Chapter 511: A member of my household

Throughout the day, Long Yi stayed in his study and thought about everything he had found out. Long Zhan, as well as that strange power, made him feel a sense of crisis. Not to mention the fact that this time, in Heaven Forbidden Prison, he found his grandfather whose whereabouts was unknown for over 20 years. Long Yi became even more confused.

“Father, what are you doing? Why don’t you play with Niur?” At this time, the door of this study was pushed opened and Niur appeared at the entrance.

Long Yi woke up with a start and looking at the sky outside the window, he noticed that the sun was already setting. Only the soft glow of sunset remained in the horizon. Unconsciously, he had spent his entire day in the study.

“Niur, come over here and give father a hug.” Long Yi spread open his arms and Niur rushed into his bosom.

“Niur, what about your big sister?” Long Yi habitually pinched the cheek of Niur and asked.

“Just like father, big sister is also lost in thought. She pays no attention to Niur.” Niur pouted.

Long Yi was dumbfounded. How could that she-T.Rex be lost in thought? Didn’t she always cultivate like a madman whenever she had free time?

“This morning, big sister said that she wanted me to return to the Illusory Forest with her. She said that we do not belong here.” Niur continued which startled Long Yi again. Why was Liuxu thinking about returning back to the Illusory Forest? Could it be that she was unaccustomed to staying here?

Thinking for a bit, Long Yi carried Niur and walked out of the study. After looking around, Long Yi noticed that Liuxu had a dazed expression on her face as she stood at a remote corner of a big flower garden in the Ximen Residence. Under that fiery sunset glow, she looked extremely beautiful. She had otherworldly beauty and looked as though she didn’t belong in this normal human world.

As it turned out, this she-T. Rex also had time when she would appear to be a quiet and gentle girl. Long Yi watched her and he was in a daze for quite a long time. After quite some time, he walked over while carrying Niur.

“I see that you are in a mood to enjoy the sunset today.” Long Yi smiled and sat beside Liuxu. As for Niur, she quickly ran into the flower garden and disappeared.

Liuxu didn’t turn her head at all and she pretended she didn’t hear him. She simply watched the gradually sinking sun like she had been doing before and her sparkling eyes reflected the fiery red radiance coming from the sun.

Long Yi touched his nose. This she-T.Rex actually ignored him… She wasn’t giving him any face at all.

“I think that I should return to the Illusory Forest. Your human world is too impetuous. I cannot cultivate here with a calm heart.” All of a sudden, Liuxu turned to face Long Yi as she said.

“Why would you think about returning so suddenly? It might not be long before we hear some news from Dragon Island.” Long Yi said.

“If the news really comes, you can use the bracelet I gave you to summon me.” Liuxu replied.

Long Yi saw that she had already made up her mind and she no longer had any reservations about leaving. After looking at her for a long time, he suddenly said, “Liuxu, don’t you feel that you became much gentler?”

“Then… Do you want me to become fiercer towards you?” Liuxu didn’t refute and she simply asked him with a smile.

“Of course not. I am not a masochist. However… Now, I realize that the smile on your face makes you extremely beautiful.” Long Yi said with a smile.

A hint of redness appeared on Liuxu’s beautiful face but it disappeared in the next moment. However, the change in her expression didn’t escape Long Yi’s eyes. He became extremely surprised and ripples appeared in his heart.

Since the time they met in the Illusory Forest up till now, the time they knew each other couldn’t be considered to be short. Neither of them knew how they should classify their relationship. Initially, they were simply using each other. However, their relationship had evolved without anyone knowing. Through Niur, the relationship between them seemed to have surpassed friendship. It was still too early to say that they were in love, but the feeling wasn’t too far off. The delicate feeling between men and women had more or less appeared between them.

At this time, a scream came from the other side of the big garden and it was followed by a few other screams which followed. Long Yi and Liuxu looked at each other and quickly rushed over there.

Reaching the source of this uproar, Long Yi noticed Niur standing at the center, and there were a dozen or more people rolling on the ground around her. They were screaming in pain. Not too far away, a beautiful lady had a pale face as she carried a child.

“Father, they bullied me.” Seeing Long Yi, Niur walked over and said with a face full of grievance. This little girl truly had the talent to be the one who complained first. Just by looking at who was on the ground, everyone could tell who the bully was.

Long Yi carried Niur with a smile and he looked towards the beautiful lady. He said with indifference, “This little girl of mine offended sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, please forgive her.”

The bulging chest of Liu Shi rose and fell for a few times before she calmed down. She gently said, “It’s fine. I was unable to discipline my child properly… Fortunately, I didn’t frighten this niece.”

A hint of a cold smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. He didn’t feel like dealing with this hypocritical woman. He turned his head and looked towards the timid Little Shuxian beside Liu Shi and a hint of warmth flashed through his eyes. Long Yi only had good feelings for this small niece in his big brother Ximen Tian’s family.

“Father, I want to play with this little big sister.” Niur swayed in the bosom of Long Yi and said. Although Niur had already lived for several hundred years, no matter her appearance or intelligence, she was no different from a little child which was three or four years old. She naturally addressed Little Shuxian who was already six years old as little big sister.

