Chapter 194: Risking One’s Life To Breakout

With the assistance of the Kingkong Array, Huang Wen and the others immediately extricated themselves from the fierce sword attack from Cheng Yu. Having witnessed the defense of the Kingkong Array, everyone was delighted.

Huang Wen took the initiative to launch sword attacks. A few waves of sword Qi shot out from his sword while Cheng Yu dodged it. The sword Qi advanced towards the opposite direction of the caster, causing the person standing there to feel aghast. The blue light flickered, and a few ripples were shown before it disappeared and that person immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at this situation, Huang Wen was delighted as he shouted, ”Use sword Qi!”

Everyone had also saw what happened to Huang Wen’s sword Qi after it landed on the Qi Defense. Confronting so many fierce sword Qi, Cheng Yu dodged and released his own sword Qi to block the other sword Qi.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sword Qi collided into each other, manifesting continuous explosions. However, with the Kingkong Array protecting their bodies, Cheng Yu was unable to do anything to them in the meantime as he was crisscrossed with the sword Qi in the encirclement. Both of Cheng Yu’s hands fought, but he was still struck by the sword Qi on his Qi Defense, causing him to be sent flying. The flow of his blood and Qi was disrupted as he immediately vomited a few mouthfuls of fresh blood.

“He’s injured. Continue attacking!” When Huang Wen saw Cheng Yu got sent flying and had vomited blood, he became even happier as he increased his attacks that he was launching. Cheng Yu’s complexion was pale while the corner of his mouth was stained with blood. He continued to roll on the ground in order to dodge some of the sword Qi, but there were still lots of it being sliced onto his body. Cheng Yu felt that his internal organs were almost forced out of his body. When he saw the flying birds in the heaven vault, his eyes immediately brightened up. Both of his hands slapped the ground as he shot up. Cheng Yu intended to leap over the range of the Kingkong Array.

“Don’t let him leap past the perimeter. Rise!” When Huang Wen saw Cheng Yu’s motions, Huang Wen’s expression turned solemn. He shouted at everyone before leaping over. Everyone followed Huang Wen and leaped. After that, they formed the array in the sky once again. All of a sudden, a blue colored Qi cover appeared in the heaven vault, resembling a net as it oppressed Cheng Yu down directly.

“Cheng Yu, I said before, today will be the day of your funeral. You must certainly die today!” Cheng Yu was once again forced into their encirclement as Huang Wen laughed. Cheng Yu did not speak as he took out a pile of Soul Strengthening Pills and swallowed them in order to recover his blood and Qi as well as his injuries.

“Attack! He plans to recover again!” When Huang Wen saw Cheng Yu taking out pills to consume again, he was not as worried as before, but he did not wish to give Cheng Yu any chance of breathing. In Huang Wen’s opinion, under the huge depletion of Qi, Cheng Yu was no longer as strong as before under the Kingkong Array. But it was not until the last moment, only when he had beaten Cheng Yu to the point of him being unable to retaliate, that Huang Wen would be at ease. Cheng Yu knew that if he were to not use any of his ultimate moves, he would not be able to escape. Therefore, this very moment, Cheng Yu decided that even if he had to injure himself severely again, he must break out of their siege.

Cheng Yu raised his Qi as he allowed all the sword Qi to hit his Qi defense. After a few breaths of time, Cheng Yu’s green light expanded out. Six white dragon images spiraled around Cheng Yu’s legs as they lifted Cheng Yu to the skies while a few dragon roars resonated through the heaven vault.

“Everyone be careful!” When Ku Shou saw this move, his complexion turned pale due to fright. At that time, when the seven of them sneaked attack Cheng Yu, other than him and Sect Master Xuanyang, the other five of them had been beheaded by this move and Sect Master Xuanyang was heavily injured. Now that this move had reappeared, the frightening images flashed in Ku Shou’s mind. His heart unexpectedly had the intention to withdraw. However, this move did not allow him to have any time to consider. The six white dragon images shattered all the sword Qi immediately. After that, it flew in all directions.

“Retreat!” When he saw the situation, Huang Wen had also been intimidated by the dragon image’s aura as he shouted hastily. When he saw the dragon image flying towards them, Huang Wen felt a violent and dangerous energy charging at him. He released all his Qi into his Qi defense. The dragon images broke their Kingkong Array directly, shattering the Qi defense that was formed by interlinking with each other. Six explosions sounded at the same time and momentarily, miserable shrieks were heard everywhere. Some of them were not even able to shriek and had already been killed.

This time, only Ku Shou received the lightest injury. He had promptly retreated, but the comparison was done with the other people’s injuries. This time, the move Cheng Yu had used was clearly a lot stronger. Just the aura from these six white dragon images was sufficient to cause him to be intimidated.

At this very moment, Cheng Yu’s body had already started to tremble and he no longer had any strength to continue fighting. He quickly took out his flying sword as he resisted the grave injuries on his body. He circulated the remaining Qi as he drove his sword to soar. He really wished to kill all these people, but he had already reached his breaking point. Now, even if it was just an ordinary person, they would also be able to kill Cheng Yu. How could he possibly have the strength to kill others now? Furthermore, even though some of them were dead while some of them were injured, a few of them were still able to continue battling. How could Cheng Yu possibly continue staying here?

