Chapter 522: Passion in the snow land

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When Long Yi returned to the residence with Yu Feng, Dongfang Wan and his wives were sitting in the pavilion of the courtyard and they were chatting happily. It seemed as though the relationship between this mother-in-law and her daughter-in-laws were pretty good.

When she saw Yu Feng who had been gone for a long time, Dongfang Wan became pleasantly surprised. She immediately walked over and inquired about her well-being as she introduced all the other women. This saved Long Yi quite a bit of trouble.

Hearing that Long Yi was about to leave for Light City, Feng Ling and the other women expressed to follow him in succession. As for Niur, she immediately rushed into the bosom of Long Yi as she was afraid that he would leave her.

“Yu’er, mother has a general understanding of your strength. There are only a handful of people that can hurt you in this world. However, Light City is definitely going to be a place where our Ximen Clan would fight against the Long Clan. Long Zhan definitely has some other trump cards he had yet to use. You have to be very careful and you have to take proper care of your wives. If even a single strand of hair on their head becomes hurt, watch how your mother twist your ear.” Dongfang Wan felt a sense of loss. These days, she was very happy as she was accompanied by so many of her daughter-in-laws. Now that they were all going to leave, she would feel extremely lonely.

“I understand. Mother, I will protect them. If anyone dares to make a move on your daughter-in-laws, I will not let them live.” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and said while waving his fists. His comical appearance made all of the women giggle. At the same time, their heart was filled with sweetness. They all knew that Long Yi would never go back on his word.

“Okay, it is already late. All of you should rest early. The wind is strong and there is a heavy snowfall. Pay attention to your health.” Dongfang Wan arranged Long YI’s clothing and she softly sighed. After the children grew up, they would always fly away from the nest. As long as Long Yi would return home once in a while to get some rest when he got exhausted in the outside world, she was perfectly content.

Long Yi hugged Dongfang Wan with his heart full of warmth and said with a smile, “Mother, you don’t need to worry. I’m only going to Light City to take a look. I’ll return quickly and bring home more beautiful daughter-in-laws for you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, dumb idiot.” Dongfang Wan leaned into Long Yi’s bosom and scolded him in jest. Her son had really grown up. His shoulders were warm and wide enough to keep out all the wind and rain.

Along with a faint sentiment, Long Yi entered the carriage with his women and left the Ximen Residence.

Outside the city gate, an ordinary middle-aged man who was entering the city suddenly slipped a piece of paper onto the carriage with his leg. Without anyone noticing, he squeezed the note onto the front footboard of the carriage.

The gaze of Long Yi inside the carriage suddenly flashed. He picked up this piece of paper and turned it into ashes after reading it with a frown.

“Strange… Why is that woman Mu Hanyan hiding herself?” Long Yi muttered to himself. After leaving that secret room below the Heaven Forbidden Prison, she had not appeared even in her Beauty Shop.

“What happened, Young Master?” Li Qing asked from one side.

“Nothing.” Long Yi shook his head. The mysterious identity of Mu Hanyan and the force in the dark gave Long Yi no other choice but to pay close attention to her. However, he still had an intimate relationship with her and they were like lovers. This matter was truly troublesome.

Wind and snow blew outside the carriage but happy laughter and cheerful voices filled the inside of the carriage. It was as warm as spring inside. Yu Feng, who had just overcame her difficult problem quickly hit off with Feng Ling and others. They all became as close as sisters in just a short period of time.

If one asked where was the place where the most stunning beauties were gathered in this world, the answer would be beside Long Yi. Various kind of beauties including unrivaled beauties, charming beauties, pretty and innocent beauties, aloof and noble beauties… All of them were present beside Long Yi.

Regardless of anything, just talking about the beauties inside the carriage at this moment was enough to make all the men under the heavens go mad with jealousy. Having a single one of them was the blessing of several generations. Just look, there was the beautiful Yu Feng with a heroic air around her, Liu Xu with an angelic face and devilish figure, the beautiful and elegant Feng Ling, a seductive and loveable Nangong Xiangyun, and the pretty and innocent Liuli. Not to mention the little Niur. With five of this woman and one small girl present in the same place, a sensation would be caused anywhere they went.

