Chapter 512: World-shaking secret

From the distance, the music from a hard reverberated through the sky of the Ximen residence. The melody was mild and clear.

The spirit of everyone who heard the harp music felt extremely comfortable. That clear and melodious music notes seemed to possess irresistible charm. Everyone became intoxicated when they heard the music. It felt as though they were surrounded by the pure and fresh morning air in the forest. The winding brook, gurgling spring, and the sound of the birds singing merrily… All of the filth in their soul was cleansed.

“Listening to that girl Liuli’s harp music every day, I feel like I, this old bag of bones, can still live for at least a few more decades.” Ximen Nu said. He was lying on the bed beside Dongfang Wan after finishing his official business early.

“Yes… I wonder where Yu’er went to deceive such a treasure. Every time I finish listening to her harp music, I can sleep especially well. My spirit feels much better the next day.” Dongfang Wan leaned on the shoulder of Ximen Nu and muttered as she half closed her eyes.

“These few girls brought back by Yu’er are not simple characters…” Ximen Nu sighed.

“That’s natural. Whose son do you think he is?” Dongfang Wan muttered. Having such a son, no one knew how proud she was in her heart.



At this moment, Long Yi was using Feng Ling’s thighs as his pillow and his legs were placed on Nangong Xiangyun’s lap as she sewed a piece of cloth for him. As for Liuli, she was sitting not far away as she played her seven colored harp. That transcendent music came from her harp and Long Yi was living the life of a celestial being. At this point, what more can a husband ask for?

Even after she was done playing her harp, the music lingered in the air. Liuli put her harp away and walked over, swaying her slender waist which provoked the lustful intent of Long Yi. Every time he saw that slender waist of Liuli swaying like a snake, the internal heat inside Long Yi would burn a bit brighter.

Long Yi reached out his hand to pull this little mermaid and he made her sit on his lap. Feeling that round and bulging buttocks, his little brother suddenly stood up with attention. The ambiguous air made the heartbeat of all three girls accelerate. Nangong Xiangyun was no longer able to concentrate on her needlework and she nearly pricked her finger multiple times.

“Hus…… My husband, are you hungry? I will go to the kitchen and heat up some dishes for you.” Sensing that the atmosphere in the room was changing, Nangong Xiangyun placed down the needle and she wanted to get up in order to flee.

“Your husband is hungry… He wants to eat Xiangyun.” Long Yi smirked and grabbed Nangong Xiangyun. His hand reached out and entered into Nangong Xiangyun’s lapel. He seemed to be extremely familiar with her body and he quickly grabbed that warm jade **.

When they saw what happened to Nangong Xiangyun, Feng Ling and Liuli became really embarrassed and they wanted to get up and run away. However, Long Yi held onto them firmly.

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“Tonight, we will sleep together. I’ll not allow anyone to run away.” Long Yi shouted and pushed the three girls down on the bed. Shortly afterwards, the big bed shook and pieces of clothes began to fly out one piece after another.

After several ** sounds, stirrings of love filled the room.

The moon hung high in the sky and the mood was tranquil. The noisy city had already entered dreamland. The sounds of dogs barking and infants crying were especially loud in the dead of night. However, all of this emphasized the tranquility of the night.

Long Yi freed himself from the entanglement of ** and got out of the bed. After getting tossed around by Long Yi through the night, the three women had already entered dreamland due to their exhaustion. Long Yi wore his clothes and covered the three women with a brocade quilt. He gently kissed their forehead and left the room after setting up a barrier.

When Long Yi left the room, the air was cold despite the unusual weather. However, the temperature was only relatively cold compared to the rest of the day. They were supposed to be experiencing late winter now and the weather was supposed to be much colder.

After walking a few laps around the courtyard, the silver moon in the sky became hazy. A thin layer of mist enveloped the entire city and Long Yi took a deep breath as he sighed.

“Winter is late this year…” Long Yi muttered as he shook his head. He entered the study and activated a mechanism on the wall. A secret room opened up and Long Yi walked into it

In the small stone room, several balls of light floated in the air and it brightly illuminated the place.

Long Yi stretched out his right hand and blankly stared at the dark space ring on his finger.

“Am I going to look or not?” Long Yi had conflicting thoughts in his heart.

When Long Yi was learning that mysterious script of Lost City from Mu Hanyan, he had taken out the books he had obtained in that shrine. He tried comparing them to the script Mu Hanyan taught him. At that time, Long Yi only partially understood the information written on the books. However, even though he only understood some of the information, he discovered that there was a new way to use magic douqi. When he found out such a surprising fact, he went wild with joy. When he found the instruction on the usage of different attributed magic formations, he became greatly surprised. When he was going through the books, he accidentally discovered a thick book. After opening up the books, Long Yi saw that there were some simple sentences and pictures recorded in the book. He understood that it was highly possible that the book concealed world-shaking secrets. The moment he realized the contents of the book, Long Yi threw it into his space ring and he no longer dared to take it out.

Long Yi thought carefully about the feeling he got after discovering the book. He felt as though he had discovered a treasure deposit and he began to dig out treasures bit by bit. However, he suddenly found out that the treasure deposit was extremely big. It was so huge that Long Yi felt as though he was unable to bear the feeling of being in possession of too many treasures.

