Chapter 518: Nine Yin Soul Refining Array

In the study of Ximen Nu, the pair of father and son sat facing each other. The atmosphere was a bit gloomy.

“Yu’er, to accomplish something important, one should make a decision when it’s time to decide. One cannot do a sloppy job… Otherwise, a fatal disaster might occur.” Ximen Nu stared at his beloved son and said. There was a hint of anger in his tone.

“Qing Wu and Piao Xue are my people. Without my consent, no one can harm them.” Long Yi stared back at Ximen Nu and he replied. His tone was powerful and impressive, displaying his incomparable determination.

The hand of Ximen Nu under the desk slightly trembled. After a good while, he pushed back the chair and stood up. He looked at the portrait of the ancestor and he slowly said, “Yu’er, you are not alone. You have to bear the burden of the entire clan. The rise and fall of the clan is directly related to you. Many years of painstaking effort of our Ximen Clan is at stake here. You absolutely cannot destroy them in one day because of such thoughts.”

Long Yi stood up as well and he looked at Ximen Nu whose hair was already white. He felt somewhat sour in his heart. No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for him to end the life of Qing Wu and Piao Xue.

“Your father and Long Zhan have been fighting for so many years. He might not be a peerless emperor. However, he is definitely a shrewd figure. According to all sorts of signs, this is definitely a trap aimed at our Ximen Clan. Those two girls are probably pawns even if they don’t know it themselves. In any case, they definitely cannot live for the sake of the Ximen Clan.” Ximen Nu said.

Long Yi knew that Ximen Nu was right. If this truly was the middle phase of a chess game, the crucial pieces were Qing Wu and Piao Xue. At that time, Long Yi had assumed that Qing Wu and Piao Xue had already betrayed him. After they woke up two days later, Long Yi realized that that wasn’t the case. Their feelings were so sincere and they were absolutely not pretending. There was nothing strange about them physically too. Long Yi simply couldn’t think of the problem.

“Father, give this son a little bit of time. Your son will definitely handle this matter appropriately. I believe that there is another way to solve this matter.” Long Yi sighed and said.

“I will give you five days. Now the complete destruction of the Proud Moon Empire is right around the corner. Long Zhan will definitely make a move at the last moment.” Ximen Nu said.

Five days? Long Yi took a deep breath and left Ximen Nu’s study.


Late at night, a ghostly figure descended in the backyard of Beauty Shop.

“Where did this lascivious hussy run off to?” Long Yi pushed open the door of Mu Hanyan’s room but he discovered that it was empty inside. He muttered to himself in dissatisfaction.

Walking in the courtyard, Long Yi looked around and flicked his finger towards one dark corner.

A white light flashed and a cry of a bird could be heard. Now, a white crane stood in front of Long Yi as it glared at him angrily.

“Hehe, Bai Yu, quickly go and notify your master. Tell her that her lover is here” Long Yi ignored the angry gaze of Bai Yi and said to it.  He simply rubbed its little head and said with a smile.

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Bai Yu issued a few crane cries. It was clearly very dissatisfied with Long Yi.

All of a sudden, a fragrance emerged from the bedroom which was empty just a moment ago. Mu Hanyan appeared in front of Long Yi and grumbled in a flirty manner, “Here I was thinking why Bai Yu seems to dislike you. You are always bullying it.”

Long Yi looked at the alluring Mu Hanyan and said with a smile, “When did I bully it? If I want to bully someone, I will bully you.”

Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes at him but Long Yi was ready to start wriggling. A man and a woman meeting alone in the middle of the night… There would always be an ambiguous atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that they had already fooled around with each other several times. With Mu Hanyan wearing pink colored clothing, she emitted a dense passionate flavor. At least in the eyes of Long Yi, she seemed extremely seductive and passionate.

“What do you want to do?” Mu Hanyan covered her chest and took a step back. How could she not notice Long Yi’s dense **. However, she knew that by acting this way, they would be able to enjoy the ** better.

