Chapter 521: Yu Feng

The heart of Long Yi trembled and a hint of excitement appeared on his face. Leaving behind an afterimage, he rushed after that white shadow.

Using his fifth layer AoTianJue’s internal force to enhance the Great Cosmos Shift, his speed was incomparably fast. In this world, no one would be able to surpass his current speed other than the Dragon King and the legendary divine clans. Of course, the Wind Magic God would be able to reach this kind of speed.

Although the speed of the white shadow was slower than him, it flashed for several times before descending into a dense grove located at the western suburbs of Soaring Dragon City.

It was standard for someone being chased to not enter a forest. However, all of that was nonsense to Long Yi. Moreover, he could already guess that there was something waiting for him inside the grove. Long Yi slowed down and with his heart filled with uncontrollable excitement, he quickly flew into the grove. The snow accumulated on the trees fell on his clothes and hair but Long Yi didn’t pay attention to it at all.

After a while, an open space appeared in front of Long Yi. At the center of this grove, a circular open space which appeared just like a circular courtyard appeared at an unknown time. Under the hazy light, tiny snowflakes were falling.

Among the pure white snowflakes, a fiery red figure stood in the clearing and she appeared as though she was a burning flame.

“Feng’er.” Long Yi called out with a pleasantly surprised voice.

That fiery red figure turned around. She had a brilliant smile at the corner of her mouth and her pupils were sparkling. That incomparably familiar fiery red leather armor, that fiery huge red sword, and that dazzling golden hair. If she was not Yu Feng, who else could she be?

After being separated for so many years, they missed each other so much. Ordinary people would never be able to understand the longing they had for each other.

Both of them rushed towards each other and a burst of familiar fragrance fluttered in the air as Long Yi hugged Yu Feng. They spun around in the midst of the snowfall. At this moment, a snow-white Snowstorm Divine Marten was sitting on top of the trees. At an unknown time, it had already evolved. It was staring at this man and woman below without blinking its deep purple eyes.

Long Yi ended this spin with a kiss and the beautiful face of Yu Feng became bright red as she stared at Long Yi’s handsome and calm face. He had not seen him for many years and she was in a daze now that she saw him all of a sudden. Her husband had already turned much more composed and reserved compared to before. However, his cheeky smile and his deep unfathomable black pupils were still the same.

“My husband, I am back. When did you return?” Yu Feng reached out her hand and caressed his handsome face. A brilliant and beautiful smile appeared on Yu Feng’s face.

“Silly girl, I have always been here.” Long Yi grabbed the little hand of Yu Feng and kissed it. He felt extremely joy in his heart. Although he had numerous beauties around him, Yu Feng always had a proper place in his heart.

The heart of Yu Feng trembled. In this world, there was nothing more beautiful than Long Yi’s whispering of love to her. Moreover, together with him, she felt that there would always be whispers of love she would never get tired of listening. If she could, she was willing to stay beside Long Yi throughout her life. As long as he was beside her, everything else to be of no importance.

“Squeak, squeak……” Just when the two of them were in their own world, Snowstorm Divine Marten jumped down from the tree and stood on Long Yi’s shoulder. It started squeaking non-stop. At the same time, a wave of fluctuation came from the blood skull mark on Long Yi’s left palm.

“It is saying that it misses its companions.” Yu Feng laughed.

Long Yi couldn’t help but smile. He directly opened the dark dimension space and released tiger cub Little Three, Fire Qilin, and Violent Lightning Beast. Naturally, Long Two who already had his own consciousness was released.

They had not met each other for a long time. In addition, Violent Lightning Beast and the others had not been out for long either. When the finally came out of the dark dimensional space, they began to play with each other in the grove. The entire grove began to sway and the accumulated snow on the top of the trees fell to the ground. As for Long Two, he stood behind Long Yi and the red lights in his pitch-black eye sockets glimmered.

“Big brother.” Long Two’s rigid voice resounded and Yu Feng was caught unprepared. She exclaimed in surprise.

“Long Two, call her sister-in-law.” Long Yi said with a smile.

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Yu Feng became even more surprised when she heard Long Two address her as sister-in-law. Long Two actually listened to everything Long Yi said. She sized up this creature wearing strange black colored bone armor in front of her. The Long Two she had seen before was completely different. At that time, Long Two only had an extremely thin layer of bony armor around him. He appeared weak in the past. However, the current Long Two seemed to be wearing a suit of mysterious bone armor which covered his entire body. The bone armor around him had mysterious purple colored runes carved on it and the thick and huge bones which grew out of his back shone with a dim purple light. The bones made Long Two seem even more oppressive and the aura he emitted was terrifying. The only thing which didn’t change was the blood scythe in Long Two’s hand.

“It’s too incredible… My husband, how can Long Two talk? Can it be…… Can it be that it has a consciousness now?” Yu Feng muttered in disbelief. A skeleton with self-consciousness… Heavens, was this still the world she understood?

“Yes. Although his mind is no different from a child who is a few years old, he really possesses his own consciousness.” Long Yi said with a smile.

He could understand that Yu Feng wasn’t able to believe that Long Two had his own consciousness. In the past, when Long Two first spoke to him, he had been extremely surprised as well.

