Chapter 661 – Mother’s Words Are Too Heavy

Along the way, the group of serving maids could only sneak a peek before their faces turned red and looked down.

Ji Mo Ya entered the door and gave a greeting, “This son greets Mother.”

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Madam Ru was still walking to and fro in frustration before Ji Mo Ya came; now when Ji Mo Ya was in front of her, she instantly stiffened before her face turned ugly and spoke with a cold voice, “To think that you still recognize me as your mother, I thought you do not have parents and is born out of stone!”

Her starting words were critical, yet Ji Mo Ya maintained his calm expression and stood there feeling indifferent.

“Mother’s words are too heavy.”

Madam Ru was already at her limits from the moment she received news from the spirit crane, she cannot wait to viciously give him a scolding.

“I do not mind if you look for women outside. If you found one, then you can just appoint her as a concubine. Yet you have done well, you gave the Phoenix Feather Bell to her! Not only that, you declared in a public event that you will marry her as your wife? The clan has taught you since young that you must be careful with every word and action you take, so why did you made such a rash decision this time?”

Ji Mo Ya did the rare act of not staying silent, “Mother, those words were said after this son went through deep thinking; this son only has Little Yan and her alone, I hope Mother would understand.”

Madam Ru’s hand that was stroking the mink suddenly gripped its fur tightly, causing the mink to screeched and it leaped off her.

“You really want to marry an ordinary girl as your wife? What are you going to do for the future? Tell me, do you still want to be the heir of the Ji Mo Clan? Do you still want to ascend and become a Sage?” Madam Ru’s voice went louder as time went by.

Ji Mo Ya lowered his head, “If the clan objects, then this son is willing to give up the position of heir. As for becoming a Sage, then it depends on fate, I won’t force it.”

Madam Ru seemed to change from extreme anger to laughter, “Good, Ji Mo Ya, you are actually willing to give up your status as heir for a woman! Are you all grown up now! Your father placed himself in danger to save your life, are you going to waste his efforts just like that?”

Ji Mo Ya blandly replied, “That might not be the case Mother, this son has grown up, having my own thoughts and ideas is only natural. I hope Mother can understand.”

“I am unable to understand!”

Madam Ru swiped off the teacup from the table onto the ground, smashing it into pieces.

“If this mother and son bond still matters to you, then I want you to find that woman and get the Phoenix Feather Bell back right now. I can treat it as though this has never happened; you marry the Luan Girl, then get Xin Nuo to be your concubine. If not, you can forget about call me mother from now on!”

Ji Mo Ya used his spirit energy to gather the teacup on the floor and revert it into its original state before placing it in front of Madam Ru.

“Mother is not in a good mood today; this son shall come visit again another day.”

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As he spoke, he left with a dark face without turning back.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was waiting at the entrance with a panicked expression, she wanted to chase after Ji Mo Ya but was distracted by the sounds of smashing pottery within the house.

She called out to her cousin but Ji Mo Ya ignored her, so she quickly entered the building to comfort Madam Ru.


Surging Wave Academia, Alpha Hall.

The Hall Master, Kang Hao Ming, was on the square and sighed, “Aiyo, a year has went by just like that and I have yet to enjoy enough of the position of Hall Master and yet you guys are planning to take Beta Hall’s exam. I know that you guys will miss this Hall Master, Hall Master also will miss you all as well…”

In reaction, it was unknown who started it, someone from the thick mass of crowd started throwing rotten eggs and spoilt shoes, etc.

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