“What do I want to do? Why don’t you stop asking me questions like this and go back into your room? I’ll show you what I want to do.” Long Yi also played along. He took two steps forward and raised the chin of Mu Hanyan as he said with a perverted smile.

“Don’t…… I am scared……” Mu Hanyan pitifully looked at Long Yi as if she was little red riding hood in front of a wolf.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He was very knowledgeable about Mu Hanyan’s abilities. She knew what to say in order to satisfy his vanity. She was really a heaven-gifted beauty.

“Don’t be scared. As long as you obediently listen to this Young Master, this Young Master will definitely not hurt you.” Long Yi said with a perverted smile. He carried the screaming Mu Hanyan as he rushed into the room. Bang, Bai Yu was shut outside the door. This little bird didn’t understand anything which was going on as it could feel that its master was extremely excited in her heart even though her words showed her fear.

Inside the sweet-smelling lady’s chamber, hazy pink colored lamplight illuminated this room. It looked really enchanting. In addition, moaning sounds escaped Mu Hanyan’s mouth and the moans filled the room.

On the soft bed, Mu Hanyan was on her knees and hands. Her fair, perfectly round buttocks were raised high in the air as Long Yi kneeled behind her soft and slender waist. He was pounding her ferociously.

Mu Hanyan moaned while as she took on Long Yi’s rough pounding. Now, her spotlessly white skin had a layer of pink hue due to the ** and beads of transparent sweat rolled down her forehead.

“Yu…… I… I am dying…… Forgive me.” Mu Hanyan screamed and her hands grabbed a handful of sheet. Her buttocks trembled and she reached the peak again. She fell back onto the bed with her body limp.

Only after a long time, Mu Hanyan came back to her sense from that lingering **. After coming back to her senses, Mu Hanyan barged into Long Yi’s bosom. Her eyelashes trembled as she took a deep breath. At this moment, she no longer wanted other benefits. She simply wanted to lie in Long Yi’s warm embrace which gave her a peace of mind. Fortunately, this bosom was still open… Fortunately, he was still by her side.

“Yu, do you have something on your mind?” Mu Hanyan caressed the study chest of Long Yi and asked.

“Mmm, I feel as though something fishy is going on. I want to ask you whether you know the reason or not.” Long Yi caressed Mu Hanyan and told her the strange scene he had seen in the secret room below the Heaven Forbidden Prison.

Mu Hanyan was shocked. Her eyes widened and after muttering to herself, she said, “Can you take me to that secret room to look around?”

“Do you still have strength now?” When Long Yi saw Mu Hanyan’s reaction, he knew that she probably knew what was going on. A feeling of relief washed over him and he started to tease her.

“Would you like to fight again?” Mu Hanyan flirtatiously rolled her eyes and grabbed Long Yi’s little brother with her jade hand.

Long Yi didn’t mind fighting another 300 round with Mu Hanyan. However, he was extremely worried about Qing Wu and Piao Xue so he said, “You are really forgetful. I wonder who was the one crying and begging for mercy just now. Since you can move now, let’s go and take a look at that place.”


Taking advantage of the dark night, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan entered the imperial palace without anybody noticing. They planned to enter that secret room from the entrance of the imperial study. As for the entrance in the Heaven Forbidden Prison, they were unable to enter it because Mu Hanyan didn’t know the bone shrinking technique.

Long Yi quickly found the mechanism to open the passage from the imperial study and he quickly entered the passage with Mu Hanyan. There was no trace of danger in this long passage and it was completely empty. It was probably discarded after it had served its purpose.

“What a heavy baleful aura… It’s an excellent place to cultivate resentful spirits.” Mu Hanyan frowned and said.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. He didn’t think of this. Could it be that the purpose of this secret room which had been discarded by the Military Advisor was to cultivate resentful spirits?

The two people arrived at that largest stone room where those dark magicians were casting that spell. Long Yi explained everything which he saw the other day.

“You are saying that over a hundred people were lined up to form a human barricade? Along with an incantation muttered by those magicians, black mist floated towards two humanoid figures suspended in the air?” Mu Hanyan asked. She wanted to confirm her own thoughts.

