Chapter 519: Causing trouble

Suddenly, Long Yi got up from the bosom of Murong Shuyu. He acted as though his butt was burning and he rushed out of the cell.

Bang, the thick and heavy iron gate of the prison cell opened and closed. Currently, only the dumbfounded Murong Shuyu was left in the prison cell. She didn’t come back to her senses for a long time. Was this damned fellow rushing to reincarnate? He ran away without even saying goodbye to her.

When she was cursing him in her head, the iron gate opened again. Long Yi rushed in and before Murong Shuyu could react, he hugged her and thanked her. With a grateful expression on his face, he rushed out of the cell.

“This damned ghost.” Murong Shuyu cursed. Even though she was cursing him, she felt sweet in her heart.

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Long Yi returned to the Ximen Residence and locked himself in the secret room. He took out all of the books he had found in the Shrine of Lost City from his space ring.

Initially, when Long Yi first heard of the Nine Yin Soul Refining Array, he had thought that it resembled the Dark Soul Refining Magic. After he thought about it when he was lying in Murong Shuyu’s bosom, Long Yi felt as though he had seen this name, ‘Nine Yin Soul Refining Array’ somewhere before.

The books concerning magic arrays had been long lost in the Blue Waves Continent. Even those books which had been handed down for generations were incomplete. However, among those books which Long Yi had found in the Shrine of Lost City, many of them were about magic arrays. In the past, he had browsed through them in passing. Long Yi might have seen the name, ‘Nine Yin Soul Refining Array’ in those books.

Long Yi quickly browsed through the books about magic arrays and he quickly found the name, ‘Nine Yin Soul Refining Array’ in one of the high level magic array books. It was under the dark magic arrays’ sub-category of forbidden arrays. The words were written in blood red letters and it was obvious that it was an extremely evil magic array. The array recorded in the book was only to be used for reference. Anyone who used the array to refine blood spirits would become the public enemy of the entire continent.

In the book, there was a detail refining method to create a blood spirit. However, there was no method recorded to destroy the blood spirit. This made Long Yi somewhat disappointed.

However, when he looked at the pile of books in front of him, Long Yi’s eyes started to shine. Even though this book might not possess the method to destroy blood spirits, other books might record the way to do so. Long Yi started to read through all the books about magic arrays. This time, he was reading them carefully. Taking into account Long Yi’s memory and reading speed, it wouldn’t take him much time.

Read, read, read, read. Long Yi became immersed in the ocean of books and he seemed as though he was intoxicated. Just the principle of the most basic magic array greatly shocked Long Yi. In the past, Long Yi had read some incomplete books about magic arrays. He felt as though magic arrays were mysterious and complicated. However, after reading so many complete books about magic arrays, he became deeply engrossed in them. He was absorbed by those marvelous structures, lines, and runes used to make the magic arrays. He was practically unable to stop himself from reading more.

When Long Yi walked out from the secret room, it was already the next morning. In other words, he had been in the secret room for an entire day and night. However, Long Yi didn’t seem exhausted at all. He looked more energetic and he was humming a popular tune.

“Yu’er, were you investigating something?” When Ximen Nu saw Long Yi whose face was flushed with success, he subconsciously asked. One should know that this pair of father and son were in deadlock the day before yesterday. They had conflicting opinions about killing Qing Wu and Piao Xue.

“Yes… There is some progress. Now, I already know what Long Zhan did to Qing Wu and Piao Xue. Father can rest assured.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“It’s good if that is the case. However, father is here to tell you something today.” Ximen Nu was very familiar with Long Yi. Since he said that he could resolve this matter, then he could definitely do it.

“Please do tell, father.” Long Yi said.

“According to the secret report of Skynet, various forces under Long Zhan are already ready to make trouble. Now, Light City in the north is already getting somewhat unstable. I want you to personally head over. We absolutely cannot let anything happen to Light City.” Ximen Nu frowned and said.

Long Yi quickly understood what Ximen Nu wanted to say. As the northern border city of the Violent Dragon Empire, not only was Light City a trade center, it was also a city which was important for them to carry out many military affairs. Several hundred li away from this city was the former border of Proud Moon City.

After the destruction of Ice Wind City, the army of the Violent Dragon Empire would definitely pass through Light City in order to return. If the Military Advisor was in control of Light City, It would be anything but assuring for the Ximen Clan.

Now, the southern border city of the Violent Dragon Empire, White Cloud City, was already under Long Yi’s control. Everything was because Ha Lei listened to Long Yi. If the stability of White Cloud City was guaranteed, in this struggle for power, the Ximen Clan would definitely be the last clan laughing.


On the bustling street, Long Yi wore a white robe as he casually walked in the middle of a crowd. There were two handsome youths walking beside him and ten steps beside him, Li Qing followed as he emitted a bone chilling coldness.

“Young master (少爷), where are we going?” Qing Wu, who was wearing men’s clothing asked in a low voice. In front of outsiders, it was naturally impossible for her to address Long Yi as Young Master (少主). As such, she addressed Long Yi as young master instead (少爷). [1] [1] young master (少爷) as in son of the boss; Young Master (少主) as in master but young.

“You will find out after we arrive.” Long Yi faintly said.

Unknowingly, this group of four people arrived at the famous ** street of Soaring Dragon City. After they saw the extremely familiar street, Qing Wu and Piao Xue turned deathly pale. Clearly, they were recalling the nightmarish scene of that year.

Not long after, Long Yi stood in front of a brothel. It was the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House which was where the former Beautiful Fragrant House was.

“Young…… Young master……” Piao Xue pulled the sleeve of Long Yi. The scene played in front of her eyes again. The scene where blood splattered everywhere, fire burning everything to the ground… The sad and hopeless screams echoed in their ears. It was as though everything happened yesterday. The both of them recalled everything clearly.

Seeing as Long Yi’s group was filled with handsome men, those prostitutes upstairs waved their multi-colored handkerchiefs as they called out to them.

Long Yi simply patted the little hands of Qing Wu and Piao Xue before he entered the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House with large strides.

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A proprietress who was flirtatious to the bones came to welcome them as she twisted her slender hips. The people who worked in this occupation for a living had a pair of discerning eyes. At a single glance, this proprietress recognized Long Yi. As such, she eagerly came to welcome him in person.

“Young Master Ximen, which wind blew you over here?” This proprietress looked very beautiful and voluptuous. When she talked, the huge meatbuns on her chest would rise and fall.

However, Long Yi’s tastes were already extremely high due to the beautiful angels around him. This kind of woman didn’t enter his eyes at all.

“I am looking for Cui Niang.” Long Yi indifferently said and went straight upstairs. When he came here in the past, he had directly went up to Cui Niang’s chamber.

The complexion of that proprietress changed and she hastily followed him and lamented, “Aiyo, my Young Mater Ximen, at this moment, Cui Ning is entertaining a guest. It is really inconvenient now. How about I call Xihong to accompany you?”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. Li Qing who was following him at the side threw the proprietress to the side and immediately raised a ruckus.

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