of the hole as she peeped in the hole. From time to time, she used her little hand to make some gestures.

“Little Yu’er, why are you here?” Discovering Murong Shuyu squatting in front of the hole, Long Yi couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

“Whether I come here or not, what has it got to do with you? This isn’t your house.” Murong Shuyu got up and snorted. Although her words seemed harsh, she didn’t dare to look Long Yi in the eye. Perhaps, she was unable to forget that ambiguous matter which happened between them the day before.

“Do you want to know the secrets in the room below? I will tell you if you kiss me.” Long Yi said with a cheeky smile on his face.

“You…… Rogue! I won’t kiss you! Who do you think I am?” Murong Shuyu angrily said.

“Of course you are a woman… You are the woman I like.” Long Yi smiled as he replied to her. He stared at her face with an intense gaze.

The heart of Murong Shuyu started to beat faster and her complexion instantly flushed red. In addition, she felt as if an electric current was flowing through her body and she trembled due to the pleasure she felt. She quickly turned around and her beautiful face turned as red as a tomato. An earth-shattering smile appeared on her face. She couldn’t deny that she was extremely happy at this moment.

“Little Yu’er, are you willing or not? Don’t you want to go down with me?” Long Yi said with a smile. Long Yi had long noticed that her face turned red before she was able to turn around. She looked so cute that he wanted to take a bite out of her on the spot.

Murong Shuyu calmed her uncontrollable heartbeat and she hesitated. She didn’t know if she should turn around to look at Long Yi or not. All of a sudden, she stood still and carefully sensed for the presence of Long Yi. However, she discovered that she was unable to sense Long Yi’s aura behind her.

“Ximen Yu, you scoundrel……” Murong Shuyu thought that Long Yi had left. She quickly turned around, only to see Long Yi looking at her with a cheeky smile on his face. The words which were about to leave her mouth got stuck in her throat.

Long Yi stepped forward and held onto Murong Shuyu’s beautiful face with his hands. His mouth quickly pecked Murong Shuyu’s little lips.

Murong Shuyu was stunned on the spot and she used her little hand to touch her lips. She seemed to be unable to recover from Long Yi’s sudden attack.

Murong Shuyu only came back to her senses after a long time. However, Long Yi had already sneaked into the secret room below through the hole.


Once again, Long Yi quickly arrived at the stone room where the dried corpses and skeletons piled up. He noticed that the corpses in the room had doubled compared to the day before. The stench of blood and corpse qi became much denser. It was almost impossible for anyone to breathe in the room.

Long Yi quickly ran to the front of the stone door. He discovered that only the remnant aura of the dense dark soul power lingered in the air.

Long Yi used his combined spirit power and internal force to create an isolated barrier. He slowly pushed open a small gap in the stone door. Looking inside, he saw that it was empty inside. Even that strong defensive and alarm barrier was removed.

Long Yi pushed open the stone door and entered the room as he hid his aura. From the time he entered the room, he had a frown on his face.

There was a pile of black and yellow crystals lying in the room. They were fist-sized and were glimmering with dim luster. Long Yi walked over to the front of a crystal jar and discovered that it was filled with grey colored powder.

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“Strange… These powders are essential materials for forbidden divine magic arrays. What are they doing here?” Long Yi grabbed a handful of it and muttered after sensing it. This kind of powder was an important raw material just like those black and yellow crystals. In addition, there were ten other powder materials according to the proportion.

Long Yi had seen the forbidden divine magic array in one of the books he had obtained in the shrine of Lost City. The might of this array was very powerful. The only problem was that it was a very complex magic array and the energy needed to power the array was extremely abnormal. Moreover, it needed some rare ores as subsidiary materials. Of course, those so-called rare ores were found all over Blue Waves Continent. The only thing Long Yi didn’t understand was how the formula to create the powder appeared.

“Could it be that…… Could it be that Mu Hanyan was behind all this? Was this girl always standing in Long Zhan’s camp?” The handsome face of Long Yi became ice-cold. According to his conjecture, only Mu Hanyan should know of this formula. Other than her, who could leak this formula?

The heart of Long Yi made a hundred turns and a thousand circles. Yet he knew that he was unable to stay in the room. After passing through several stone rooms, a long passage appeared in front of him. Flying through the passage at full speed, he finally appeared at the other side of the passage.

After he activated the mechanism, a bright light almost blinded Long Yi.

“This is…… This is the imperial study?” Long Yi was startled. Wasn’t this incomparably luxurious room the imperial study he had come to before? In other words, he was currently in the imperial palace.

“Long Zhan ah Long Zhan… What in the world are you doing?” Long Yi muttered in his heart. He left the imperial study after some time. Since he was already here, he wanted to stroll around casually. He was hoping that he would be able to find some clues by randomly walking around.

Long Yi was no stranger to the imperial palace. He quickly headed towards the location of the imperial harem.

The imperial harem was the place where Long Zhan’s imperial concubines resided.

One should know that tracking Long Zhan was not difficult at all. Here, there were many imperial concubines with seven mouths and eight tongues. Long Yi easily learned that Long Zhan was going to the room of the newly received imperial concubine every day.

This old bloke was still enjoying himself. Even though he was already a bag of old bones, he still had the ability to receive a new concubine…Long Yi thought to himself and he felt indignant.

Virtuous View Palace. This was the residence of that newly received concubine of Long Zhan. When he saw that there were imperial guards standing outside the residence, Long Yi became sure that Long Zhan was inside the room.

Long Yi used his Great Cosmos Shift and entered the Virtuous View Palace without anybody knowing. He looked at the structure inside Virtuous View Palace before flying towards the attic.

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“Mmm…… Ah…… Your Majesty, you are full of valor and vigor……” ** sounds of bed shaking and the moans of a woman entered Long Yi’s ears.

Damn, this old bastard…… Long Yi secretly cursed in his heart. He quickly flew towards the source of the voice.

All of a sudden, the fine hair on Long Yi’s body stood erect and his hand reached behind himself to execute an attack.

His attack failed as the speed of the other party was incomparably fast. He wasn’t disheartened and he made a follow-up attack.

“It’s me.” A charming voice entered Long Yi’s ears and a familiar fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

“Mu Hanyan? Why are you here?” Long Yi retracted his big hand from the neck of Mu Hanyan and asked in a low voice.

“You are here… Why can’t I come as well?” Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes at Long Yi.

Just as they were quarreling, the situation on the battlefield below them became more heated. Long Yi slowly pushed aside a piece of loose wooden plank and looked below. He could see that Long Zhan was moving his body backward and forward rapidly.

“I came to peep. Are you here to do the same thing?” Long Yi hugged the slender waist of Mu Hanyan and bit her delicate earlobe. His claws restlessly grabbed her round and full meatbuns.

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