Chapter 520: The genius of magic arrays

Long Yi led Qing Wu, Piao Xue, and Li Qing upstairs. No one dared to stop him.

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The moment he walked up, Long Yi saw that there were two big fellows wearing leather armor standing upright outside Cui Niang’s lady chamber. The moment the two fellows saw Long Yi and his group arrogantly walking over to them, their nerves tightened and they entered a battle-ready state.

However, a burst of cold qi came out of Li Qing’s body and the two of them froze. They were no longer able to move their body and they were only able to move their eyes. There was a terror-stricken expression in their eyes.

“Noble son Ying, don’t be like this! You are drunk, ah…” Long Yi extended his hand as he wanted to open the door of the room. However, before he was able to open the door, he heard Cui Niang’s scream coming from inside the room. In an instant, Long Yi’s eyes flashed with a strange light and a smile which seemed as though it was not a smile appeared on his face.

“Cui… Cui Niang… Are you still unable to understand how this noble son feels about you?” A male voice resounded from inside the room. It seemed as though the speaker had drunk a lot.

“Cui Niang understands, however, Cui Niang cannot accept your feelings.” Cui Niang’s breathing was somewhat hurried.

“Why? Is it because of that stinking kid the other day? What is so good about him? Is he able to match this noble son?” The man roared like an angry lion. Sounds of porcelain being broken soon followed.

“No…… Don’t! Noble son Ying, let me go.” A sound of silk tearing could be heard and Cui Niang’s helpless crying voice could be heard. She was begging for Long Ying to let her off.

A hint of sneer appeared at the corner of Long Yi’s mouth. Pushing open the door, he looked at the pair of man and woman standing beside the window. Cui Niang was frightened out of her wits. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears and her clothing was torn at her shoulder. As for Long Ying, his entire body was covered with an alcoholic smell and his face was twisted in anger.

“Noble son, noble son……” Seeing Long Yi, Cui Niang suddenly pushed Long Ying away and rushed into Long Yi’s bosom like a baby swallow returning to its nest. She burst into tears the next moment.

Long Yi patted the back of Cui Niang and stared at Long Ying with a sneer. He said, “Your Highness Crown Prince… It looks like you also like to use this kind of means to obtain your girls. Where is the romantic and passionate skills that you were so proud of before?”

“Ximen Yu, it’s you again! Why are you always getting in my way?” Long Ying’s intoxication seemed to have disappeared in a flash. Nothing was left in him other than an intense hatred.

Long Yi laughed and he shook his head. He replied, “You are thinking too highly of yourself. Your current self is unworthy of becoming my opponent.”

“You…… You will die an ugly death.” Long Yi snorted and walked out in rage.

The moment Long Ying brushed past Long Yi, the blood skull on his left palm vibrated. However, it calmed down in an instant.

Long Yi frowned and turned his head to look at the back view of Long Ying. There seemed to be something off about this guy…

When Long Yi was lost in his thought, Cui Niang, who had a red face at this moment, lightly pushed Long Yi away. She was feeling shy and extremely uneasy.

“Wipe your tear.” Long Yi took out a brocade handkerchief from his space ring and handed it over to Cui Niang. After handing her the handkerchief, he found a chair to sit down. Qing Wu and Piao Xue immediately walked behind him and began to massage his shoulders.

Cui Niang wiped her tears. When she saw that Qing Wu and Piao Xue were serving Long Yi, she became startled. However, her expression changed back to normal in an instant. Although Qing Wu and Piao Xue were wearing menswear, their slender figure and exquisite face clearly exposed the fact that they were girls.

Long Yi let out a moan as he felt extremely comfortable as the two girls serviced him. He shot Li Qing a meaningful glance. Li Qing immediately walked out and closed the door behind him.

Cui Niang quietly stuffed the brocade handkerchief into her sleeve before brewing a pot of tea beside Long Yi.

“Noble son, please have a cup of tea.” Cui Niang poured a cup of green tea and placed it in front of Long Yi. She stealthily took a quick glance at Long Yi. To her surprise, he was looking at her with a smile on his face. She hastily turned away and her heart started to pound.

