Chapter 222: The Dinner Tonight


Shi Jin Yan frowns when he hears that, “Jing Yu….”

“Aren’t you going to leave?”

He hesitates for a while.  He looks at the phone and when he remembers what Bai Yue just told him, he purses his lips as he twists the doorknob, “I will look for you again tomorrow.”

“No need to look for me.  You only need to sign the papers.”

Shi Jin Yan looks at her, pursing his lips before leaving, not saying anything.


Si Jing Yu’s heart trembles when she hears the sound of the door shutting close.

She really wants to give her own face a slap, to wake herself from daydreaming.

When he embraced her earlier on, asking not to divorce, she actually thought that he loves her!

After he received that call and dressed up so fast to leave, she actually used their divorce to threaten him into staying, but even that did not work!

She is such a joke.

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She crumples on the floor weakly.


On the next day, the sun is bright in the sky.

Zhuang Nai Nai wakes up and cleans herself.  Then, she goes downstairs to eat breakfast where Si Zheng Ting is waiting for her.  As for Si Jing Yu, she has gone to work at 5 am.

Zhuang Nai Nai clicks her tongue when she hears that, “Si Zheng Ting, you really are a piece of work.  You couldn’t spare even your biological sister.”

Si Zheng Ting glances at her, not saying a word.

During lunch at work, he stares at her sharply, disabling her from eating in peace.  Did she offend him somewhere?

After eating, she goes back to the 18th floor without much ado.

Why does she feel like she is forgetting something important?

She has a meeting at 2 pm and at 1:59 pm, her phone vibrates.

She fishes her phone out and looks at a message sent by Su Jin Hui, ‘Don’t forget about dinner tonight.’

She slaps her own forehead.  She finally remembers what it is that she forgot.  Seems like she forgot to tell Si Zheng Ting that she is eating out tonight.

Since she already promised her senior, she must not go back on her own words.  Just as she is about to call Si Zheng Ting to tell him about the matter, she hears Su Mei calling for her, “Hurry up, Nai Nai.  We are going to be late.”

If she arrives at the meeting late, Zhang Chao Wen will eat her alive.

Since she does not have enough time to make a phone call, she simply sends Si Zheng Ting a message, ‘I have promised to eat dinner with someone else tonight, Si Zheng Ting.  No need to wait for me.’

After sending that message, she puts her phone inside her bag and walks into the meeting room.

Zhang Chao Wen glares at her fiercely since she is the last person in.

She inwardly clicks her tongue before quietly sitting on a seat.

Just as the meeting start and Zhang Chao Wen has started to speak, the sound of a phone ringing blares through the meeting room.

All eyes fall on Zhuang Nai Nai, including Zhang Chao Wen’s arrow-like eyes.

She is done for!

Only allowed on

This ringtone belongs exclusively to Si Zheng Ting.

She takes out her phone.  Just as she is hesitating over whether she should answer it or not, Zhang Chao Wen forcibly takes it from her, “I want to see just who is so important as to make you ignore our meeting.”

He looks at the screen of her phone.



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