Chapter 659 – Becoming A Disciple.

She do not even know how Brother Jiu Li left and where he had gone to, everything was unknown…

She did not even have the chance to ask about what happened to him after Five Black Mountains which caused her to be worry about him.

Brother Jiu Li seemed to have become even more mysterious and she wonders when they would meet again.

“Those Demon Foxes are truly audacious, daring to commit atrocities so near to the Holy City.” Elder Snow was in disbelief; and he next asked “They have been saying that the brat from the Ji Mo Clan had proposed to you with everyone who attended the ceremony as witnesses? Is that true?”

Huan Qing Yan instantly turned red, “Yes. However, I have not yet agree to it.”

“When you two get married, a senior is needed to officiate the Heart’s Union Ceremony, if those stubborn old things of the Ji Mo Clan objects, this old man is willing to be the one who officiate and be your witness.” Elder Snow snickered.

“Heart’s Union Ceremony? Eh? There’s a ceremony for marriage?”

This was the first time that Huan Qing Yan had heard of it.

“Of course, there is a need, especially true for cultivators. Only with the Heart’s Union Knot between a husband and wife would they be able to unleash the Couple’s Battle Technique, greatly improving their fighting capabilities! The various benefits are something you would experience personally when you two get married, the Heart’s Union Knot could only be done with the main wife, concubines do not have them…”

So, there was something like this; Huan Qing Yan carved this information inside her heart.

Next, Elder Snow silently sighed in his heart, he thought very highly of the lass and the brat’s match. However, it is a pity that the lass did not possess the Phoenix Spirit Treasure, if not, that Ji Mo Brat would have picked up a windfall. The Ji Mo Brat’s Ancient Divine Dragon Spirit Treasure would definitely face a heavenly tribulation when it ranks up in the future, if he were to meet with some difficulties, this lass would not be able to help much…

However, nothing was confirmed and the lovers are finally together, take it one step and a time, there is no point worrying too much!

In the past, he had always thought and plotted very far, even creating a plan that lasted a thousand years, but in the end? Did it not end in sorrow?

Elder Snow’s gaze darkened for a moment before he shook his head.

Therefore, Elder Snow did not point it out, less it would only give Huan Qing Yan even more unnecessary worries.

Suddenly, he saw Huan Qing Yan kneeling formally in front of him, greatly surprising Elder Snow, “Eh? Lass, what are you doing?”

Huan Qing Yan covered her mouth in a giggle, “Elder Snow, Little Yan is saved by you and wish to become your disciple, I wonder if Elder Snow is willing to accept me as your disciple?”

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Elder Snow was so surprised that he nearly sank into the Spirit Spring.

“Lass, are you trying to kid with this old man? Didn’t you tell me that you have a master when I asked you to be my disciple the last time?”

Huan Qing Yan was slightly embarrassed, “About that, it was because we don’t know each other well, who would accept becoming a disciple of a person they just met, getting a master cannot be done so casually.”

Elder Snow laughed out loud, he even stopped eating.

“Good! Come and pay your respects to this old man as your teacher, this old man is nearly bored to death from staying in this place every day. I have been wanting to accept a disciple to throw orders around at, ah I mean, to properly instruct and teach. This old man had really earned a windfall, to obtain a disciple who is a Dual Spirit Master and a Spirit Chef, *coughs*…” Elder Snow went overboard for a moment and forgot to hide his thoughts.

This disciple was one that would only bring joy.

Huan Qing Yan was also very happy, she was not a person who would be a disciple to any random person. It was because Elder Snow really treated her well that she wanted to become his disciple, a person character was the most important, the rest were secondary.

Take Huan Meng Yue for example, to become the disciple of that disgusting Jin Da Zhong, was something she would never want to encounter in her life.

Elder Snow quickly calmed down and said, “Lass, your rate of improvement is very quick, with your high talent as a cultivator and spirit chef, even the Half-Sages would fight for you to be their disciples, why would you want to be a disciple of an old man who still has no idea when his injury would recover? Why not I recommend a master for you instead.”

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