Chapter 662 – Fishing

Kang Hao Ming calmly used his spirit treasure to block them.

Reacting as though nothing happened, “Over the past year, some people have improved really quickly, while some others, are still the same as they were when they first arrived. As your Hall Master, I really worry for you bunch! Since we have the fate of knowing each other, I hope you guys can achieve the requirement of the exam and successfully join Beta Hall to become the official student of Surging Wave Academia.”

The several hundred students gathered on the square shouted, “Instructor Kang, enough, to the main topic!”

“Exactly, is your middle-age uncle syndrome acting up?”

“Pui, I bet he is just disappointed that Alpha Hall will have a new Hall Master soon!”


Kang Hao Ming’s thoughts were blatantly exposed as he coughed, “Fine, to the main topic. This exam’s mission difficulty is medium, you will be going to the ruins underneath the Illusion Sea Dragon’s Palace to catch Waterdrop Fishes. The credits to be earned varies, it will be given based on the size of the fish you have caught. Meaning to say, the more fishes you catch, the larger the fishes you caught, the more credits you earn! You will be ranked based on the credits you have earned during this exam…”

A commotion started below.

“This bro will bet his life to earn more credits and be the top few rankers, then I will experience more benefits than those behind me!”

“That’s right, this exam will affect the cultivation resources of the coming year! No matter what I must bet my life on it.”

“Isn’t catching fish easy? I stayed beside a river when I was young and caught fishes every day, this bro is going to have a windfall…”


Huan Qing Yan was wearing the uniform of Alpha Hall like everyone else, she stood amongst the crowd with a confident grin that would brighten anyone’s day when they looked at her.

If catching was easy, then it would never become an exam topic, so she silently waited for Instructor Kang to finish speaking.

As expected, Instructor Kang took out a recording stone.

This recording stone was huge, at nearly two meters wide and pitch black. Kang Hao Ming placed it on the ground and pat on it, sending spirit energy into it. The originally black surface immediately displayed clear images.

The recording stone displayed a scene which seemed to be of an area underwater, the seawater was clean and clear and various aquatic plants swayed silently against the current. Schools of fishes moving about within the plants and within the corals and reefs, displaying a very beautiful sight…

When suddenly, a water snake suddenly emerged from hiding and swam out.

Its forked tongue flickered out as it smelled for a scent within this beautiful sea scenery, ultimately it sucked forcefully above a huge clam…

That’s when an invisible little fish quickly slipped away from the clam shell.

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Everyone who witnessed this was startled.

Earlier on they were completely unable to see that invisible little fish… while it was hiding, even the glowing pearl light from the clam’s pearl did not expose the little fish’s whereabouts; that showed that this fish possessed great hiding capabilities!

After the invisible fish was sucked in by the snake, it then swallowed the fish into its stomach and the video ended.


“Did everyone see that? You guys should be familiar with that snake, right? It’s the Flood Dragon Snake! It is an underwater snake known for its lethal venom, and their main source of food is the Waterdrop Fish. The Waterdrop Fish specializes in hiding, you have no way to locate it, but this instructor has a method for you. If you cannot find the Waterdrop Fish, then look for Flood Dragon Snakes! The area where Flood Dragon Snakes appears would naturally have Waterdrop Fishes; but of course, that is if you are not bitten to death by the snakes.”

“Do not blame this instructor for not reminding you, the exam of the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace had always experienced tons of injuries and death. If your luck is bad, if your abilities are weak, then you are just snacks for these snakes! If anyone of you is afraid, then better not take the exam and go home immediately, you can save your little life like that…”

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