Yu Feng curiously touched the solid bone armor on Long Two’s body and she couldn’t help but ask, “Long Two, how did this bone armor grow on you?”

“I don’t know.” Long Two thought for a bit and replied mechanically. How was he supposed to answer such a complicated question?


The hazy sky slowly brightened but the snowfall got heavier and heavier. Before long, it turned into a snowstorm. Along with a cold wind, snowflakes flew everywhere, bringing along a bone-chilling cold breeze.

Thinking about it, it had been as hot as summer just two days ago. Yet, snow covered the ground right now. The weather was extremely terrible and volatile. It might be assumed that this sudden change in weather would make the light priests inside big cities extremely busy. They would be busy treating illnesses caused by the extreme change in weather.

This moment, in the western suburbs of Soaring Dragon City, a whistling sound could be heard. Soon after that, a vigorous neigh resounded from far away. In the midst of the heavy snowstorm, a red light streaked across the land and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Long Yi and Yu Feng. It was precisely Yu Feng’s beloved horse, Red Cloud.

In the past, Long Yi rode Red Cloud to the Phoenix Inn in Soaring Dragon City. When he left Soaring Dragon City, he released it into the wild. This kind of spirit colt was very intelligent. The moment Yu Feng returned, it returned to its master.

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Red Cloud intimately used its big head to rub against the bosom of Long Yi. It clearly still remembered its male master.

“My husband, where are we going?” Yu Feng asked.

“Since there is such a heavy snowfall, the plum blossom at the top of the mountain should have bloomed. We’ll take a stroll in the snow to view the flowering plums.” Long Yi said with a smile as he jumped onto the horse with Yu Feng. They shot off towards the summit of a mountain far away which had a plum forest.

For Red Cloud, this kind of spirit colt, it was not difficult to climb over such a mountain which was only a few hundred meters tall. Not long after, the two people reached the summit. The plum forest was truly magnificent. It was just like what Long Yi had expected. It was proudly blooming in the midst of the heavy snow and that faint fragrance of plum blossom was mentally refreshing.

“What a beautiful plum blossom.” Yu Feng exclaimed. Millions of plum blossom were in full bloom on the summit of the mountain. This place looked so holy and pure that it would not bear any stain of the mortal world.

“Yes, it is indeed very beautiful.” Long Yi hugged the slender waist of Yu Feng and said with a smile. His eyes blurred all of a sudden. Looking at the plum blossoms which bloomed in the winter, Long Yi though of Wushuang who left for Origin Ice.

Yu Feng looked up and when she saw that Long Yi was lost in his thoughts, she asked softly, “My husband, are you thinking of big sister Wushuang?”

Long Yi came back to his senses and smiled apologetically. He was unable to understand how Yu Feng guessed his thoughts.

As if she had seen through the thoughts of Long Yi, Yu Feng said with a smile, “Now, the world is covered in snow and ice. In addition, we are standing here in the midst of the proud and aloof wintry plum blossoms. Even I am thinking about big sister Wushuang. Of course, you will be thinking about her as well.”

Long Yi took Yu Feng and sat down. They leaned against a plum tree which was protruding from the crack of a stone. Looking at the several god beasts playing not too far away, Long Yi’s thoughts flew far away. Yes. In such a weather where snowflakes were flying everywhere, how could he not miss that proud and aloof snow fairy?

Yu Feng leaned on the shoulder of Long Yi and quietly listened to everything that had happened in these past several years. It was like listening to a distant and beautiful legend. Perhaps, all of his achievements were legends.

Yu Feng exclaimed again and again as her heart jumped repeatedly. Lightning God Forbidden Area, seizing the power in the Nalan Empire, deep sea mermaids, the mysterious Dragon Island… Not to mention the ups and downs of the situation in Blue Waves Continent. Everything was caused by Long Yi. So many things had happened in the past few years. Unfortunately, she was unable to participate in any of them. She felt a sense of regret as she had been missing all this while.

Long Yi also learned about everything Yu Feng been through. Compared to the wonderful experience of Long Yi, the experience of Yu Feng seemed monotonous. In the ruins of the Raging Flames Villa, she found the Phoenix Douqi’s secret cultivation manual of all three ranks. However, she was also sealed in the secret room of the Flames Mountain. She had been unable to leave until she cultivated all three ranks of Phoenix Douqi. Only when she had cultivated all three ranks of Phoenix Douqi was she able to cut open the barrier.

For a long time, the two people quietly hugged each other as they watched the snowfall. Feeling the warmth surrounding them, a single thought appeared in their mind. If they could stay like this for their lifetime… It would be regarded as their good fortune.

Long Yi looked at the sky and suddenly exclaimed, “I forgot, I have to set out for Light City today.”

“Light City? That’s just right. I miss my mother and I thought of going to Light City as well. Now, we can go together.” Yu Feng excitedly stood up from the bosom of Long Yi and said. Immediately after leaving Flames Mountain, she went straight to Soaring Dragon City. However, the root of her Phoenix Clan was in Light City. She greatly missed Light City and she wanted to head back there as soon as she could.

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