Chapter 658 – Elder Snow

Huan Qing Yan had plans to patiently wait till the time of the examinations.

She stayed inside the estate for two whole days without leaving; during that time she was inside the dimension making medicinal food and finally created a batch of it.

Then she went to the Spirit Springs Forbidden Grounds.

Elder Snow was still sitting on top of the Spirit Springs in an attire of snow white, if his eyes had not been open, his immobile state would make him not look like a human at all.

The environment had not changed as well, underneath the Spirit Springs were several varieties of rare spirit plants.

“Elder Snow!” Huan Qing Yan greeted.

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Elder Snow did not open his eyes but snort scornfully, “You returned to the academia several days ago and yet you did not come to see this old man, humph, now you are here today, what is it?”

Huan Qing Yan pouted, this old guy’s immediate words were filled with the flavor of a proud complaint.

She took out the medicinal food she specially made for Elder Snow, “I went to specially make medicinal food for you over the past few days. The last time I was unable to make much for you; this time Ji Mo Ya helped me gather some of the ingredients and I used my free time to make some for you.”

Elder Snow was her benefactor.

If not for Elder Snow, Jin Da Zhong would have really searched her soul; had that happens, who knows what she would become now.

Later on, it was also Elder Snow who taught Ji Mo Ya the secret technique that allowed him to enter her conscious sea and also helped her remove the reincarnated girl.

Such great grace could not be repaid with mere words!

She could only use her actions to repay her benefactor.

When Elder Snow heard that she made the medicinal food, he could not longer remain still, with a wave of his hand he pulled the food to him.

As he ate, he sighed, “What a wonderful taste! It is much better than the last time I ate this. Ji Mo Ya that brat has done well, to think that he found a way to cure you lass. Fine, this old man has forgiven you…”

Blabber blabber….

Huan Qing Yan smiled.

Elder Snow added, “Lass, there’s no need to be so formal when you are here with me, just treat it like you are at home, where did the Ji Mo brat went off to? How did he cure you? Did he really find a Nine Star Treasure Vine?”

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Huan Qing Yan found a large stone and sat on it before she recounted the matter about the Gnome Kingdom in detail.

Her two spirit treasures within her wrists wanted to come out.

Both of them were fond of Elder Snow; during the period when Huan Qing Yan was locked up, they would come and play with him every day.

Huan Qing Yan released them.

And specially instructed, “Leafy, you must not bully Piggy today, Piggy is still recovering from the ailments that those bad guys inflicted on it. Wait till it fully recovers, then you can bully Piggy all you like…”

The Leaf Spirit Treasure curled its leaf in an expression of agreement

The Pig Spirit Treasure snorted as it threw a disdainful eye, as though it was saying that this pig can still handle it and was not afraid!

Huan Qing Yan could not be bothered with these two.

She continued to talk about the incident that happened in Gnome Kingdom.

Elder Snow was enjoying his food when he suddenly paused, “You two met the Gnome Sage’s projection in the Gnome Kingdom? The Sage says that it is dying?”

“Yes. To think that even after the sages have ascended, they would still encounter various dangers!”

Elder Snow remained silent, his eating speed also slowed down; it seemed like he was pondering something but after a while, he seemed to let it go and stopped thinking about it.

“Tell me again about the Saintess Ceremony, it is Plant Sage and Wine Sage who dealt with a city full of Demon Men?”

“Yup! Piggy was even captured by Demon Foxes…” Huan Qing Yan explained what happened to Elder Snow.

“If not for an old acquaintance, I might even had become a puppet myself.”

She only met Brother Jiu Li that one time; after the Half-Sages’ arrival and the puppets waking up had turned the scene chaotic.

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