After making the discovery, Long Yi decided to put in more effort into learning that mysterious script. He wanted to ensure that he could understand every word. With his photographic memory, Mu Hanyan eventually taught him everything and Long Yi became sure that he was able to completely understand every word.

At this moment, Long Yi felt as though he control himself any longer. Today, he gave in to the temptation of the devil. With no one to stop him, Long Yi, who liked to take risks, was unable to withstand this temptation any longer.

The space ring flashed and a thick ancient book appeared in front of Long Yi.

The cover of this book was made up of the skin of some kind of magical beast. On the cover, there were four large words which were blue in color and gave off an ice-cold aura. ‘Blue Moon Facts Record’.

Millions of years ago, humankind appeared. They lived together with numerous different races which occupied the vast continent. The weak humankind relied on their intelligence and wisdom to survive in the midst of the racial dispute. After learning to use various kinds of divine blessings, they formed tribes which were neither too big nor small.

Humankind liked war and after obtaining enough living space, various tribes began to fight against each other. The tribes underwent a cycle of annexation and destruction. In the end, a powerful humankind tribe formed a country. That was when the history of humankind started. It was the beginning of the Blue Moon Continent.

In the 987 year of the Blue Moon Calendar, the Blue Moon Continent was divided into seven parts. At that time, Great Heavenly Emperor Norman reached to the clouds. He integrated all of the humankind countries into a single country in the span of 20 years. After humankind became united under his charge, Great Heavenly Emperor Norman launched a bloody war which swept through the entire continent. All other races were chased to the edge of the continent and all of the fertile lands was returned back to humanity.

However, that wasn’t the end. The human world remained calm for more than 100 years. However, Great Heavenly Emperor Norman eventually passed away. The human world broke up once again and the flames of war swept through the lands.

In the 1976 year of the Blue Moon Calendar, since the beginning of humankind, many years had already passed. The magic civilization had already reached an unimaginable level. The humans could do anything imaginable and the emperor system collapsed. It became replaced by the federal system.

But, in this splendid human world when the progress was satisfactory, every divine clan was in conflict with the dark and demonic clans. The divine clans acted as humankind’s faith and the dark and demonic clans came from the Nine Dark Regions. Humankind, as well as all the other races, waged a fierce war which lasted several hundred years. In the end, this war of extinction destroyed the world. More than half of the surface land of the Blue Moon Continent sunk into the ocean. A huge explosion annihilated everything on the remaining land. Not even a blade of grass survived. Only in the far west, behind a mountain range which birds had a hard time crossing, some humans managed to survive. The humans survived with members of some other races. The magic civilization the humans were so proud of regressed. It went back to its original state. Many unimaginable usages of magic became completely lost and everything became the legends sung by bards.

However, humankind was tenacious. They grew strong and formed a country in that little piece of land. The magic civilization also began to develop from the very beginning.


Bang, Long Yi closed the book and he looked towards the sky in a daze. He was unable to calm his heart down for a long time.

Why did Lost City possess such a magnificent magic civilization? Long Yi seemed to have found his answer. Other than the history possessed by the current humankind, this ‘Blue Moon Fact Record’ still recorded the history of humankind in that small piece of the continent after the world destroying war. This proved that Lost City was a city which existed on the old Blue Moon Continent…

After thinking about it, Long Yi managed to deduce that on the other side of the Hengduan Mountains, where even birds had a hard time crossing, was where the Blue Moon Continent laid. However, Long Yi was unable to understand the reason behind the inactivity of the people from the Blue Moon Continent. Since Lost City came from that continent, the Hengduan Mountains should not be a monolithic block. There should be a passage connecting Blue Moon Continent and Blue Waves Continent. Since the magic civilization of that place far exceeded the magic civilization on the current Blue Waves Continent, it was not unreasonable for them to come and forcibly occupy Blue Waves Continent.

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“Strange…… Mu Hanyan should be from the Blue Moon Continent. Since she was able to appear in this place, why can’t other people come here?” Long Yi muttered. However, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t find an answer.

In addition, there were also that mysterious Mist Fairy, Red Sleeve Boat’s Jingjing, Halei…… The more he thought about it, the more headache he felt. If Mu Hanyan came from the Blue Moon Continent, why was she helping him?

Long Yi was somewhat annoyed and he involuntarily touched that milky white Prophecy Pearl hanging on his chest. A warm feeling welled up in his heart all of a sudden.

“Xiao Yi, was your prophecy of pointing towards that continent?” Long Yi suddenly recalled Xiao Yi’s prophecy and he felt as though he grasped something.

Long Yi threw that book into his space ring. Now, he no longer had the mood to read other books. At this moment, all he wanted to know was whether the Blue Moon Continent mentioned in that book really existed or not. Was Mu Hanyan’s home really the Blue Moon Continent like he had guessed?

Exhaling a mouthful of chaotic air, Long Yi opened the door of the secret room and saw that his father, Ximen Nu, was calmly sitting in front of his desk.

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