Chapter 195: Ning Wuji’s Thoughts

Due to the loud voice, Gao Fei’s thrust was no longer able to move forward. Following that, a shadow flew out from the forest. However, he flew out without the use of a flying sword.

“City Lord Ning!” When the Gao brothers saw who it was, they were shocked. It turned out that the person was Ningshui City’s City Lord, Ning Wuji.

“I don’t know who you people are, but today, they must not die under your hands,” Ning Wuji stood in front of them and said to the Gao brothers.

“City Lord Ning, why is this so?” Gao Fei was puzzled. It was known to those who had stayed in Ningshui City for a period of time that the relationship between Ning Wuji and Kunlun Sect was not very good. It was unlikely for them to become enemies, but they still did not have any interaction with each other. But now that he actually came out personally to save Kunlun’s people, it was truly too unexpected.

“No reason. But today, you are not allowed to kill them!” Ning Wuji did not bother to explain himself.

“This…fine. Since City Lord Ning has spoken, then we will leave first,” Gao Fei knew that it was impossible for him to kill Kunlun’s people to seize their items today. Even though they had no idea why Ning Wuji would personally show up to help the Kunlun cultivators, they were still able to understand from the subtle hints in his speech. They could kill these Kunlun cultivators, but it could not be done today. However, Gao Fei also knew that it would be extremely hard for him to find such an opportunity again. Although it was a pity, he still had to withdraw. The status of the person who spoke was not only for display, but he truly had the strength to back his words up.

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All the City Lords in the Cultivation World would at least have a cultivation in the Golden Core Realm. Therefore, Ning Wuji’s strength might not be very formidable among the other City Lords, but to mortals and most cultivators, his Golden Core Realm late stage cultivation could still be a deterrence. Also, the Gao brothers were only in Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage and initial stage. Even if all the Foundation Establishment Realm experts were in their best condition and optimal state, they would not be able to endure an attack from a Golden Core Realm late stage expert. It could clearly show how big of a difference was in their strength.

In their opinion, Cheng Yu’s strength was very strong, but that was only true when comparing it with the other Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. Thus, if he were to confront a Golden Core Realm late stage cultivator, he would not stand a chance. The Gao brothers looked at each other and took out their flying swords as they flew off. When Ku Shou saw the two of them had left, he sighed in relief. He looked at Ning Wuji gratefully and said, ”Thank you, City Lord Ning, for saving us from this predicament. After a period of time, we will definitely pay you a visit to give our thanks.”

“No need. I will set up a restriction around you guys. All of you should just take a rest and quickly return to Kunlun,” Ning Wuji spoke as his hand intertwined to produce a formation imprint while he recited the chant to activate it. These Kunlun cultivators had been covered up by transparent glass while several violet rays circulated on top of them while flickering. After a while, it disappeared into thin air. Ning Wuji did not stay for long as he flew and left.

Ku Shou saw Ning Wuji had left and with the restriction protecting everyone, his heart was finally at ease. He also closed his eyes and started to recover from his injuries.

“Big Brother, this time was really a pity! I never expected that two of our targets would actually slip away like that,” Gao Yuan said dispiritedly. After flying for a certain distance, the Gao brothers landed on the ground and started walking.

“That’s right. However, we don’t have a choice. Who could have foreseen City Lord Ning suddenly appearing here? Furthermore, as someone who has never been in good relations with Kunlun, he unexpectedly helped them?” Gao Fei also felt very regretful about this incident. Ning Wuji had said that they could kill all these Kunlun people in the future, but would they have such a opportunity again?

Usually, even if both of them joined hands, they were still unable to defeat a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, let alone four of them. If they had killed all these Kunlun cultivators, not only would they had earned a big harvest, Kunlun people might think that they were all killed by that person…

“Aiya!” When Gao Fei thought to this point, he patted on his head, as if he had suddenly comprehended something.

“Big Brother, what’s wrong?” Gao Yuan asked confusedly.

“You say, if we had killed all those Kunlun cultivators, who would Kunlun suspect?” Gao Fei asked.

“Of course they would suspect that person. They had sent out so many people to slaughter that person. In the end, they had gone, but never returned. How could others possibly think of us being the culprit?” Gao Yuan was not stupid as he spoke distinctly.

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“That’s right! Once they all die, others would just think that it was done by that person. But now that City Lord Ning prevented us from killing those Kunlun cultivators, doesn’t this show that he didn’t want that person to be the scapegoat?” Gao Fei voiced out his thoughts.

“Big Brother, so you are saying City Lord Ning and that person is together? If it’s like that, wouldn’t it be better for them if City Lord Ning were to kill them? Why did he still want to leave behind a calamity?” Gao Yuan asked puzzledly.

“Er…they might not necessarily be together. Perhaps, they were only acquainted with each other. Hence, City Lord Ning did not wish to let us kill the Kunlun cultivators using someone else’s knife,” Gao Fei was also very confused.

“The possibility of it was very high if things were to be put this way. But we also saw Miss Ning Wushuang over there. It seemed like Miss Ning Wushuang also wanted to kill that person? Doesn’t everything seem a bit too weird?” Gao Yuan recalled the graceful figure of Ning Wushuang as he turned despondent. It seemed like in the vicinity of Ningshui City, Ning Wushuang’s admirers could be seen everywhere.

