Chapter 510: **Minor spoiler**

“But…… But what?” Murong Shuyu reflexively retreated two steps back and hugged her chest with a red face. When she thought about the events which happened in that prison cell, her entire body heated up. She involuntarily stuttered and she wasn’t able to speak clearly to Long Yi.

“Why are you so nervous? I won’t eat you again.” Long Yi said with a smile. This was the reaction he wanted from Murong Shuyu.

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“Who knows?” Murong Shuyu mumbled. Just a moment ago, wasn’t he about to eat her up without even leaving the bones?

“Hehe, I’ll tell you about the situation below this cell if you take me to the place where your Murong Clan lives in seclusion. How about it?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Aren’t you just intentionally making things difficult for me?” Murong Shuyu was startled and she furiously shook her head. It seemed as though she was unwilling to leak the place where the Murong Clan lived in seclusion even if she was beaten to death.

“Fine. I’ll make it simple for you, take me to find Murong Bo.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Murong Shuyu snorted and turned to leave. She dared to confirm that this damned fellow was intentionally making things difficult for her. Her grandfather, Murong Bo, was at the clan currently. If she took him to look for Murong Bo, wasn’t that the same as leading him to the place where the Murong Clan lived in seclusion?

“Hey, little Yu’er, okay. I’ll change the condition again. How about a kiss?” Long Yi shouted from behind Murong Shuyu.

The footsteps of Murong Shuyu stopped. She wanted to turn around, but if she turned back now and kissed him, wouldn’t she die of embarrassment? After a short moment of hesitation, Murong Shuyu ran away even faster..

This girl… Long Yi smiled and shook his head. He was just about to chase after her when his gaze landed on the stiffened corpse of the old man. Although Long Yi didn’t know who he was, no matter what other people said, he was a nobleman. If it was not for him, Long Yi wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to discover the secret below the Heaven Forbidden Prison. Long Yi felt that he should give the old man a proper burial.

After thinking about it, Long Yi carried the body of this old man out of the Heaven Forbidden Prison. He didn’t return to look for Murong Shuyu. In any case, that girl couldn’t escape from his palm.

Long Yi arrived at the peak located at the western suburbs of Soaring Dragon City with the corpse of the old man. This place was wide and had a fine scenery. He wouldn’t be disgracing the old man if he buried the corpse here.

This peak was heavily fortified by hard rocks, but Long Yi just waved his hand and easily dug up a hole. He placed the old man’s body into that hole.

“Uncle, rest in peace. Although you were imprisoned during your lifetime, you are finally free now.” Long Yi softly said and he picked up a large stone beside him to cover the hole.

Just as he was about to cover the hole with the stone, Long Yi became surprised and his actions slowed down. He threw the large stone to the side. Just now, he unexpectedly sensed a weak fluctuation of life coming from this old man.

“Can it be that he is faking his death?” Long Yi thought about it and lifted the body of this old man. However, he felt as though the body of this old man was as hard as iron.

With no other choice, Long Yi concentrated his spirit power around this old man. In his previous world, there was a world famous turtle ** which allowed one to enter a suspended animation state without a pulse and heartbeat. Merely, their body would not turn stiff and hard like a dead person.

After a long time, even after the sun had already reached the top of his head, the tiny fluctuation of life didn’t appear again.

“It seemed like I really imagined it.” Long Yi sighed in his heart and wanted to bury him again. Just as he was about to bury the old man, the fluctuation of life appeared again. The time interval between the two fluctuations was unexpectedly four hours. Fortunately, Long Yi was patient.

When the second fluctuation of life appeared, Long Yi became certain that it wasn’t an illusion. This old man was indeed still alive. He might have cultivated special kind of technique which could create this kind of phenomenon.

Long Yi thought about it… An old man was imprisoned in that prison cell made of unknown metal. Without food and water, he was ultimately exhausted after digging that hole. Therefore, to save his life, he used this kind of technique hoping that he could protect himself. Today, were it not for Long Yi, even if he didn’t die in prison, he would have been buried alive.


Even though it was early in the morning, the Ximen Residence was lively. Since the return of Long Yi, many servants had been doing their work with enthusiasm. Moreover, a few more goddess-like beauties arrived with Long Yi. Needless to say, they were definitely Young Madams.

“That child… Where did he go so early in the morning? Xiangyun, do you know when Yu’er left?” At the dining table, Dongfang Wan looked at Nangong Xiangyun and asked.

“No…… I don’t know.” The beautiful face of Nangong Xiangyun became red. She became extremely embarrassed as she slept till noon. Only the ghosts knew when he went out.

“I know, I know! Father must have gone out to look for a beautiful big sister.” At that time, Niur who was eating her food suddenly looked up and said in her immature voice.

“Niur, don’t speak nonsense.” Liu Xu glared at Niur and said in a low voice.

Liuli and Feng Ling covered their mouth and laughed up their sleeve. It seemed as though Niur knew Long Yi extremely well. Long Yi’s lustful heart was well known by everyone.

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When they were all laughing, the neatly dressed Ximen Nu walked out from the inner room and asked, “Why are all of you laughing? Where did that stinking kid go again?”