“Yes. Those people then dried up at a speed visible to the naked eyes and they eventually became dried up corpses.” Long Yi replied.

Long Yi led Mu Hanyan to the place where the dried corpses and skeletons were placed. The dense smell here made them feel like vomiting. The baleful aura in the room had reached a terrifying concentration. It was extremely easy to produce resentful spirits.

Mu Hanyan frowned and carefully examined a dried corpse. She suddenly chanted an obscure incantation and a black light shot out from her hand which struck the corpse.

After the black light struck the corpse, a hint of smoke rose up from the corpse. In the midst of the smoke, there were actually some indistinct dark magic marks.

“What kind of magic is this?” It had already been a long time since he arrived in this world, however, he had never seen this kind of magic marks before.

Mu Hanyan looked at Long Yi and didn’t answer his question. Instead, she solemnly said, “It seems like my guess is correct. This is the Nine Yin Soul Refining Array. It is one of the most complicated magic arrays of the dark attribute. It is used to refine a very powerful evil spirit.”

“The only thing I know is the Dark Soul Refining Magic. I have never heard of this Nine Yin Soul Refining Array.” Long Yi stared at Mu Hanyan and said. He had inherited the undead magic of Bite.Xiuge. One could say that he had considerable knowledge of dark magic… However, he had never heard of the Nine Yin Soul Refining Array before.Perhaps, only the Blue Moon Continent which was on the other side of the Hengduan Mountains possessed this magic. Could it be that the dark force behind Long Zhan came from the Blue Moon Continent? Or could it be that Mu Hanyan taught them this kind of dark magic?

Mu Hanyan looked away and softly said, “Even if you don’t know what it is, it doesn’t mean that it does not exist. This world is not as simple as you imagine.”

“Yes. For instance, you are also not a simple person. Just like this Nine Yin Soul Refining Array.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and no longer made a detailed inquiry. Although he knew that Mu Hanyan came from the Blue Moon Continent, it was not wise to expose her identity right now.

Mu Hanyan’s heart shook. She felt as though Long Yi had obtained some clues about her true identity. However, when she looked at Long Yi’s expression, she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps, she was thinking too much about it.

“Hanyan, since you know this Nine Yin Soul Refining Array, then you should also know how strong the spirit refined by this array is. Isn’t that so?” Long Yi asked.

“Once this refinement is successful, the resulted spirit is naturally very powerful. First of all, one needs to use the blood of humans and beasts to cultivate the spirit that is to be refined. One year later, it will become a blood spirit. Using one thousand humans with strong spirit power, one should arrange a special array as magicians chant an incantation to use their vitality to refine and cultivate the blood spirit. After the successful refinement, the blood spirit can be used as it is or it can also be planted into a human being. Since it absorbed spirit power of thousands of people, it possesses deadly spirit magic and it has an extremely strong resistance.” Mu Hanyan explained. Seeing as how she spoke about the effects of this array so clearly, Long Yi knew that she was extremely familiar with the array.

“Putting it that way, isn’t this blood spirit even stronger than the Dark Specter and so on BOSS level undead creatures? If hundreds of them are refined, wouldn’t the master of the spirit be the strongest person in the world?” Long Yi said.

“Do you think that it is easy to refine real blood spirits? First, the requirement of the spirit is very strict. One also needs a thousand people with strong spirit power. Do you think it’s that easy to find 1000 of them? Even if the above conditions are met, there is only a 10 to 20 percent chance of success. Moreover, it takes a huge amount of financial resources, energy, and time.” Mu Hanyan explained.

Long Yi thought about it. Just finding a thousand people with powerful spirit power was difficult enough. Naturally, magicians had powerful spirit power. However, using the life of a thousand magicians to refine one blood spirit wasn’t worth the cost. The cost was too great and was harmful to the world. In the past, when he peeped into the room, he saw that the people who were used were ordinary people. They only had spirit power which was stronger than the average person.