Ning Wushuang looked at the scene in front of her and had long turned stupefied. A moment ago when Cheng Yu had used his move, it was too scary. Even though she had stood further away, the few dragon roars were as if they had roared directly in front of her. It had practically caused her to tremble with fear. Originally, Cheng Yu was seriously injured by the encirclement from Kunlun, and she even thought that Cheng Yu would definitely die. In her heart, she was contemplating whether she should really let Cheng Yu die like this.

But before she had come to a conclusion, Cheng Yu’s strength had unexpectedly become so powerful. He counterattacked before fleeing. The fierce move of his had caused his opponents to be seriously injured. And now, he had used a person’s strength to independently fight against ten other Foundation Establishment Realm experts, and there were three in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage.

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It was known that Cheng Yu himself was also in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, but the fighting power he displayed had unexpectedly overwhelmed those few Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts. If this kind of situation was released out, it would definitely caus others to be dumbstruck. If such a thing were to be spoken of, no one would believe that a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator could display such a formidable might and at the same time fight against so many Foundation Establishment Realm experts.

When she saw Cheng Yu had used his flying sword and flown away shaking, Ning Wushuang actually had an urge to chase after him. She wished to know how badly he was injured. At this very moment, Ning Wushuang no longer had anymore thoughts of eliminating Cheng Yu or should say that she had already forgotten that a few moments ago, she wished to kill Cheng Yu. Ning Wushuang looked at the reflection that had long disappeared and looked back at the wounded lying on the ground. Ultimately, she called out her flying sword and flew off. She did not have any favorable impression of Kunlun Sect. Furthermore, under the influence of her father, she also did not wish to be involved with any Kunlun people.

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“What a fierce kid. Just a small Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator was unexpectedly able to bring forth such unrivalled strength. However, his move is very new and original. I truly wonder where he learned such a formidable technique. It completely increased his fighting strength by numerous times. This is simply unheard of! Weird, weird!” Not far away from the battlefield, a middle-aged man stood above a big tree as he watched the battle that had just ended.

He was also very curious about Cheng Yu’s background. Originally, he wanted to follow Cheng Yu to take a look, but he found that there was another group of people who were watching the battle as well. He wished to see what the objective of this other group of people was.

“Big Brother, that person was too formidable. Luckily, we did not make a move on him previously. Otherwise, we would definitely be dead. Kunlun had so many Foundation Establishment Realm experts and had already been beaten up by him. He is truly my idol. Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and he has such strength, I believe that in the Cultivation World, only he would be able to achieve this,” Gao Yuan watched the end of the battle. He had never known that being in the same realm, a person can actually be so unrivalled, and capable of fighting so many similar realm cultivators.

“That person is certainly a talented genius. In the future, we must absolutely not offend him. It’s just that his technique is truly very powerful. If we were able to obtain it, we can certainly be like him, an existence unrivalled against those within the same realm,” Gao Fei also said in regret. No matter who saw Cheng Yu’s tyrannical technique, they would definitely be envious. If it was not because Cheng Yu had displayed such formidable strength, they would have really wished to snatch it from him.

“That’s right. Big Brother, we just missed a good opportunity. He already exhausted all his strength in this battle, so why not chase after him now? If we were able to obtain this cultivation technique, we would be able to sweep away all the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators,” Hearing Gao Fei’s words, Gao Yuan’s eyes brightened up as he stood and was prepared to chase after Cheng Yu.

“Will you be able to reach him in time? Furthermore, how certain are you that he exhausted all of his strength? Just now, didn’t you also believe that he would die, but in the end, so many people had been beaten into by him, if he were to risk his life and make a move on us, would we live?” Gao Fei also wished to obtain Cheng Yu’s cultivation technique, but he was more afraid of Cheng Yu’s strength.

“Then let’s go and get rid of those dogs from Kunlun? We might not be able to defeat that person, but these Kunlun dogs already received such grave injuries. It should be an easy task for us right?!” Gao Fei’s words immediately caused Gao Yuan felt a chill, causing Gao Yuan to have no choice, but to leave aside the plans for now.

“Of course. We might not have any certainty towards that person, but facing this group of Kunlun dogs, there is no need for us to be worried,” Gao Fei smiled. After they both came to an agreement, they leaped down from the big tree as they darted towards the group of Kunlun people.

“Haha! Aren’t these the experts from Kunlun? How come you are injured?” The Gao brothers ran towards the front of Huang Wen as they laughed.

“You…who are you people?” Ku Shou and the others sat down on the floor and meditated to recover. When they saw the people who had arrived, they became extremely vigilant as they asked.

“Who we are is not important, what’s important is that all of you will have to die here today!” Gao Fei smiled and said.

“Hmph! Shameless scums! You actually dared to take advantage of us while we are injured. You better leave quickly, otherwise, you will never be able to escape from Kunlun’s pursuit!” When he heard they really wanted to kill them to seize their items, Ku Shou started to feel anxious. At the moment, everyone was suffering from serious injuries, and they were unable to deal with these two Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators.

“Big Brother, don’t bother talking with him. Let’s kill them first,” Gao Yuan said impatiently.

“Sure. Save your complaints for Hades! Even if you die now, others would just think that you were all killed by that person!” Gao Fei spoke as he unsheathed his sword.

“Stop!” Just as Gao Fei stabbed towards Ku Shou, a formidable aura attacked suddenly.

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