Chapter 657 – Become The Strongest!

Huan Qing Yan was speechless, to be in training for over half a year.

She even assumed that she was in a relationship with Bai Cheng Feng? Compared to the other bootlickers, this friendliness from Le Guo’er was different.

Huan Qing Yan could not help but see the lady differently.

“When is the exam?”

“It will take place within these few days, the instructor just sent me a spirit crane moments ago. This year, we will be taking the exam in the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace, during the exam we will have to accumulate credits and then we would be ranked according to the total credits earned during the exam…”

Le Guo’er looked at Huan Qing Yan, “From the looks of it, this year’s number one would definitely be you. You have become a Nine-Star Spirit Master already, impressive.” she said with a broad and leveled tone.

Le Guo’er was a Six-Star Spirit Master when she first came to Surging Wave Academia, after one year of training and with no special encounters, she had risen to a Seven-Star Spirit Master.

This was actually a rather good performance.

When Huan Qing Yan heard the word credits, her eyes shined, what she needed now was credits.

The credits required to exchange for True Spirit Grass was said to be a large amount, and with her current credits that amounted to less than two hundred points, it was obvious that she was far from the required amount.

This exam came at the right time; firstly she could rise up to the next hall and become an official student, next, she could accumulate a large amount of credits.

She has returned at an extremely good time!

“You are also very impressive, thank you. Since you just came out from closed door training, I believe you have matters to attend to, please go ahead.”

Le Guo’er was originally a person of few words, but being in training for so long without communicating with another person had made her slightly more talkative than usual today.

The two of them parted ways and went to settle their own matters.

Huan Qing Yan entered her room, the room could only be entered by her, so the things on display within the room was exactly the same as how she last left it to be.

She finally relaxed.

After so many months, she had finally returned to Surging Wave Academia again.

She tidied up her things and moved to Ji Mo Ya’s place at Eta Hall.

She was holding on to Ji Mo Ya’s token which allowed her access to any place within Surging Wave Academia.

Staying in the room alone seemed to give her a desolate and insecure feeling.

Moving to Ji Mo Ya’s place, even though he was not around, made her feel closer to his presence.


Hanging Cloud Empire, within a desolated mountain.

Bai Cheng Feng was naked as he sat in lotus position with his eyes shut, his entire body was blood red, and looked as though fresh blood would ooze would from his skin at any moment.

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The red body released waves of expansion while veins pulsated, making him looked as though he would explode at any moment.

Every time this happened, Bai Cheng Feng would uncontrollably utter a painful roar like that of a wild man.

In front of him, was a large amount of Ink Jade Lingzi, every once in a while, he would throw a piece into his mouth.

As time ticked, his body would undergo a transformation; the surface of his body would start to grow fur which kept on lengthening.

However, this did not last long; with every expansion of his body, those fur would fall off immediately after.

It caused his wretched roar to become even louder.

However, he did not give up because this was something he had expected and had made mental preparations.

He wants to become stronger!

Become the strongest!

Without strength, he has nothing! And could do nothing!

The Lion Emperor’s Blood Essence was not a simple thing, it was more like an extremely delicious poison; a combination of allure and danger.

However, Bai Cheng Feng could no longer be bothered about that, how could the road of cultivation be smooth?

As the Ink Jade Lingzi on the ground reduced slowly, the period between each expansion of his body also reduced and his cries of pain also got increasingly louder.

As for his cultivation, it was also increasing steadily, from an Early-Stage True Spirit Master, he slowly became a Mid-Stage, then followed by Late-Stage…


After Huan Qing Yan settled in Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

She used some time to research the number of credits required to exchange for True Spirit Grass, she needs a whopping 10,000 credits!


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