When he thought about Mu Hanyan’s words, Long Yi seemed to have recalled something. He thought of a problem and he hastily asked, “You said that after the successful refinement of a blood spirit, it can be implanted within the body of a living person, is that true?”

“Yes… That is the most terrifying part of it. This kind of blood spirit can be implanted within the body of a living person and the person wouldn’t be able to notice the presence of the blood spirit. Only when the refiner chants the incantation, the blood spirit within the body would suddenly awaken and kill the spirit of the living person. The blood spirit will be in control of the body after that with no one noticing the difference.” Mu Hanyan said.

Long Yi was shocked. He suddenly understood the reason behind his uneasy feeling. There was something wrong with Qing Wu and Piao Xue’s body. That Military Advisor racked his brains to arrange such a trap and he even used ordinary Dark Soul Refining Magic in order to cover it up. It seemed as though he had already reached the point where he knew how to grasp the heart of people. Qing Wu and Piao Xue reverted back to normal after the Dark Soul Refining Magic was dispelled. As a result, no one would doubt them after that. If blood spirits were truly implanted within their body, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate. Mu Hanyan had already told Long Yi the strength the blood spirit possessed. It would not be difficult for them to suddenly kill everyone around them the moment they were activated.

If he had gotten rid of both Qing Wu and Piao Xue like Ximen Nu had suggested, the blood spirits in their bodies would not be harmed at all. In the future, they Ximen Clan would be caught unprepared if the blood spirits were to be activated.

“Hanyan, if a blood spirit is implanted within the body of a person and the person doesn’t notice it, how can the blood spirit be destroyed without injuring the person?” Long Yi urgently asked.

Mu Hanyan pondered for a long time before she shook her head and said, “I have no solution. Once the refinement of a blood spirit is successful, it is very hard to eliminate it. Even a Master Archmage or Swords Saint might not be its opponent.”

Long Yi anxiously walked laps around this secret room but he couldn’t think of any good solution.

“Yu, do you suspect that someone around you has been implanted with a blood spirit?” When Mu Hanyan saw Long Yi’s appearance after learning of the blood spirit, her expression changed.

Long Yi sighed and nodded his head. He explained the matter of Qing Wu and Piao Xue to Mu Hanyan. He was sure that they were implanted with blood spirits.

“There is only one way. Lead them to a secret room and seal the room with a powerful spirit barrier. Kill them and use spirit fire to burn their corpse. This way, you can force out the blood spirit. After forcing out the blood spirit, seal it by using spirit magicians.” Mu Hanyan said.

“No.” Long Yi resolutely said. He absolutely would not kill and burn the corpses of the two girls.

“If blood spirits are truly implanted within the body of those girls, you should be extremely clear about the consequences. Where did the ruthless Long Yi in Blue Moon City go to?” Mu Hanyan coldly snorted and said.

“I am only cruel to my enemies. Qing Wu and Piao Xue are people under my protection.” Long Yi faintly said.

Mu Hanyan was dumbfounded and a hint of sadness flashed through her eyes. Was he referring to her when he spoke about enemies?

“Since that is the case, then think of a way to protect them by yourself.” Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth and left Long Yi in the secret room. She went back to the imperial study from the same way she entered. Even she herself didn’t know why she was feeling so uncomfortable after hearing what Long Yi said. Even though she already knew that she and Long Yi were only using each other, she had an urge to depend on him. Was she tempted by him? Wasn’t her actions all decided by herself?

Long Yi watched the back view of Mu Hanyan and sighed softly. This matter was really annoying. How was he going to solve the problem with Qing Wu and Piao Xue? How can he destroy the blood spirit implanted within their bodies without harming them?

Long Yi didn’t return the same way, from the imperial study. Instead, he walked to a corner of the secret room and used the bone shrinking technique. He left from the hole in the Heaven Forbidden Prison.

After that suppressing the worry in his heart, Long Yi went to the prison cell where Murong Shuyu was staying at.

