Chapter 517: The purpose of Niur

Looking at Long Yi’s encouraging gaze, Feng Ling organized her thoughts and said, “If this trap only consisted of the second part, it would be an absolutely brilliant scheme. However, the first part of the plan was honestly too crappy. The way Qing Wu and Piao Xue met you was too ridiculous. If this scheme was truly made by Long Zhan, it would seem like he is a bad schemer. Could it be that Qing Wu and Piao Xue were let out simply to assassinate you?”

Long Yi nodded his head and signaled for Feng Ling to continue speaking.

“I have a feeling that the person who had schemed everything wants husband to know that this was a trap. He also intentionally allowed husband to know that Qing Wu and Piao Xue were controlled by him. They were sent to assassinate you under his command. In any case, I don’t know what his true intentions are.” Feng Ling added.

“Now that husband knows that Qing Wu and Piao Xue were controlled using the Dark Soul Refining Magic, as long as he got rid of it, wouldn’t everything be fine?” Nangong Xiangyun said from one side.

Long Yi smiled and said, “As a matter of a fact, my thoughts are similar to Lingr. It doesn’t matter if it is Long Zhan or the Military Advisor behind him. Both of them are very intelligent people. It is clear that there is another hidden move. As for what that move is, we can only wait to see.”


In a simple but elegant room, two beautiful girls were sitting cross-legged naked on the bed and a wisp of dark mist was curling up around their entire body. Their beautiful ** and indistinctly visible ** had so much destructive power that a person without self-control would die from a nosebleed.

At this moment, Long Yi had his hands on the heads of these two girls as he stood behind them. His eyes were tightly closed and beads of sweats could be seen on his forehead. The dark aura within the body of these two girls was a bit strange. That dark aura was automatically absorbed by the two girls after he forced them out of their body. That was something which was really strange.

Although it was somewhat strange, Long Yi didn’t think too much about it as he knew that he had Niur.

At this moment, Niur was sitting opposite Qing Wu and Piao Xue as she looked at them with her big eyes. The more dark mist gathered on their body, the brighter her eyes became. When the dark mist reached a certain concentration, she would open her little mouth and that dark mist would come pouring into her mouth. After the dark mist stopped entering her mouth, she would lick her lips and she would wait for the next round of the dark mist. It was as though the dark mist was a rare delicacy for her.

The physique of Niur was very special. According to that Three Headed Demonic Dragon in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, she had the Devouring Dragon Physique. She liked everything which contained energy. In addition, because her body was dark attributed, she liked dark energy the most. Anyone was able to see that just by looking at her drooling gluttonous appearance.

After Niur ate the dark energy a few more times, Long Yi stopped his actions and he wiped the sweat off his forehead. That dark energy in the sea of consciousness of the two were had been cleaned up. Now, their consciousness should have been restored. As for the remaining dark energy, they would be able to deal with it themselves.

“Father, Niur want more.” Seeing as her meal was over, Niur couldn’t help herself as she rushed into Long Yi’s bosom and acted like a spoilt child.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. One day, this girl would eat him to poverty sooner or later. He took out some magic cores of A-ranked magic beasts from his space ring and gave them to Niur. Patting her head, he instructed her to play with Little Shuxian.

Niur who had gotten her snacks no longer pestered Long Yi and left to look for Little Shuxian.

Long Yi laid Qing Wu and Piao Xue flat and covered them with a brocade quilt, covering that spring scenery. Sitting on the sofa, Long Yi poured himself a cup of green tea and drank it slowly. From time to time, he would look at those slumbering women and a pensive look would appear on his face.

“What exactly does that Military Advisor want to do? It cannot be so simple.” Long Yi mumbled while shaking his head. He placed down the teacup before picking it up again. It was clear that this problem was troubling him.

The current strength of Long Yi was already public in Blue Waves Continent. He was regarded as a peak expert of the entire continent. If that Military Advisor wanted to deal with the Ximen Clan, it was impossible for him to not research about him. Could it be that he truly underestimated Long Yi so much that he thought that just these Magic Destroying Thorns could kill him? If that wasn’t the case, the Military Advisor should know that the assassination would fail. Not to mention the fact that he would allow Qing Wu and Piao Xue to fall back into Long Yi’s hands. Now, not only did the Magic Destroying Thorns fall into Long Yi’s hands, the Military Advisor even sent Qing Wu and Piao Xue who had been under his control for two years back to him. Wasn’t he just being plain stupid?

“Perhaps……” Long Yi looked at the slumbering Qing Wu and Piao Xue on the bed and sighed softly.

At that moment, the slumbering Qing Wu and Piao Xue mumbled something. Their eyelashes fluttered and they slowly opened their eyes.

“Where is this?” Qing Wu was the first to wake up. She looked at Piao Xue who was lying beside her and muttered a question in confusion. Her expression changed all of a sudden and she sat up before shouting in panic, “Big sister Yu, big sister Yu……”

Qing Wu turned around and saw that Long Yi was walking towards her. She burst into tears all of a sudden.

