Chapter 632 – Token Of Love

‘Woah, the Phoenix Feather Bell is such an awesome looking flying equipment!’ Huan Qing Yan was surprised.

She controlled the Phoenix Feather Bell with her will, the speed it moved was beyond her expectation, she reached the clouds before turning around and came back down within an instant.

She was very satisfied at its performance!

“Hey! I have already successfully accepted three moves from now, I can return now right?” Huan Qing Yan excitedly said to Bai Li Zi Xi.

Only then, did she discover that everyone was looking at her with a dumbstruck expression, especially the people on the green stone seating area, their jaws nearly touching the ground.


‘Can it be that everyone was deeply impressed by her three beautiful escaping moves?’

It doesn’t seem so, their eyes are all on the Phoenix Feather Bell, it seems like they were all impressed by my awesome looking flying equipment!”

Especially Bai Li Zi Xi on the altar area, her cold beautiful face was currently displaying a shock and complicated expression.

Her eyes were filled with judgement, as though she was looking at a thief.

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Next, Huan Qing Yan heard the cries of shock from the observers below the stage.

“That… isn’t that the Phoenix Feather Bell? It’s the Phoenix Feather Bell!”

“Oh my heavens! That is really the Phoenix Feather Bell, why is it in her hands?”

“Maybe she stole it? Or maybe she borrowed it?”

“Who knows! Wuu wuu wuu, what right does she has! I had always assumed that the Phoenix Feather Bell had been offered to the Bai Li Clan… if Bai Li Zi Xi has it then we accept, after all she possessed the strength and status. Yet where did this woman came from…”

“With the Phoenix Feather Bell with her, no wonder she dared to challenge Bai Li Zi Xi! To think that Young Master Ya treated Bai Li Zi Xi like that… this is not real, this cannot be real!”


Although the men were not as agitated as the ladies, but they were also displaying an alarmed expression.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s eyes squinted as it turned dull.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan only has one thing in mind, ‘This is bad, this is bad! How to explain to the patriarch when he returns? I am truly given a hard task!’

The two Half-Sages were also displaying a confused expression, shortly after, everyone’s gazes turned towards Ji Mo Ya…

Ji Mo Ya slightly straightened his body, like a sculpted statue that radiates nobility and grace, he did not say a word and remained calm. Causing others to start thinking of various possibilities.

Huan Qing Yan was unable to make head or tail out of this, ‘Isn’t this Phoenix Feather Bell only a flying equipment? Why are they acting so strangely?’

‘Can it be that this is a Divine Equipment?’

Her eyes turned into stars!

At the moment, Bai Li Zi Xi had managed to recover from her extreme state of shock, “Is this the Phoenix Feather Bell?”

“Yup!” Huan Qing Yan swung her legs playfully as she sat on the Phoenix Feather Bell.

This feather was truly comfortable to sit on.

“You actually borrowed the Phoenix Feather Bell from Young Master Ya to challenge me. This outcome is definitely not fair…” Bai Li Zi Xi said with a cold icy voice.

“Hey, you should keep your promise!” Huan Qing Yan had a hard time evading her three attacks earlier on and did not wish to repeat it again.

The other observers who did not know anything started asking around, “What equipment is that Phoenix Feather Bell? Is it very awesome?”

“You don’t know?! Rumor has it that the Phoenix Feather Bell is an ancient treasure, it is supposed to be a token of love meant for Young Master Ya’s other half, something only for his Main Wife…”

“Ah! She only possessed a status of concubine, yet she dared to steal such an important treasure from Young Master Ya? Truly shameless.”


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