Chapter 516: Qing Wu, Piao Xue

Long Yi returned to the Ximen Residence with Li Qing and Si Bi. The special temperament these two people had were still fresh in the minds of everyone in the Ximen Residence.

Nangong Xiangyun and Feng Ling naturally recognized these two people. One should know that, in the past, when Long Yi was getting married to Nangong Xiangyun, Long Yi rushed out hastily in the middle of the wedding. The reason was because Feng Ling played a cheap trick on him. Moreover, Feng Ling, Si Bi, and Nangong Xiangyun had stayed together for a period of time. They were somewhat familiar with one another. As for Liuli and Liuxu, Long Yi introduced them quickly. As for Niur, she had fallen asleep long ago with Little Shuxian.

Speaking about his niece, Little Shuxian, there was another matter which Long Yi had decided upon. He and Ximen Nu discussed for the entire night and finally, Ximen Nu, as the patriarch of Ximen Clan, passed down an order. He ordered for Little Shuxian to stay beside Long Yi. Liu Shi didn’t dare to get angry and she also didn’t dare to refuse the order. She knew that if she were to fall out with the Ximen Clan at this moment, she would be forcing herself into a dead end.

At this moment, it was already late at night. Li Qing withdrew from the room and left Long Yi with his wives. All the other women also smiled and returned to their rooms. In the end, only Si Bi and Long Yi were left in the room.

“Si Bi darling, come over and let your husband take a good look at you.” Long Yi sat on the bed and waved his hand at her.

The beautiful face of Si Bi became slightly red and she slowly walked over to the bed. She sat beside Long Yi and she stared straight into his eyes. It was an extremely daring move. She voicelessly poured out her longing and love for him.

Long Yi became unable to control himself any longer. He hugged Si Bi and kissed her lips as his tongue entered her little mouth. His claws began to move involuntarily and they undid her clothing. As his hands moved upwards, they reached for the two mounds of flesh on her chest and started to knead her soft, jade-like meat buns.

“My husband……” Si Bi turned away and she opened her little mouth to breath. With heavy breaths, she called out to Long Yi. Her legs were tightly clamped together as they stopped Long Yi’s hands from teasing her private parts.

“I have a sense of propriety, rest assured.” Long Yi soothingly kissed the beautiful face of Si Bi.

“I am sorry… Everything is my fault.” Si Bi said with a guilty conscience. Since she hadn’t found a way to solve the problem of her Pure Yin Physique, she was unable to give her body to Long Yi.

Long Yi also hated the Pure Yin Physique to the extreme. However, what could he do about it? Si Bi had one and maybe even Wushuang had the Pure Yin Physique. They were really asking for his life.

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Thinking about Wushuang, Long Yi became somewhat dejected. It had been a long time since Wushuang had gone to the Ice Origin with Mea Empress, Lianxian. Normally, she should have already returned. For some unknown reason, she wasn’t back yet. Long Yi was starting to worry about her.

Thus, the night that was supposed to be romantic ** reduced to a warm and tender night. The two people hugged each other as they whispered words of love into each other’s ear. They talked about each other’s experiences after they had went their separate ways.

Early the next morning, the guards of the Ximen residence came over and asked Long Yi about how he wanted to deal with those several dark warriors and the two women. They had all been captured the day before outside the Wangjing House.

A smile slowly appeared on Long Yi’s face. It was obvious that everything which happened yesterday was a trap. However, there was one thing which surprised Long Yi. He actually found the two women familiar.

Long Yi went to the place in the Ximen Residence where the prisoners were imprisoned. Li Qing accompanied him. Naturally, compared to the Heaven Forbidden Prison, there was a big disparity in scale. However, there was no need to doubt the sturdiness of the Ximen Residence’s prison.

Long Yi directly ignored those restricted dark warriors as they couldn’t be counted as humans anymore. They had no blood in them and they didn’t fear pain. They were simply killing machines who faithfully carried out the commands of their masters.

The prison was very dark and damp. In addition, there was a dense moldy smell in the air. Various kinds of insects could be seen flying around from time to time. Anyone could clearly see the harshness of the environment.

In the inner prison cell, those two women who were captured yesterday were sitting at one corner hugging their knees. They had buried their face in their knees and they were also shivering.

“Li Qing, who do you think these two women are?” Long Yi asked Li Qing who was standing behind him.

“I don’t know.” Li Qing replied. If it was not for Si Bi wanting to save them, he would have simply ignored them.

“These two weak women were actually chased by several dark warriors. Out of everywhere they could run to, they ran to the place where I was located. Not to mention there were thousands and thousands of people staring at them. Didn’t it seem weird to you?” Long Yi said with a smile.

The cold aura of Li Qing suddenly rose and said coldly, “If it’s like that, it seems as though they are plotting against Young Master. It’s better to kill them.”

The eyes of Long Yi glimmered and he signaled for the prison guards to bring out the two women.

The two women looked at Long Yi with tearful eyes. They looked very pitiful as they stared at Long Yi who was sitting on an armchair.

If ordinary old women looked at Long Yi like this instead of these two women, Long Yi would have goosebumps all over his body. However, he was staring straight at the two women at this moment. They were already so old in age but they possessed a beautiful pair of eyes. They also felt extremely familiar to him. It seemed somewhat unusual.

“All of you can withdraw.” Long Yi felt that these two women seemed to have something to say. As such, he waved his hand and ordered for the guards to leave them. Only Li Qing was left in the room with them.