Due to the ruckus Qing Wu created, Piao Xue was completely awake. Like Qing Wu, she also burst into tears when she looked at Long Yi. It seemed as though the two of them didn’t dare to believe that this was actually real.

“Young Master, I…… We are not dreaming, are we?” Qing Wu mumbled and they reached out their hand to pinch their face. They discovered that they could actually feel the pain… They were not dreaming.

The two women simultaneously threw the quilt off their body and stood up. They knelt on the bed and said in a trembling voice, “We pay respect to Young Master.”

Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed and he wrapped the quilt around them and he said, “The two of you just woke up… You don’t need to be over courteous.”

“Young Master, Beautiful Fragrant House and big sister Yu, she…… She…… Wu……” Qing Wu was unable to finish her sentence before she started crying again. She buried her head in the quilt and lost her voice from crying in pain.

Qing Wu’s sobs made Piao Xue cry as well. The both of them started crying loudly as they buried their head in the quilt. They cried so much that the brocade quilt was soaked.

As for Long Yi, he thought about Ruyu who was good at understanding others. He couldn’t help but feel sour in his heart. He sighed softly and hugged these two girls.

“Young Master, big sister Yu died… She died. It’s all because she wanted to save the two of us… We caused her death, Wuwu…” Piao Xue remorsefully blamed herself in the bosom of Long Yi.

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Long Yi comforted them in a soft voice and used his hands to gently pat their back. He could feel that these two women were extremely sad. One could say that Ruyu was the one who brought them up and brought them into the Skynet Intelligence Organization. Although Ruyu was not much older than them in age, the two of them felt as though Ruyu their mother rather than their big sister.

Recalling his suspicion towards the two girls just a moment ago, Long Yi laughed at himself. No matter how he looked at it, their current appearance didn’t resemble people who betrayed him. It seemed as though he was too sensitive.

After the two women calmed down, Long Yi knew that it was time to ask them about the events which happened. In a serious voice, he asked them, “What happened that day?”

The two women began to narrate what happened on that nightmarish night in their hoarse voice. It was late at night and it was pouring. Because of this heavy rain, the Beautiful Fragrant House was deserted and quiet. The ladies had nothing to do and Ruyu instructed them to rest early.

After the door was shut, Ruyu called together all intelligence agents in the Beautiful Fragrant House. She asked for all of us to enter the secret room in order to discuss and sort out the collected intelligence. All of a sudden, the doors burst open and countless black-robed people invaded the store. They killed anyone they saw. Moreover, they seemed to have a clear understanding of the structure of the Beautiful Fragrant House. They even knew the location of several secret rooms. Before long, those black-robes people killed their way to the secret room.

When things were at this point, Ruyu understood that there was a mole within the Beautiful Fragrant House. Now that the Beautiful Fragrant House was surrounded, she knew that Long Zhan would definitely be prepared. The reinforcements would not arrive for quite some time.

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The personnel of Skynet Intelligence Organization wasn’t exactly good at magic and douqi. For instance, almost all of the intelligence personnel in the brothel were prostitutes. In the training they had received, methods to coax out intelligence as well as some drugs ** and things like these were given priority. If they truly had to fight, then they would be swatted to death.

At that time, Ruyu made the decision that was out of everyone’s imaginations. She suddenly attacked and killed all the other intelligence agents other than Qing Wu and Piao Xue. As the person in charge of the Beautiful Fragrant House, the strength of Ruyu was pretty good. It wasn’t too difficult for her to kill off several unarmed prostitutes.

“Qing Wu, Piao Xue, there is a traitor in our group. Other than you two, I cannot believe anyone else. In any case, we will all die here… It’s better to die in my hands than to die in the enemy’s.” Ruyu said to two women who were petrified with fear.

After she spoke, Ruyu smeared the blood of the dead people on Qing Wu and Piao Xue. She gave them a special medicine which completely hid their aura and they feigned death. After preparing everything, she opened the door of the secret room and went out to fight.

“We didn’t dare to open our eyes. Before long, we heard big sister Yu’s scream. We wanted to fight together with her, but we discovered that our body was not under our control. Shortly afterwards, we felt extremely hot and we fainted. After that…” Qing Wu suddenly frowned after speaking this much.

“What happened after that?” Long Yi urgently asked.

Qing Wu shook her head and said, “I don’t know. Something seemed to have happened but I cannot remember anything after that.”

“It’s the same for me. After losing my consciousness, I don’t remember anything. After waking up, the first thing I saw was Young Master. We seemed to have fallen asleep for a long time and lived a long dream. However, I can’t remember anything.” Piao Xue replied.

“Young Master, you seemed to have changed a lot.” Qing Wu suddenly said.

“Changed? Where did I change?” Long Yi asked.

“You grew older.” Piao Xue cut in.

“You became a lot more ‘profound’. In the past, Young Master would always show off his abilities. However, you are restraining yourself now.” Qing Wu said.

“After two years, things would change.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Two years?” Qing Wu and Piao Xue cried out in alarm. They were greatly surprised. They felt as though they had just lost their consciousness. However, two years had already passed. Could this be the effect of the medicine given to them by big sister Yu?

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