“Cui Niang, when did you realize Long Ying’s identity?” Long Yi casually asked.

“A few days ago. I heard about it from the sisters here. However, I’ve just learned about noble son’s identity.” Cui Niang took a deep breath and replied.

She had never thought that this man she had seen several days ago was the Second Young Master of the Ximen Residence whose prestige and power was soaring in the recent days.

“Since you know Long Ying is the crown prince, why didn’t you accept him?” Long Yi asked. If a humble woman of the brothel was fancied by the crown prince, anyone in their place would have thought that it was the blessing given to them after three lifetimes.

“Although the identity of the crown prince is distinguished, matters of the feelings cannot be measured by identity. He can obtain the body of this small woman but the heart of this small woman will always be with the man she likes.” Cui Niang softly replied. There was some determination, some pain, and even helplessness in her eyes.

“Then, who is in your heart?” Long Yi smiled and asked while sipping the tea.

The beautiful face of Cui Niang became all the rosier and she was unable to speak up. When she finally mustered up her courage and looked up, she saw that Long Yi was lost in his thoughts as he held the teacup. There was sadness, reminisce, and also a trace of vicissitude powerlessness in his eyes. It was the exact same look she saw when Long Yi was standing outside her window the other day. With a white robe, unruly long black hair, and sentimental eyes, his appearance instantly made her heart tremble as if she was electrocuted. His figure became engraved in her heart since then.

If it was not for that moment, perhaps, she would have already succumbed to Long Ying’s advances long ago. Courtesans were courtesans. Even if many people pursued and flattered them, they couldn’t turn into a well-bred lady. Their pure body was also just a bargaining chip for the sake of getting a higher price. They were no different from other prostitutes.

However, a figure was engraved in her heart. It was the person who gave her a glimmer of hope. Even if it was only her body, she wanted to give it to the person she liked. That was the reason she kept resisting Long Ying advances even though she was powerless.

Although courtesans seemed to be unattainable, there were many people in the brothels. Information flowed through the place all the time and basically all the courtesans knew about the current situation in the Blue Waves Continent.

Now, the power of the Ximen Clan was rising and the power of the imperial Long Clan was being reduced. Anyone with discerning eyes would be able to see that something was going on. When Cui Niang learned that Long Yi was that legendary romantic Second Young Master of the Ximen Clan, it was impossible for her to not have some idea at the bottom of her heart. The person that she liked actually had the ability to protect her. This was simply blessing given to her by the Light God. Since the opportunity was right in front of her, how could she not think of catching it?

“Do you want to become the proprietress of this Vermillion Jade Cuddling House?” Long Yi suddenly asked. Cui Niang became instantly surprised.

Cui Niang hesitated for only a few seconds and agreed hastily. Originally, she wanted to beg Long Yi to take her along with him. Even if she could only become a maid beside him, she would be perfectly content. Becoming the proprietress of this brothel was another matter altogether. Although she would still have to be busy entertaining guests after becoming the proprietress, at least, she would be able to keep her body pure. No one would dare to cause trouble for her under the protection of the Ximen Clan. Furthermore, she believed that she would be able to do something for her sweetheart by being the proprietress of this brothel. She was extremely satisfied with this arrangement.

“Soon, you will have your wish fulfilled.” Long Yi said with a smile. The temperament of this Cui Niang was tough and tensile. She was intelligent enough. She would be able to assume personal responsibility.

At this moment, there were dozens of corpses lying everywhere on the rockery and woods of the backyard of the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House.

Every corpse was frozen and had a very thin wound on their throat. They appeared as though they had just been taken out of a cold storage.

Li Qing walked out from a two storey building of that backyard. His expression was ice-cold and indifferent. In the secret rooms of this building behind him, nearly one hundred corpses laid dead as can be.

Li Qing walked forward with the sword in his hand. However, he suddenly heard a scream which came from the proprietress of the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House. She turned pale as she watched him kill everyone inside the store.

The eyes of Li Qing shone with a cold radiance and the Ice Sword in his hand made a white arc. A head flew into the sky and everything became silent.

With the Ice Sword pointed towards the ground, blood flowed down the blade of this Ice Sword. When the drops of blood fell to the ground, they were already frozen.

