Chapter 196: Injury Crisis

“Really? Then tell me what had happened between you and him!” Ning Wuji changed from a gentle tone to an extremely solemn one. When she saw her father had really gotten angry and was so serious, she also grew afraid. She quickly narrated how she came across Cheng Yu. However, she only talked about Cheng Yu bringing out item pouches, and rearranging the items inside them. After that, she wanted to remove the degenerate from this world. Following that, she started fighting with him.

“Just like that?” After her daughter had narrated the situation, it was very obvious that Ning Wuji was not convinced that the matter was so simple.

“Just like that,” Ning Wushuang looked at her father. After that, she lowered her head quickly.

“Then why were you calling him a lewd thief?” Ning Wuji wanted to know what exactly had happened.

“He…he…he gave me those perverted looks. If he isn’t a lewd thief, what is he?” Ning Wushuang’s eyes flickered as she said. She did not dare say that Cheng Yu had hugged her. If Cheng Yu was around, he would definitely be angered until he vomited blood. After that, he would say, ”I obviously hugged you, since when did I look at you pervertedly?”

“He had only looked at you and did not do anything else to you?” Ning Wuji was still unconvinced as he replied. His daughter’s expression was clearly showing that she was lying.

“Of course. If he really did something to me, I would have beaten him up until all his teeth dropped onto the floor,” Ning Wushuang waved her fist as she said ferociously.

“Really? But didn’t you say that he was a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert? Furthermore, he alone was able to fight against several similar level experts with over ten cultivators who were lower than Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. Are you still hiding something? Tell me, how did he bully you? Daddy will help you look for him and vent your anger,” Ning Wuji laughed. Even though he knew that Cheng Yu did not do anything bad to Ning Wushuang, when he saw his daughter acting in such a coy manner, even if that kid didn’t do anything wrong, the next time he met him, he would still have to teach him a lesson. Who asked him to tease his daughter.

“Dad! Why are you asking so many questions? I already said there was nothing going on between us. Why do you want to capture him? Furthermore, he was also gravely injured, god knows where he has hidden?” When she saw her father kept on bombarding her with questions, if he were to continue asking her, sooner or later she would expose everything. However, when she recalled the way Cheng Yu had left, her heart couldn’t help but start worrying. She wished to know how he was right now.

“Have you fallen in love with him?” Even though Ning Wuji didn’t allow his daughter to interact with Kunlun cultivators, his daughter’s requirement for men was also very high. Ordinary handsome youths would not attract her attention. When had he ever seen his daughter being worried for a man?

“Dad! What are you talking about? How can I possibly fall in love with such person!” When she heard her father’s words, Ning Wushuang started getting panicky.

“Haha!” Ning Wuji laughed and no longer spoke. Even though he thought very highly of Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu had offended Kunlun. From this point of view, Ning Wuji did not hope for his daughter to fall in love with him.

However, such a thing could not be forced. First off, he had no idea of Cheng Yu’s identity and background. On the other hand, perhaps not long later, Cheng Yu would grow up to become one of the new stars in the Cultivation World. All these were things that were impossible to foresee. Therefore, he would not interfere with his daughter’s love life and everything would be her choice.


Three days later, in the early morning, Cheng Yu finally woken up from his coma.

“Immortal, you have woken up?” A married woman’s voice came from his side. In her tone, there were traces of awe, at the same time there were also signs of fear. Cheng Yu was surprised. He sized up his surroundings. Only then did he realize that he was no longer in the forest and was inside a wooden house. He saw there was a five year old in that woman’s bosom, and her left hand was carrying a bowl filled with a pitch-black decoction. She stood a distance away, but Cheng Yu could see the excitement and fear on her face.

“Big Sister, did you save me? Thank you,” Cheng Yu looked at the innocent young kid and said to the married woman.

“Yes yes yes, no no. It’s my husband who carried you back from the forest,” When she saw Cheng Yu did not act as arrogant as those immortals she saw in the city, her heart loosened up a lot. However, her spirit was still somewhat excited.

“So it’s like that. However, I still have to thank you. My body has already recovered more or less. It’s about time for me to leave,” Cheng Yu said as he stood up from the bed.

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“Immortal, your body has not fully healed. Why not rest for another day or two?” When she saw Cheng Yu’s complexion was still a little pale and he looked somewhat sluggish, the married woman replied worriedly.

“No need. These kinds of minor injuries will recover very quickly,” Cheng Yu had just inspected his body’s situation. He could only say that his body was in an extremely abysmal stage. He could not feel a single trace of spiritual Qi in his body.

Cheng Yu knew that his injuries this time were truly disastrous and he would need to look for a place to meditate to heal. This place was very peaceful and quiet, but could easily be disturbed. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was also afraid that Kunlun might find him here. When the time comes, he would have implicated this family.

“Immortal, you woke up? Why have you stood up? You should be lying down on the bed and resting,” When he saw Cheng Yu had come out of the room, a muscular man who was holding onto a few wild chickens had just come back. He saw Cheng Yu had woken up, so he said happily and anxiously.