The room was dark, but it was not a problem for Long Yi. He was able to clearly see that Murong Shuyu was lying on the soft bed. She was sleeping soundly. Perhaps, because her parotid gland was held down, she was drooling from the corner of her mouth. When he saw her cute appearance, Long Yi couldn’t help but smile and the worries in his heart lessened.

Gently sitting at the edge of the bed, Long Yi couldn’t help himself as he reached out his hand towards Murong Shuyu’s face. He wiped the drool off her face and said softly, “Really looks like a stupid little pig.”

As if Long Yi’s voice alarmed Murong Shuyu, her entire body became tense. However, she relaxed soon after. Listening to that breathing rhythm, Long Yi knew that she was already awake. Her beautiful face was also flushed red.

“Well, drooling king, wake up.” Long Yi teased.

Murong Shuyu pulled up her quilt and covered her head. She was clearly feeling embarrassed because of Long Yi’s teasing.

“I am not the drooling king… You are the drooling king, hateful demon.” The voice of Murong Shuyu was low as she scolded Long Yi.

“Hehe, take a look at your pillow. It’s already wet with drool. Could it be that I was the one who drooled on it?” Long Yi said with a smile.

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Murong Shuyu suddenly threw the quilt away and stretched out her hands. She grabbed onto Long Yi’s neck and swayed him around. “You are not allowed to laugh! Don’t laugh at me.”

The night vision of Long Yi very good. He could clearly see that Murong Shuyu was only wearing a pair of translucent lingerie which was bought from Beauty Shop. She looked extremely tempting and a faint fragrance of a maiden assaulted his nose.

The sparkling eyes of Long Yi looked especially bright in the dark. This made Murong Shuyu realize that her spring scenery was in plain view. She immediately screamed and used the quilt to firmly wrap up her body.

“Damned lecher! You entered the secret room the other day to investigate and left me waiting for you the entire day… Now, it’s so late at night. Why on earth did you come to my room? What kind of wicked idea do you have? Hurry up and speak.” Murong Shuyu snorted.

“Eh…… Do these two matters have any relation to each other?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“Of course they are related. Since you ran away that day without notifying me, I became extremely angry with you. I don’t want to see you!” Murong Shuyu threw a tantrum as she blamed everything on Long Yi.

“So you are trying to say that if I notified you that day, I could have looked for you with a wicked idea? Is that what you want to say??” Long Yi said with a bad smile.

The beautiful face of Murong Shuyu became red and she turned her head away from him.

“Since you are ignoring me, I’ll leave. I’m feeling lovesick in the middle of the night so I ran over to look for you. If you don’t want to see me, I’ll leave and die from lovesickness.” Long Yi said sadly.

Murong Shuyu chucked and pounded the chest of Long Yi with her little fist. She cursed with embarrassment, “So hateful, you devil.”

Devil? Long Yi heart became soft.

Long Yi caught the little fist of Murong Shuyu and brazenly took off his shoes. He got onto the bed with her. After that, he pulled off the quilt wrapped around Murong Shuyu and hugged the beauty who was only wearing underwear. His hands began to move about her incomparably soft and smooth skin.

Murong Shuyu leaned on Long Yi’s chest. Listening to his rhythmic heartbeat and inhaling his manly smell, her heartbeat accelerated.

Even though Long Yi was in the bed with her, he simply caressed her back. He didn’t do anything else. Murong Shuyu, who was nervous, expected him to do something. She felt somewhat disappointed when he didn’t do anything.

“Ximen Yu, what happened?” Murong Shuyu asked.

“Nothing, just let me hug you.” Long Yi’s voice had a hint of exhaustion in it. He slid down and buried his head in the soft and full ** of Murong Shuyu. At this moment, he was worried about the matter of Qing Wu and Piao Xue. He was in no mood do the deed with Murong Shuyu.

The current appearance of Long Yi provoked the maternal instinct of Murong Shuyu. She stopped talking and hugged Long Yi as she gently stroked his black hair.

After a long time, Long Yi suddenly opened his eyes and muttered, “Nine Yin Soul Refining Array…… Nine Yin Soul Refining Array…… I have definitely heard this somewhere before.”

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