In the next second, Long Yi appeared in front of Li Qing, along with Qing Wu, Piao Xue, and Cui Niang. The beautiful face of Cui Niang was deathly pale as she looked at the headless corpse of the proprietress. Clearly, she had never seen such a bloody scene before.

“Is everything settled?” Long Yi asked.

“Yes, Young Master.” Li Qing answered briefly.


Long Yi looked around. After the Beautiful Fragrance House was flooded with blood, the Long family actually dared to arrogantly build up one of their intelligence strongholds in the same place. There were simply not putting Long Yi into their eyes. Tooth for tooth, blood for blood. This was Long Yi’s principle. It was just the beginning.

In the eyes of the common people, the imperial Long Clan was the legitimate party in control of the Violent Dragon Empire. In such a situation, the Ximen Clan couldn’t make the first move. It was difficult for them to publicly make a move on the imperial Long Clan. However, by casually finding a pretext to fool the common people, Long Yi could examine the endurance limit of the Military Advisor. Waiting for the return of the soldiers after dealing with the Proud Moon Empire, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have the opportunity even if he wanted to attack.

“The flowers here are very brightly colored.” Long Yi looked at those colorful fresh flowers in this courtyard and muttered.

“Yes… I have no idea why, but the flowers in this courtyard bloom much earlier than the flowers outside. However, a lot of them withers at night. This is truly strange.” Cui Niang had already calmed down. When she heard Long Yi muttering to himself, she replied to him.

“Strange?” Long Yi asked a question in reply. He raised his hand all of a sudden and a layer of faint cyan light appeared around his hand. Afterward, he gently waved his hand and a strong wind swept up, blowing away all the brightly colored fresh flowers. Even the soil under the flowers was blown into the air.

After everything settled, the ground was in a big mess. However, he was surprised to see that this place where the fresh flowers were grown actually had a magic array which emitted a thin radiance.

“Spirit Trapping Magic Array.” Long Yi’s gaze flashed. Now, Long Yi knew about various kinds of magic arrays like the palm of his hand. He immediately knew the name of this magic array the moment he saw it.

Long Yi shot out several true qi around this Spirit Trapping Magic Array and several magic cores that were supplying magic power to this magic array flew up. The moment the magic cores flew up, the radiance of this magic array dimmed. A dense black mist started flowing out of the magic array and a ghastly cold air covered the backyard. In the midst of the dense black mist, a humanoid red figure could be seen in the center of the array.

“Spirit.” Long was startled in his heart. He sensed a powerful specter aura coming from inside the array. In order to avoid future troubles, he had already set up a barrier in order to isolate the entire backyard.

“It’s big sister Yu! That is big sister Yu!” Seeing this fiery red spirit, Qing Wu and Piao Xue couldn’t help themselves as they teared up and shouted.

Long Yi was also greatly shocked. The blurred outline of this fiery red spirit was indeed somewhat similar to that of Ruyu. The thing which shocked him and made him overjoyed was that the spirit didn’t immediately attack the moment it saw strangers. This seemed as though the spirit in the array possessed intelligence unlike ordinary spirits. The spirit even seemed friendly towards Long Yi and his group. It appeared as though it wanted to approach them but it didn’t dare to do so.

“Ruyue, don’t be afraid. Come here.” Long Yi tried to use his spirit power to communicate with this fiery red spirit. Generally speaking, spirits were undead creatures without self-awareness unless they were BOSS level specter. Their awareness was something which was formed later. They wouldn’t remember the time when they were still alive. However, when Long Yi looked at this fiery red spirit, a portion of Ruyu’s consciousness seemed to be preserved. That was the reason it expression a cordial feeling when it saw the familiar faces.

This fiery red spirit sensed Long Yi’s call and it cautiously floated in front of Long Yi. A strange scorching aura followed the spirit. It was a kind of gloomy and cold heat which seemed to be contradicting itself in the literal sense. However, that was indeed the feeling. Long Yi also didn’t know how this kind of peculiar spirit come into being. Perhaps, when Beautiful Fragrant House was burned down in the past, she absorbed the heat from the fire magic. That might have been the reason she became a spirit with a very rare attribute.