With four sturdy unicorns pulling the luxurious carriage, after one section of the road, they suddenly broke away from the official road. They entered a smaller path under Long Yi’s instruction.

Long Yi smiled and it seemed as though he had thought of something happy.

“Li Qing, do you know? When I was 18, I took this path in a hurry.” Long Yi smiled and said, lost in his thoughts.

Long Yi would never forget the events which had happened in the past. That was the first time he had appeared in this strange world and his legendary life had also begun from this small path.

Looking at this path he had walked through in the past, Long Yi searched through his memories.

At that time, that bare and thick palm tree had sheltered Long Yi from the scorching hot sun. It was also under that tree where Long Yi had read the first book on the foundation of magic of this world. This was also the place where Long Yi casted the fireball, water ball, earth shield, and light ball magic for the first time. His magic journey started from this very place.

That small river was where Long Yi had once washed the filth off his body. Looking at his own reflection in the river, Long Yi saw his own appearance in this world for the first time.

In the snowy weather, the sun would always set early. As such, Long Yi and his group looked for a place to set up camp.

Light magic power fluctuated as Si Bi released a few light ball magic to illuminate the area.

Long Yi looked all around and he suddenly laughed when he looked at Si Bi. When he had to flee from home, he pitched a tent along this river bank. When he was roasting a fire rabbit, he saw a piece of small underwear floating down from upstream. This caused him to go upstream in order to peep at Si Bi who was bathing.

Following Long Yi’s actions, a series of fascinating events followed.

Si Bi seemed to be thinking about the same thing as Long Yi and she looked straight at him. A beautiful smile blossomed on her face. The fate which brought them together was really miraculous.

After eating dinner together, everyone returned to their tents to either meditate or rest. As for Long Yi and Si Bi, they walked out the tent at the same time and strolled around in the midst of this snowstorm, hand in hand.

“Darling Si Bi, do you recall this place?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Si Bi rolled her eyes and said, “Keep talking about it you pervert… You did such a filthy thing here.” She was naturally talking about the time when Long Yi peeped at her when she was bathing. He held her underwear and did something bad in the past…

Long Yi laughed hollowly and said, “It’s all human nature. Under those circumstances, even a celestial being wouldn’t be able to control himself. Your husband is just a normal man.”

Si Bi shyly punched Long Yi with her tiny fist but a hint of dejection appeared on her face. At that time, if she had given her body to Long Yi, then the current situation wouldn’t have happened. Even if she wanted to do her part as his wife now, she was unable to do it.

When Long Yi saw the expression on Si Bi’s face, he instantly knew what she was thinking about. He hugged Si Bi and said gently, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. As long as we are together, nothing else matters.”

Si Bi was extremely touched by Long Yi’s words. Leaning in his bosom reassured her. She knew that she didn’t love the wrong person when she lied in his embrace. As long as he was around, she would be fine.

After a long time, Si Bi raised her head and looked at Long Yi. She said, “My husband, let’s go back. Younger sister Feng’er just came back and you have to properly accompany her.”

Long Yi was slightly surprised but his heart was filled with warmth. He was truly fortunate as he had such a considerate wife. He felt as though everything was worth it.

“Let your husband hug you again.” Long Yi softly said as he caressed the back of Si Bi.

Smelling Long Yi’s dense manly smell, the body of Si Bi unconsciously heated up. Since the matter of man and woman was mentioned just a moment ago, she was unable to control her thoughts.

“What’s wrong?” Long Yi felt as though Si Bi was tightening her grip on him and he couldn’t help but ask.

“My…… My husband, let Si Bi serve you before you leave.” Si Bi said as her entire body trembled. She exhaled a burning hot breath.

Long Yi was startled. This girl… Why did she suddenly get so excited? However, Long Yi was unwilling to see her lose her cultivation as he knew that the moment she lost her purity, her cultivation would be destroyed because of her Pure Yin Physique.

Before he could reply her, Si Bi pulled on Long Yi’s hand and they flew towards the upstream direction. Before long, they arrived at the pool where Si Bi bathed in the past. Along with the gurgling sound of water, spring water fell down from the top of the mountain and a waterfall could be seen.

