Chapter 218: Let’s Reconcile, Jing Yu

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Lady Ding is very meddling when it comes to her children’s marriages.  She would freak out over the smallest hint of issues in Si Jing Yu’s marriage.

Had her relationship with Zhuang Nai Nai not been strained, she would have rushed back home the moment she found out that she and Si Zheng Ting fought.

Si Jing Yu and Shi Jin Yan’s relationship with Ding Meng Ya is very good.  Shi Jin Yan, in particular, is the representative husband-material of the generation in her eyes.

Si Jing Yu weighs it in for a moment, before turning around to return to her room without saying a single word.

A flash of smile can be seen in Shi Jin Yan’s eyes as he follows her from behind.

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The moment they return to the room, Si Jing Yu goes to the closet and takes out a blanket, putting it on the couch, “You will be sleeping on the couch tonight.”

Shi Jin Yan does not mind that, “Alright.”

Si Jing Yu goes to the bathroom with a cold face.  After finishing her quick bath, she steps out of the bathroom only to find Shi Jin Yan using her laptop to browse the internet.

Her eyes harden as she irritably says, “What are you doing?”

Shi Jin Yan stands up, “Nothing.  Just using your laptop for a moment.”

They have been married for two years and he has always used her things whenever he wanted.

Si Jing Yu is really irritated when she sees that casual look on his face, “I don’t think it is right for you to simply use my laptop when we are in the process of divorcing.”

Shi Jin Yan looks at her with his dark eyes for a moment, before gently saying, “Oh, I understand.”

Si Jing Yu: ………………….!

She has been keeping in her anger for so many days already, she just feels like picking a fight with Shi Jin Yan.  But, he is being as affable as he has always been.

It is not that he does not treat her well, just he never shows any emotion when he is with her.  He is forever calm, as though she cannot invoke any sort of emotion out of him.

Si Jing Yu would occasionally try to pick fights with him, but it would never work with him.

Just like right now….  She feels like she is punching a bag of cotton.

Seeing the way he acts as though nothing is wrong, the irritation inside her flares even further.

She sits in front of the vanity and starts applying toner to her face.

After she is done with her skincare routine, she decides to find some pajama for him, but the moment she turns around, she discovers that Shi Jin Yan has already taken his clothes off.

Although they have been married for a while, they have not been intimate with each other for half a year.  Seeing his wheat-colored skin, her face turns red.

She turns back around hastily, “You-  Go and put your clothes back on!”

The man approaches her and hugs her from behind, his hot breath tickling her ear, “Stop fooling around, Jing Yu.  Let’s reconcile, alright?”

When she hears that, her body turns rigid.

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Her back feels warm, but her heart feels cold.  She feels bitter and helpless.

Reconcile?  Is it even possible for them to go back to how they used to be?

No, no!  Si Jing Yu does not want to go back to those days!

A life without love and hatred is not what she wants.

She takes a deep breath before trying to get the man off of her, but the harder she tries, the tighter his hold becomes.  In the end, he lifts her to the bed.


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