“Ruyu, do you recognize me? I am your Young Master.” Long Yi asked softly. When Long Yi reached out to this fiery red spirit, that spirit subconsciously retreated. It eventually allowed Long Yi to touch its body.

A spirit was a body made up of pure energy. Long Yi covered his palm with his spirit power and he was actually able to touch it. The blurred face of this spirit seemed to be quite happy when Long Yi caressed its body.

“Big sister Yu, we are Qing Wu and Piao Xue.” Qing Wu and Piao Xue felt sad in their heart and they even cried when they saw that the spirit didn’t seem to recognize them.

As though it felt Qing Wu and Piao Xue’s sadness, the fiery spirit turned its head to look at them. Then, after some hesitation, it extended its nearly transparent red hands as though it wanted to console them and wipe the tears from their face. However, Qing Wu and Piao Xue didn’t have special spirit power. The hands of the spirit passed through their face as though there was nothing there.

Long Yi looked towards the sky as he communicated with the fiery red spirit using his spirit power. After some time, he kept the spirit in his dark dimensional space. He was planning to check out the collection of books he had obtained from the Shrine in Lost City. He wanted to know what exactly happened.

Long Yi lifted the ground below this Spirit Trapping Magic Array. Sure enough, he discovered a large pile of skeletons below the ground. It was just like what he had expected. These were the remains of the Skynet Intelligence agents and a number of innocent girls which were in the Beautiful Fragrance House. They were killed two years ago. Long Yi made all the guests of the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House leave before getting people to dig out their remains. He buried them with full honors. After he was done, he called over some Skynet Intelligence agents to organize the prostitutes of this brothel. He ordered them to train Cui Niang in terms of information gathering while they were organizing the place.

As for the other star of this Vermillion Jade Cuddling House, she was the intelligence agent belonging to the Long Clam. One could well imagine her bad end. Although she begged for mercy and was willing to disclose the secrets of the Long Clan, all the secrets she knew were nothing to Long Yi. Not to mention the fact that the most important aspect of an intelligence agent was loyalty. Even if she really had some ability, Long Yi wouldn’t dare to use her.


Late at night.

The winter which arrived late seemed to have finally gotten on the right track. A cold wind blew through the sky which unexpectedly carried tiny snowflakes.

Inside a simple but elegant bedroom, layer upon layer of barriers were set up. Qing Wu and Piao Xue were sitting cross-legged on the bed. Unlike last time, they weren’t stark naked. They were wearing a layer of extremely thin underwear. A pair of ** was standing tall under their underwear, revealing the greater part of their full and deep cleavage. It was an extremely alluring sight.

Long Yi sat opposite these two girls. He was staring straight at their glabella which was where their sea of consciousness was. In his mind, complicated lines formed into an exquisite magic array. Those wriggling lines were incomparably clear as if they were carved in his brain.

Now, Long Yi was not unfamiliar to magic arrays. In the past, relying on one incomplete book on magic array he had found in the library of the Mea Holy Magic Academy, he managed to make some simple magic scrolls. However, it was extremely different this time. He wanted to use his spirit power and magic power to engrave a magic array in the sea of consciousness of these two girls. This method was not something he had learned from the books. Rather, it was a method he had created after reading those books. When he began experimentation on several dozens of the prisoners inside Heaven Forbidden Prison, the mortality rate was 100%. That was because Long Yi didn’t have perfect control over his technique. Later, after the improvement of this technique, the mortality rate reduced to 50%. Finally, Long Yi succeeded in using his technique on ten people in succession. When he felt that he had finally mastered the technique, he was ready to use it on Qing Wu and Piao Xue. If he hadn’t mastered the technique, he would never have used it on Qing Wu and Piao Xue.

This was Long Yi’s solution to resolve the thorny problem of the blood spirit implanted within their bodies. This was an extremely choppy technique Long Yi came up with. It was a no-name spirit type magic array he had accidentally come up with. When he rummaged through all the books on magic arrays, he didn’t find a way to destroy the blood spirit. He became depressed and flipped through all the books he had. He saw a spirit magic array which allowed him to defend and attack at the same time which activated upon contact. This kind of magic array was very complicated. It consumed a lot of magic power and spirit power when used. The success rate was low as well. It seemed as though all the complicated magic arrays were like that. The Nine Yin Spirit Refining Array was also like that.