Si Bi chanted an incantation and waved her hand. A barrier was set up in an instant. In addition, she isolated the coldness outside and it became as warm as spring inside the barrier.

Si Bi bit her lower lip. Untying her belt, she threw off her priest robe. Now, she was covered with only a set of white lingerie she bought from Beauty Shop. This bra and panties had a few pink plum blossom embroidered on them.

“Darling, you… This…” Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. That faint body fragrance and the sight in front of him caused the evil fire in his body to burn violently.

“My husband, in the past, didn’t you peep at me when I was bathing? Not to mention the fact that you used my underwear to do that bad thing…” The beautiful face of Si Bi was red when she reminded him about the past. At this moment, a hint of seductive air unconsciously appeared around Si Bi. Her cold appearance seemed to have disappeared.

The black pupils of Long Yi instantly became deep as he stared at Si Bi’s snow-white bosom. Little Long Yi also stood up beyond his control and formed a tent in his pants.

Si Bi extended her little hand awkwardly undid Long Yi’s clothing. She felt as if her beautiful face was burning but the sudden stirring of love in her heart supported her actions.

The moment she undid Long Yi’s belt, she pulled down his pants. Little Long Yi who was standing tall, flicked out and made a show of strength to the timid Si Bi. Although this was not the first time she had seen this fellow, Si Bi was still embarrassed.

“Darling……” The voice of Long Yi was somewhat hoarse. He was already very impatient and he was waiting for Si Bi’s service.

Si Bi gritted her teeth and she seemed extremely determined. She extended her slightly trembling little hand and she took off her white bra. A pair of full and round ** suddenly jumped out and swayed, dazzling the eyes of Long Yi.

Si Bi took a deep breath and unexpectedly used that white bra to wrap around little Long Yi.

Long Yi sucked in a mouthful of cold air. This kind of stimulation could make any man collapse. Especially when Si Bi made the mental connection of him using her underwear that year to do that… He couldn’t help but burn with excitement.

When Si Bi saw Long Yi’s reaction, she had a strange sense of satisfaction in her heart. This bad fellow must have definitely thought about the matter in the past. She could feel that the thing wrapped in her bra was still expanding and getting hotter.

Heavens, were all his women the reincarnation of a fox spirit? The evil fire inside Long Yi was already burning his mind.

“Darling, don’t you think the result will be better if you use your panties?” Long Yi said while rubbing her **.

Si Bi’s little hand trembled but she complied with Long Yi’s wishes. She took off the last line of defense of a maiden. As for Long Yi, he took out a big bed from his space ring.


“Slow…… Slow down a bit, my husband.” Si Bi bent over on the body of Long Yi with her little hand working nonstop.

Her rounded breasts and her maiden’s private part between her legs were being teased by Long Yi.

“No, ah……” Si Bi screamed and her entire body convulsed. She reached the summit of happiness. Her little hand finally made Long Yi spurt out… Her panties was covered by milky white liquid.

Only after a long time, Si Bi came back to her senses. When she looked at her messy panties, she felt embarrassed in her heart. Now that she came back to her senses, she found it somewhat hard to believe that she did something so daring. Was that person really her?

Suddenly, Si Bi sensed something and she quickly kept her panties. Looking at Long Yi, she said, “It seems as though younger sister Feng’er is here. We should leave quickly.”

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Feng’er? Long Yi smiled and then he disappeared. When he appeared again, he was holding a surprised Yu Feng in his bosom.

Si Bi rolled her eyes and hastily used a quilt to cover herself. She even buried her head inside the quilt, afraid to look out at Yu Feng and Long Yi.

“My husband, you…… Eh……” Yu Feng opened her mouth to ask a question. However, before she could say anything, her little mouth was attacked by Long Yi’s. Everything she wanted to say flew away to the highest heavens.

The big bed shook violently and the charming moans of Yu Feng reverberated inside the barrier. Under the quilt, Si Bi gritted her teeth and she angrily cursed Long Yi as her private part flooded again.

Finally, Si Bi was unable to restrain her curiosity. When she raised her head to peek, her heartbeat accelerated and she was stupefied. She saw Long Yi leaning over Yu Feng and he was violently ramming his waist into her. The visual and auditory impact of this kind of ** were simply as far apart as heaven and earth compared to when she and Long Yi were doing the thing just a moment ago.