Hearing this, Little Shuxian eagerly looked at Liu Shi. Looking at her current timid appearance, Long Yi was unable to connect her with that lively and cute niece of his two years ago. She seemed to be very afraid of Liu Shi and she became a lot quieter. She had also turned introverted. This was not a good thing.

“Sister-in-law, you wouldn’t mind letting these two children play together, would you?” Long Yi said with a smile. Even though he had a smile on his face, his eyes were cold.

The heart of Liu Shi involuntarily trembled and she felt a bone-piercing chill. She forced out a smile and she said that she didn’t mind leaving Little Shuxian here. She left hastily after she told Long Yi that she would allow Little Shuxian to play with Niur.

“Uncle!” Seeing that Liu Shi had left, a hint of radiance appeared in the eyes of Little Shuxian. Although she had not seen Long Yi for two years, she had not forgotten this uncle of hers whose smile was as warm as the sun.

Long Yi squatted down and picked up Little Shuxian who had ran over to him. With two little girls in his hands, he became a nanny.

“Shuxian, did you miss uncle?” Long Yi kissed the cheek of Little Shuxian and asked with a smile.

“Mmm.” Little Shuxian nodded her head and her expression became brilliant. It was completely different to her appearance just a moment ago.

“Father, me too.” Niur pouted and protested in dissatisfaction.

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Liuxu looked at Long Yi and the two little girls who were playing on the grassland not too far away. A smile appeared on her face all of a sudden. This was truly a warm scene. Sometimes, she was completely unable to understand the kind of person Long Yi was. He was cold, bloodthirsty, and cruel sometimes. However, he was warm, gentle, and had a personality which seemed like a spring breeze in the other times. Right now, he appeared as though he was an immature child. He seemed to have a lot of personalities.

Just when she was thinking about him, Long Yi got up and walked over. Now, the laughter of the two little girls was reverberating through this entire flower garden. The evening sun seemed to have turned even more dazzling.

“You have a talent to be a nanny.” Liuxu said with a smile.

“Thank you for the praise. Wouldn’t you reconsider your decision about leaving this place? This is the first time I’ve seen Niur so happy.” Long Yi said to Liuxu.

“Your sister-in-law doesn’t seem to be very willing to let her daughter play together with Niur.” Liuxu dodged his question and tried to change the topic.

“I have a way to take care of Liu Shi. Don’t you know that my niece is more important to me than her parents?” Long Yi said with a smile. Merely, under the fiery red evening glow, his smile appeared somewhat ghastly.

“Are you going to make a move to kill her?” Narrowing her eyes, Liuxu looked at Long Yi and asked.

“Isn’t it fine to kill someone who is inferior to even beasts?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“She is your sister-in-law.” Liuxu faintly said.

“Even if she is the daughter of Heaven, I won’t let her off.” Long Yi coldly said.

Liuxu simply smiled without saying anything.

“Don’t you want to ask why?” Long Yi retracted his killing intent and asked.

“Why would I want to ask about that? This is your family matter. It has nothing to do with me.” Liuxu faintly replied. Long Yi could hear that there was some disappointment hidden in her voice.

“Is this also the reason you want to leave?” Long Yi asked.

“Maybe… I am just an outsider anyway.” Liuxu turned around and looked towards the horizon. The sun had already disappeared and night had fallen.

“What if I say that I will always regard you as a member of my household?” Long Yi looked at Liuxu whose hair was fluttering in the wind. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her little ice-cold hand.

Liuxu was startled and she struggled to free her little hand for a brief moment. After realizing that Long Yi was not going to let go, she silently allowed him to hold onto her hand with his big, warm hands. Now, her maiden heart was also jumping violently. Maybe she just needed a shoulder which she could safely rely on…

The two people sat down side by side. They were sitting close to each other but they still maintained a subtle distance between each other. However, when compared to before, they clearly became a lot closer to each other.

Long Yi didn’t completely understand his feelings towards Liuxu. Perhaps, the feeling he had towards Liuxu was one of admiration more than adoration. However, he didn’t think too much about it. As long as she grabbed hold of his hand, he wouldn’t let her go.

“There is a hint of concealed dark aura in Little Shuxian’s sea of consciousness. If my guess isn’t wrong, someone did something to her. Even a tiger doesn’t eat their child. Just for the sake of achieving her goal, she didn’t hesitate to push her own daughter into a fiery pit. Do you think that such a woman should die?” Long Yi looked at Little Shuxian and Niur playing happily with each other but his eyes were filled with anger. The blood of his Ximen Clan was flowing in Shuxian’s body. If anyone wanted to harm her, they should ask his fists first. Even her biological mother was no exception.

“You think that her mother was the one who did it? How can that be possible?” Liuxu frowned and asked. She was unable to understand the reason why Liu Shi did it. In the past, her mother didn’t hesitate to fight with her life on the line in order to protect Liuxu. Due to that, Liuxu considered motherly love to be the greatest thing in the world. To her, motherly love was something which absolutely shouldn’t be blasphemed.

“The human world is filthier than you imagine. Sometimes, senseless beliefs come before anything else.” Long Yi faintly replied.

At this moment, the sky had turned completely dark. The prelude of indulging nightlife had arrived……

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