Chapter 660 – This Is Good!

Huan Qing Yan kowtowed three times, “Respectful master, please receive this disciple’s salute.”

Elder Snow did not argue as well, his injuries had healed much after staying here for a long time; however Huan Qing Yan’s medicinal food was greatly beneficial to his injuries. His injuries might really recover completely at this rate, he would definitely not treat this little disciple of his poorly.

“Lass, you have recognized this old man as your master, from now on, as long as master is alive for a day, you will be under my protection for a day! Even if those two old fellas from the Ji Mo Ya came to find trouble for you, they would still have to ask me, Elder Snow, for permission!”

Huan Qing Yan was very touched, “Thank you master.”

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The two spirit treasures were playing nearby quickly came over when they saw Huan Qing Yan greeting her master, they too learnt from Huan Qing Yan and kowtowed towards Elder Snow as well.

The image of them kowtowing, and very happily at that, made people roar out with laughter.

After becoming a disciple, Huan Qing Yan told Elder Snow about her plans to rank up, Elder Snow gave her quite a number of good suggestions. His identity as a past Half-Sage was not for show, allowing him to possess a vast knowledge and experience, the master and disciple conversed with each other joyously.

Elder Snow also gave Huan Qing Yan a large amount of ingredients, “I got someone to collect these medicinal food ingredients when you are not around, keep them in your storage ring and make more medicinal food for your master, let your master regain his previous glory and I will bring you out to enjoy all the good cuisines on Spirit Treasure Continent…”

“This is good!” for a glutton, that would be their greatest wish.

These ingredients were all not cheap and some of the rarer ones were not high in quantity; Huan Qing Yan did not stand on the ceremony and kept all of them, since they were all meant for her master. If there were any excess then she would profit it from it, if any were lacking in quantity, she would top it up herself.

She took out a few more completed medicinal foods, “Master, I will be participating in the annual Beta Hall Examination tomorrow and will not be in the academia for a few days. These are a few days worth of medicinal food, consume them at your own discretion.”

Elder Snow was smiling till his eyes turned crescent, “Good disciple. Master will use my divine sense to check the library over the next few days and see if there are any suitable techniques for you to learn. There are no decent techniques before the stage of True Spirit Master, so it is fine if you did not learn any, but after becoming one, you must properly learn some techniques, your spirit treasure also needs to learn some skills as well.”

“Thank you master.”

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Elder Snow did possess some techniques on hand, but the lowest requirement needed the person to be a Mystic Spirit Master.

Having no low-ranking techniques, he could only take a peek at the academia’s library.

*Cough* for his little disciple, he decided to forget about reputation.

Master and disciple spoke for a while longer before Huan Qing Yan returned to prepare for the exam.


Ji Mo Clan, Madam Ru’s courtyard.

Madam Ru was pacing about while holding a white mink in her arms, it was obediently leaning on her shoulder with eyes half-closed, it was not the least disturbed by its owner’s impatience.

A young serving girl ran in, “Madam, Madam, Young Master had just returned, he is coming over here now.”

Madam Ru calmed her mind.

At the level of King Spirit Master, she should not be a person who easily gets angry, but the matter this time made her uncontrollably flare up; she no longer has the mood to continue her closed-door training and decided to come out.

Very soon, Ji Mo Ya ,wearing a moon white long robe, walked in.

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