All of a sudden, Long Yi turned his head and looked at Si Bi. He pulled the secretly peeping Si Bi over. After that, his devil claws wreaked havoc on the body of these two women.



A whistling cold wind blew snowflakes all over the sky. The entire Soaring Dragon City turned into a world made from snow. Late in the night, in the midst of fierce wind and heavy snow, wide streets were deserted. Even streets which used to be bustling were now all quiet. It was an extremely rare occurrence. In this terrible weather, no one was stupid enough to leave their homes to seek amusement.

Soaring Dragon City, in the imperial study of the imperial palace, Mu Hanyan wore a black gown as she sat on the dragon throne where the emperor would usually sit. She was coldly watching Long Zhan who was wearing the imperial robe on the opposite side of the desk.

“You are very daring… You actually dared to conceal the matter of killing Long Zhan and replacing him from me. If I hadn’t discovered it, were you thinking of hiding it from me??” Mu Hanyan coldly said while frowning. She emitted a powerful pressure at the moment.

“Xian Yun doesn’t dare. However, the situation is really getting too urgent. You were always together with the kid from the Ximen Clan. Xian Yun had no chance to inform you.” Long Zhan bowed without the slightest fluctuation in his expression.

“Don’t play tricks with me, since I can raise you up, I can similarly destroy you.” Mu Hanyan stood up and leaned forward and supported herself by placing both her hands on the desk. Long Zhan immediately retreated two steps. It would be a miracle if she believed his b*******.

“Xian Yun is well aware of this point. Honorable Envoy doesn’t have to be angry.” Long Zhan said.

“What a person with good awareness! This secret room had been made since a long time ago. Don’t think that you can conceal it from me.” Mu Hanyan coldly said.

The eyes of Long Zhan glimmered and said, “This secret room was established long ago because it existed before the Violent Dragon Empire. This imperial palace was built by my dynasty. It’s not unusual for Xian Yun to know of this secret room.”

“Oh?” Mu Hanyan raised her eyebrows.

“This secret room possess a shocking secret which belongs to my dynasty. Today, since honorable envoy discovered it, Xian Yun doesn’t dare to conceal anything anymore. Please follow me, honorable envoy.” Long Zhan opened the entrance of the secret room and took the lead.

Mu Hanyan slightly hesitated and followed him in. That shocking secret of the previous dynasty spoken by this Military Advisor greatly roused her interest.

This secret room was no different from the previous one. Long Zhan brought Mu Hanyan to the place where the Nine Yin Spirit Refining Array was laid out.

“Stop. What are you planning to do with these materials?” Mu Hanyan tilted her head to one side and suddenly that there was another small secret room which was filled with yellow and black ores. There were also crystal jars full of materials powder. If she remembered correctly, these materials were used to arrange forbidden magic arrays. In the past, she hadn’t noticed them when she came here with Long Yi because she had left in a fit of anger.

“Honorable Envoy, there is no need to ask if you already know the answer. These are the materials required to arrange a forbidden magic array. Xian Yun has already finished laying out a magic array around the Ximen Residence. As of right now, we are only missing some cores. However, Xian Yun will obtain enough cores soon enough. Honorable Envoy doesn’t need to worry.” Long Zhan indifferently explained. Although his tone was calm, his tone had a hint of suffocating madness.

The eyes of Mu Hanyan glimmered. She naturally knew that it required a large number of cores to lay out a forbidden magic array. It was definitely reasonable for the Military Advisor to be mission cores. However, the unexpected thing was that this madman was actually able to lay out a formation around the Ximen Residence without alarming Ximen Nu. This was beyond her expectation. Could this be done by Liu Shi who was monitored day in and night? It seemed as though she had to find a way to notify the Ximen Residence about the magic array.

Mu Hanyan entered this largest secret room with her heart filled with worries. Long Yi was right… This fellow whom she had viewed as a pawn all along was already starting to break away from her control. If she wanted to kill him……

At this moment, Long Zhan quickly rushed to one of the walls and urgently knocked on it. Another concealed passageway appeared on the wall.

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