In the past, Long Yi had thought about how the blood spirit would attack the host. It seemed as though the blood spirit would attack the sea of consciousness of the host and exterminate the original consciousness of the host the moment it regains consciousness. As such, Long Yi laid out this spirit magic array within the sea of consciousness of these two girls. The moment their sea of consciousness were attacked, Long Yi’s spirit magic array would be triggered. It would counterattack and trap the blood spirit within the magic array. After the blood spirit was trapped, Long Yi could inject his magic power and spirit power into the magic array in order to swallow the blood spirit a little by little. The blood spirit would be completely swallowed in the end.

Slowly, Long Yi raised his hands and pressed on the glabella of these two women. Closing his eyes, he injected his spirit power in order to probe their sea of consciousness.

As these two women were not magicians, their sea of consciousness was pitch-black. This was very suitable and Long Yi could do as he pleased without holding back.

His spirit power changed into a very thin line and formed into numerous arcs according to the magic array recorded in his mind. They formed complicated patterns. In the dark sea of consciousness, these complicated patterns flashed with dim radiance before they started to change.

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After an unknown period of time, in the sea of consciousness of these two women, a large circular magic array was formed. Anyone who saw the precise and complicated lines and patterns in the array would become dizzy. At this moment, the array was nearing its completion.

Finally, when the final line perfectly joined the edge, the entire magic array was completed. After the magic array was completed, Long Yi carefully injected his magic power into those lines made by his spirit power. All of a sudden, the magic array glimmered with a colorful brilliance and those mystical runes seemed to possess the power of the universe.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his eyes. His eyes were shining as though they were the brightest star under the veil of night and they seemed as though they would be able to seize the soul of people. Long Yi seemed to have understood something. However, it seemed as though he understood nothing at the same time.

Breathing out a mouthful of chaotic qi, Long Yi realized that his back was completely drenched with sweat. He had spent so much energy that he felt somewhat exhausted. However, his heart was filled with a pleasant surprise. He felt extremely proud. Setting up a magic array in the sea of consciousness of other people was an insane idea… However, he managed to do it.

Long Yi jumped out of the bed and changed into some new clothing before pushing open the door. He walked out of the room.

The sky was somewhat misty and tiny snowflakes were still floating down along with the cold wind. The snow covered the entire world with a thin layer of white gauze.

Inhaling a mouthful of cold air, Long Yi wore a thin robe as he stepped into the courtyard. Stretching out his hand, tiny snowflakes fell onto his hand. The ice cold feeling made him think about that silvery white world — Origin Ice.

He could still clearly remember that time when he went deep into the Origin Ice together with Yu Feng to look for the Ruyi Ice Silkworm. It was the only object which could cure Wushuang’s curse. The warmth they felt after sticking together in life and death felt as though it had just been yesterday. However, it had already been more than two years.

“Feng’er, are you still in Flames Mountain?” Long Yi muttered. Now, the situation in the Violent Dragon Empire had already reached the most critical moment. There was no way for Long Yi to head over to the Flames Mountain to look for Yu Feng.

Yu Feng was one of the girls Long Yi had met the earliest. Thinking about the time when he was acquainted with her, Long Yi couldn’t help but smile.

When he encountered Yu Feng in that small town by chance, she treated him as though he was a rude lecher. After some time, he rescued her from the crowd of thousand demonic wolves even though he had been quite weak. Now that he thought about it, he was indeed proud of himself. Later, there was some ambiguous relationship between them and they encountered each other in Light City. Adding on the life and death promise in Origin Ice, the relationship between the two of them became extremely strong.

All of a sudden, a burst of magic power fluctuation awakened Long Yi from his memories. A huge chunk of ice flew towards him.

Long Yi simply flicked his finger and this big chunk of ice disintegrated into ice powder. In the middle of the ice powders, he saw a white figure flashing and the figure disappeared without a trace in the next instant.

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