“Aish! Forget it. In any case, the matter has already passed and we missed this opportunity forever. In the future, if we were to meet these people again, we have to be extra cautious. Today, we have already revealed ourselves, so sooner or later, they will look for us to get their revenge,” Gao Fei said gloomily. Originally, they wanted to capture the fish, but in the end, they failed to capture it and were targeted by the fish instead. Was there anything that could be more depressing than this? Actually, the Gao brothers had guessed some of Ning Wuji’s intentions. However, they were unable to guess the specific reason.

Ning Wuji was not acquainted with Cheng Yu at all. The reason why he did not allow Cheng Yu to become the scapegoat was because he always cherished talents. His own daughter was a well-known figure in the younger generation. Even though she could not be compared with some of the younger generation geniuses in Kunlun, she still managed to reach Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage at the age of 20. Such aptitude was absolutely decent.

However, when he saw Cheng Yu, he had truly been surprised. He was unable to tell Cheng Yu’s age, but he was able to tell that Cheng Yu was not old. At such a young age, he had attained a cultivation of Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, and he was not any ordinary Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator. Just by the performance he displayed now, his strength was basically unrivalled among all the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators in the Cultivation World.

However, Cheng Yu might be very powerful, but he did not possess the ability to stand against Golden Core Realm experts. Therefore, Ning Wuji did not want Cheng Yu to become the scapegoat for the Gao Brothers. Kunlun would respond by sending out their Golden Core Realm experts to deal with Cheng Yu. Ning Wuji did it to prevent a genius from dying like that. He wished to see how far this youth could go. Cultivators emphasized destiny. Ning Wuji had already been in the Golden Core Realm for a hundred years, but there were still no signs of his core turning into an infant.

He had no idea if such a day would come. This might depend on opportunity. But where could he find such an opportunity, no one knew. For Cheng Yu to possess such strength at such a young age, he could unconditionally be regarded as someone who was extremely lucky. To have tied in good karma with such a person might be the opportunity he was looking for.


And at this moment, the seriously injured Cheng Yu laid on the flying sword as he swayed and ascended the tree. The suffering Cheng Yu vomited another two mouthfuls of blood. After that, with a bang, he dropped from the tree. However, Cheng Yu did not fall to the ground, but was caught by tree branches. Cheng Yu fainted immediately while the blood continued to flow out of his mouth slowly.


“Dad, your daughter only returns once in a while. Where did you run off to?” Ning Wuji had just returned home when he saw his daughter acting coquettishly as she ran over to his side.

“Haha! You little lass. How old are you already and you are still acting like a little girl. How many days will you be back for?” When he saw his daughter, Ning Wuji’s heart was also very happy. His daughter had always been his only concern. To be able to see his daughter being so happy, nothing was more enjoyable than this.

“Heh heh. This time, Teacher allowed me to return home for a month. After I return, Teacher will get me to enter seclusion. Teacher said that before I reached Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, I am not allowed to leave,” Ning Wushuang said in a somewhat happy yet depressing manner.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that your strength improved so tremendously for the past two years and is about to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage?” When Ning Wuji heard his daughter’s words, he asked joyfully.

“I am not sure. That’s what Teacher told me,” Ning Wushuang shook her head and replied.

“Good! I believe Flower Valley Master would not speak without thinking. Wushuang, you must cultivate properly. I believe that with your aptitude, you would form your golden core within a hundred years,” Ning Wuji smiled and said. Ning Wuji had placed lots of hope in Ning Wushuang.

“I also hope that the day would come earlier. Dad, I met a strange person today. He was merely a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, but he was able to withstand several similar cultivation level experts and also dozens of Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage and initial stage experts,” When she heard her father mentioning cultivation, Ning Wushuang suddenly remembered that mysterious lewd thief.

“Oh? There’s such a thing? Do you know him?” Ning Wuji naturally knew that his daughter was talking about Cheng Yu. At that time, when he had followed the group of Kunlun people and found Cheng Yu, the first thing he saw was his own daughter over there. When he saw his daughter’s furious expression, he also wished to know what had exactly happened between them, but he still chose to endure it. He quietly looked at the whole battle, from the start to end.

Now that his daughter had returned, it was not appropriate for him to ask first as it would expose that he was there during the fight. Thus, he acted like he had no idea as he casually inquired what had happened between them.

“I…how can I possibly be acquainted with that lewd thief?” When she heard her father’s words, Ning Wushuang denied it hastily.

“Lewd thief? What did he do to you? I’m going to kill him!” Ning Wuji heard his daughter calling Cheng Yu lewd thief, and his face immediately turned angry as he said.

The anger contained some artificial emotions hidden. What was artificial was that he was able to tell that his daughter was still undefiled and when he had seen Cheng Yu just now, he did not feel that he was a wicked person. What was real was that his daughter was his baby, and if Cheng Yu really dared to do those things to Ning Wushuang, even though he really appreciated and thought very highly of Cheng Yu, he would still kill him.

However, Ning Wushuang did not know about the artificial feelings inside her father’s anger and had truly been frightened by it. Her father had a Golden Core Realm late stage cultivation. Regardless of how powerful Cheng Yu was, how could he possibly defend a strike from a Golden Core Realm late stage expert?

In the moment of desperation, Ning Wushuang quickly explained herself, ”No no no, Dad, it’s not like that. You must not misunderstand!”

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