Ximen Nu could be considered to be fairly amiable towards these daughters-in-law. Compared to that strict countenance in front of other people, it was as far apart as heaven and earth.

The moment he asked his question, Long Yi appeared from the sky as he descended towards the Ximen Residence. He was carrying a stiff corpse on his back.

“Yu’er, who is he? Why would you bring a corpse back here?” Dongfang Wan frowned and asked.

“He should still be alive.” Long Yi casually placed the old man on the ground and flipped him over. However, with the cold and stiff face on the old man, none of them thought that he was a living person.

Ximen Nu’s sharp eyebrows trembled and he rushed over like a gust of wind. On the other side, Dongfang Wan also turned pale with fright as she stood up from her seat.

“Father, what’s wrong?” Long Yi clearly saw that Ximen Nu’s sturdy body was trembling. He had never seen his father behave like this before.

“Impossible, impossible……” Ximen Nu fell to one of his knees as he seemed to have forgotten his identity. Using his trembling hands, he straightened out the white beard on the old man’s face.

“Fath…… Father……” Even though he was kneeling with one knee on the ground, Ximen Nu eventually fell to both knees and he shouted with disbelief.

As for Dongfang Wan, she instantly knelt down. When he saw that his mother and father had fallen to their knees, Long Yi did the same and knelt alongside them. Could it be that this old man was his grandfather? But…… How could his grandfather be imprisoned in the Heaven Forbidden Prison? Closely looking at his features, he truly resembled Ximen Nu to some extent.

When they saw that Long Yi had fallen to his knees, Nangong Xianyun, Liuli, and Feng Ling hastily knelt down on the ground. Only Liuxu carried Niur as she walked out of the door.

“Big sister, why are we leaving? Niur asked.

“Because…… We don’t belong to that place. They are a family and big sister is not part of that family.” Liuxu said with a disappointed expression on her face.

“Then… If big sister becomes father’s wife, like big sister Liuli and the other big sisters, wouldn’t we become part of the family?”  Niur innocently asked. Liuxu didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry when she heard Niur’s words. After all, those who handled cinnabar were stained red; those who worked with ink were stained black. This little sister of hers was led astray by Long Yi.

In the dining room, Ximen Nu had already recovered from his shock. He personally picked up the old man from the ground and he was extremely careful when he did it. He was afraid that he would harm the hair on the old man’s body.

“Wan’er, Yu’er, come with me.” Ximen Nu said and quickly entered the inner room as he carried the old man.

Ximen Nu brought the old man to a secret room and placed him on a stone bed. He didn’t speak for a long time and Dongfang Wan was continuously shedding tears as she stood at the side.

“Father, is he truly my grandfather?” Long Yi asked.

“Yes, he is my father. How can I be wrong?” Ximen Nu stroked the snow-white hair of this old man and said. Suddenly, he turned around and asked urgently, “Yu’er, just now, you said that your grandfather is still alive. Is that true?”

“Of course. I noticed that there was still a fluctuation of life coming from his body. He should have used a kind of peculiar technique to enter a state of suspended animation.” Long Yi replied. He was extremely surprised when he looked at the old man. The old man was actually his grandfather… He had failed to recognize his family member.

“Suspended animation?” Ximen Nu frowned and pondered. He never knew that the Ximen Clan had such a technique.

“Lord, perhaps, it’s the Ice Palace……” Dongfang Wan chipped in. All the men from the Ximen Clan were elegant and unrestrained. This father-in-law of hers was also considered an outstanding person in his generation. She knew that he had a shady relationship with that woman from the Ice Palace in the past. Moreover, she heard that the Ice Palace seemed to have techniques which allowed people to enter suspended animation. It was possible that Long Yi’s grandfather had learned the technique from that woman from the Ice Palace.

“Yes. Rumor has it that the Ice Palace has such a peculiar technique. However, if we want father to wake up, wouldn’t we need someone from the Ice Palace? This… Where can we find someone from the Ice Palace?” Ximen Nu stood up and said.

“I know a person from the Ice Palace. I will send someone to deliver a letter to her and make her come to Soaring Dragon City.” Long Yi said. That Aunt Ou… Didn’t she have an illicit love affair with his grandfather? She seemed to be a person from the Ice Palace as well… She should have the knowledge on how to wake his grandfather up.

“That’s good, that’s good. Yu’er, now speak. What on earth is going on here?” Ximen Nu relaxed and immediately afterward, he wanted to figure out the ins and outs of this matter. Who exactly forced his father to this extent?

Long Yi narrated the whole story and told Ximen Nu everything which happened in the Heaven Forbidden Prison. As for how he knew the secret mechanisms in the Heaven Forbidden Prison, he glossed over it. At that time, he had promised Murong Bo to not tell anyone about the matter.

Ximen Nu didn’t ask too many questions and after hearing everything, his expression became ferocious. Cold pallid light flashed through his eyes. He clenched his hands so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. His anger had already reached the peak.

“Long Zhan. If I don’t kill you and eat your meat, I, Ximen Nu, won’t be considered a man.” Ximen Nu roared and his white beard shook endlessly.

Long Yi thought about Long Ling’er all of a sudden and his heart became somewhat cloudy.

Chapter 510: Unexpectedly was grandfather

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