“Big Brother, thank you for saving me. However, my injuries will no longer hinder me. I still have something important to do. Therefore, I have to leave,” Cheng Yu saw the sincerity in this family so he replied gratefully. After that, he walked out of the house.

“Oh right, Big Brother and Big Sister, I have some pills here that are extremely beneficial for mortals,” Cheng Yu walked for a few steps and suddenly turned back. He took out a few Reversal Pills and Longevity Pills for them. After telling them the use of this pill, he swallowed a Reversal Pill because his injuries were truly serious. If he were to not consume pills, he would not even have the strength to walk.

“Immortal, how is this appropriate?” The muscular man saw the sparkling and lustering pills in his hand as he said excitedly.

“There’s nothing appropriate or not appropriate. You saved me, so this is something you deserve. Anyway, I had some banknotes here, take this pile with you!” Cheng Yu suddenly remember the banknotes on him as he took out a few. Cheng Yu originally intended to give them a few pieces, but after thinking about it, giving them such a large sum of money would only bring them troubles. So, ultimately he took out hundreds of silvers and gave it to them.

After all, the spending of ordinary people was extremely low. Especially hunters that live in the wild. They basically only desire what they need. If he were to give them banknotes to spend, wouldn’t this bring the jealousy of others? The married couple did not want to accept Cheng Yu’s banknotes, but Cheng Yu had always repaid a person’s gratitude. Ultimately, under their tears of gratitude, Cheng Yu walked into the forest unsteadily.

He walked for a day. Every time he found a brutal beast, he would hide in the bushes. This caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely angry. Why had he landed in such a difficult predicament of avoiding anyone he saw and hiding from all kinds of beast? Kunlun, there will be a day I will kill into your old nest. I would like to see if you will be able to avoid it! When he thought of all of these was because of Kunlun, a ray of perseverance flashed past Cheng Yu’s eyes.

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Kunlun had already caused Cheng Yu to suffer from serious injuries twice. This time, Cheng Yu had no idea how long he would take to fully recover. If only he was in the Secular World, he would still at least have the Spiritual Origin Fruit. Eh? Spiritual Origin Fruit? He seemed to have forgotten. At that time, because he wished to be prepared for such situations, didn’t he demand an additional two Spiritual Origin Fruits from Shi Ji shamelessly? When Cheng Yu remembered that he still had two Spiritual Origin Fruits, he excitedly slapped his thigh. However, this slap caused his whole body to extremely ache as he hissed in a mouthful of cold air.

“No. This time the injuries I received was a lot more serious that I imagined. I must quickly look for a place to heal,” When Cheng Yu realized that he was a lot weaker than he imagined, the good mood he was in immediately disappeared and he was filled with extreme worries. The Spiritual Origin Fruit was a sacred medicine for healing injuries, regardless of it being internally or externally, so much so that even if it was their meridians were injured, it would still be able to heal it. But the Spiritual Origin Fruit Cheng Yu had did not mature yet. Even though it was only lacking a hundred years before maturing, it was an unripened fruit. The effects compared to a mature one was like heaven and earth.

Therefore, Cheng Yu was very afraid that even after he had consumed the Spiritual Origin Fruit, the injuries he received this time would not be fully healed. Then his circumstances would really be very problematic. If he was not able to fully recover, it might possibly affect his cultivation and might even bring the risk of him losing his life when he goes through the core forming process. Even if he successfully formed his core, his progression might become very limited as well. During night, the moonlight brightened up the skies while wolves’ howls resonated throughout the whole forest. Cheng Yu walked for another half an hour vigilantly and finally managed to find a mountain cave.

When he saw the mountain cave’s entrance was covered with spider webs, it had probably been a very long time since a living creature had entered it. Cheng Yu picked up a tree branch from the ground as he swung all the spider webs to the ground. After that, he went inside the cave. Although Cheng Yu was suffering from serious injuries, his night vision was not affected. The mountain cave was not very big and was very arid. Cheng Yu did not dare to light up a fire as it would only attract beasts.

First of all, Cheng Yu went out to collect a pile of tree branches and covered the cave entrance with it. When he returned to the inside of the cave he was already panting for air as he sweated profusely. This was the first time Cheng Yu felt how weak he was ever since he had become a cultivator. He searched for flat ground and sat down. He took out a Spiritual Origin Fruit. Within a few months, Cheng Yu had already consumed it. After swallowing the Spiritual Origin Fruit, he felt that his insides had slowly started becoming warm and that there was lots of spiritual Qi roaming around his body as it nourished the injuries in his internal organs.

However, this spiritual Qi was not controlled by Cheng Yu at all. All this spiritual Qi originated from the Spiritual Origin Fruit. Cheng Yu tried circulating his cultivation method, but there was not a single reaction from his dantian. He could not feel the existence of Qi in his body!

“How could it be like this? There is still Qi in my dantian, but why is there no reaction?” Cheng Yu looked in his interior and could clearly see that at the boundary of his dantian, there was a volume of light blue Qi floating, but he was unable to control it. This situation was too weird.

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