Chapter 633 – Uncle, Who Are You?

Those unhappy young girls started to gossip and ridicule Huan Qing Yan.

Only now did Huan Qing Yan understood that Ji Mo Ya had given her an important item, she had always assumed that it was only an ordinary fly equipment.

Everyone started to ridicule Huan Qing Yan, some overly agitated girls even started throwing stones, hidden weapons or even release their spirit treasures to attack her!

Ji Mo Kai Yuan also could not tolerate any longer.

He stood up and addressed at Huan Qing Yan’s direction, “This Lady Huan, I do not care what reason you used to get Little Ya to lend you the Phoenix Feather Bell. But it is time for you to return it, the Phoenix Feather Bell is not something you can use.”

With his words, people who originally already had a problem with Huan Qing Yan started to mock and laugh at her.

Observing that the situation had turned tensed, anger raised within Huan Qing Yan as she replied, “Uncle, who are you? This Phoenix Feather Bell was given to me by Young Master Ya, so it is mine. What right do you have to demand it to be return?”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan did not expect that the young lass dared rebuke him.

His status aside as an elder of the Ji Mo Clan, his aura as a King Spirit Master would make it hard to find anyone as fearless as Huan Qing Yan within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent.

“Don’t test me. If you won’t do this the easy way, then we can do this the hard way!” Ji Mo Kai Yuan displayed a stern face.

It was fated that they would be losing face today anyway.

Bullying a junior or receiving a scolding from the patriarch, he chose the former.

“I will not give anyone who wants it, this is given to me by Young Master Ya, so it is mine. Kill me if you want it!” Huan Qing Yan stubbornly said.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan had no other choice, with a grit of his teeth he stretched his hand and grabbed towards Huan Qing Yan in the sky…


On the other hand, during this crucial period, the Pig Spirit Treasure managed to fully display its ‘run and chase’ specialty that it was developed with the Leaf Spirit Treasure.

Ignoring its image, it dashed away from the Saintess Altar at an alarming speed!

The Luan Spirit Treasure was chasing closely behind it without letting up; with that, the two spirit treasures unknowingly left the Holy City, leaving it far behind.

Many times, the Pig Spirit Treasure would nearly be caught by the Luan Spirit Treasure, in reaction, the Pig Spirit Treasure would use its unique ultimate skill, bite!

Using the moment where the Luan Spirit Treasure let its guard down, it would bite its wings and obtain a mouthful of feathers.

The Luan Spirit Treasure was greatly enraged, being a Mystic Spirit Treasure, it felt greatly humiliated that a mere Illusion Spirit Treasure had successfully sneak attacked and remove a few of its feathers.

The Luan Spirit Treasure was very image conscious, with its feathers being bitten off, it immediately felt itself not pretty and gorgeous. Therefore, it stopped and tidy up its feather to make it neat.  

When it was done, the Spirit Treasure had already increased the distance between them greatly.

Like that, the Pig Spirit Treasure shameless used all sorts of hiding, sneak attacks, ambushing methods to create distance from the Luan Spirit Treasure, avoiding being caught.

If someone were to see this, they would basically have witnessed a miracle.

During its last effort, when the Pig Spirit Treasure was finally unable to run any longer due to its depleted spirit energy reserves, the sky above it suddenly started to rain…

Pitter Patter.

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This rain was different from ordinary ones; it possessed a nauseating stench and was sticky.

The Pig Spirit Treasure being an illusion, was still fine, only feeling uncomfortable and dizzy due to the stench…

While the Luan Spirit Treasure that has a physical body was covered in the smelly rain, it released a sharp cry, reacting as though it had been smeared in a poisonous substance before turning around and ran away.

However, the smelly rain chased after it.

The rain continues to fall densely on the Luan Spirit Treasure’s body, causing more than half its body to be wet.

As a spirit treasure, normal rain should not have the ability to cause its body to be wet.

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