The two women suddenly got agitated and greeted Long Yi as they choked with sobs, “We pay respect to Young Master.”

When Long Yi heard that crisp and melodious voice of these two women which resembled the voice of a young girl, Long Yi was so shocked that he suddenly stood up in front of these two women.

“Qing Wu? Piao Xue?” Long Yi raised the chin of these two women and asked in shock.

They opened their lips as they chanted an incantation. Their faces twisted and before long, they became two outstanding beauties. Their current appearance resembled Qing Wu and Piao Xue who had disappeared a long time ago.

“Young Master.” The two girls wailed and rushed into the bosom of Long Yi.

When he held them, Long Yi’s handsome face was extremely gloomy. He caressed the back of these two women but his thumb and index finger were lightly pressing on the spine acupoint on their back. He had no choice but to doubt them in his mind. These two women and those several dark warriors were clearly setting up a trap for him to save them. However, he discovered that the two women were actually the missing Qing Wu and Piao Xue from the Beautiful Fragrant House. If these two women had truly betrayed him, then they would have two motives for returning. One was to stay at his side in order to spy for Long Zhan. The other was to wait for a chance to make a move against him.

However…… Long Yi raised his eyebrows as he felt that something was not right. For the time being, he was unable to figure out what was wrong.

All of a sudden a change occurred. A hint of dark qi suddenly flashed through the eyes of Qing Wu and Piao Xue. Ten dark thorns extended from the fingers from their hands which were on Long Yi’s waist. Immediately after that, they stabbed Long Yi from different angles.

Bang, bang, Qing Wu and Piao Xue vomited a mouthful of blood and were sent flying. They slammed onto the wall opposite them which was made of iron. As for Long Yi, a purple light glimmered around him and his handsome face was dark and cold. In addition, twenty finger-length dark thorns were quivering on his back.

“Young Master, are you all right?” A pallid light flashed through the eyes of Li Qing as he asked anxiously. He had already launched his cold sword qi towards Qing Wu and Piao Xue which were not too far away.

Shatter, Long Yi waved his hand and his true qi broke Li Qing’s cold sword qi. He said, “Don’t be anxious, I am fine.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed and his clothing suddenly shook. The twenty dark thorns which were glimmering with faint radiance on their back were ejected out with so much power that they nailed into the wall behind him.

“Very powerful Magic Destroying Thorns. That Military Advisor truly is willing to invest.” Long Yi said with a sinister smile. He was already prepared to some extent when Qing Wu and Piao Xue rushed into his bosom. He had used true qi and spirit power to cover his entire body. However, things went beyond his imagination when the two women used the legendary Magic Destroying Thorns against him. Not to mention the fact that they used twenty of them. The Magic Destroying Thorns pierced through his true qi defense in an instant. As the name, Magic Destroying Thorn implied, they could destroy any magic and douqi barriers in the world.  However, there was a way to stop Magic Destroying Thorns. If the douqi and magic barrier reached a certain level of strength, the thorns would be rendered useless.

Although these Magic Destroying Thorns pierced through his true qi defense, it was unable to advance at the final juncture. In addition, the Lightning God Armor within the body of Long Yi sensed the danger and counterattacked. Long YI was completely fine. However, he suffered some shock and he sweated profusely when he realized that his true qi had been penetrated completely. He had been extremely confident in his true qi defense. Long Yi woke up with a start. This was a warning to him. If he took his enemies too lightly, he would lose his life.

Long Yi walked to the front of Qing Wu and Piao Xue. Now, their expression was ferocious as if they wanted to swallow him whole.

Long Yi pressed on their glabella and retracted his hand after a long time. There was actually dense dark qi in their sea of consciousness. It was precisely the dark magic which controlled their mind.

It turned out to be the Dark Soul Refining Magic. Although it was a bit of a hassle, there was a way to save them both. The only thing Long Yi needed was some time in order for him to save them. Long Yi clearly understood the problem these two women faced. He simply made the two of them faint and he carried them as he left the prison of the Ximen Residence.

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Returning to his courtyard, Long Yi made Si Bi use Light Purification Magic to cleanse these two women first. After Si Bi used her spell on them, Long Yi sat on the sofa in the hall with all of his women gathered around him. He told them the entire story.

“It seems like Long Zhan can’t wait any longer. The peace in Soaring Dragon City is going to end very soon. My husband, be very careful.” Nangong Xiangyun sighed. As a daughter of a prominent old family. She was very familiar with the conflict within the city.

Long Zhan? The real Long Zhan might have already turned into ashes a long time ago. Although that was what Long Yi though in his mind, he didn’t tell the girls. He played with the Magic Destroying Thorn in his hand. When all was said and done, it was only his speculation.

“Long Zhan has gotten better. No matter how wealthy you are, this Magic Destroying Thorn is not something you can buy just with money.” Long Yi said with a smile. In order to assassinate Long Yi, Long Zhan gave him twenty Magic Destroying Thorns and returned two beauties to him. This was truly a good transaction for Long Yi.

“But my husband, after hearing about the matter with Qing Wu and Piao Xue, I feel as though something is not quite right.” At that time, Feng Ling who had been mumbling for a long time suddenly said.

“What is it? Don’t worry, just tell me.” Long Yi looked at Feng Ling with a smile. He encouraged her to speak out her thoughts.

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