Chapter 663 – Illusion Sea Dragon Palace

Huan Qing Yan looked at the big and long snake, she was also in shock.

Many others sucked in a cold breath, “Mommy! I am most afraid of snakes!”

“This is going to be troublesome; I have the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to catch much, these things are literally invisible, and on top of that, there is the threat of being attacked by those snakes. The Flood Dragon Snake is the most vicious type of poisonous sea creature under water, it possessed high agility and powerful venom. Maybe I should just return home, marry a wife and have some babies…”

“This daddy rather die than to go back, this daddy has made a vow when I left home, I will only return after I have become a powerful cultivator, if I cannot bring glory to my ancestors that I will never return!”


Instructor Kang repeated the recording a few more times so that everyone can get a better look.

He approached Huan Qing Yan.

“You and Bai Cheng Feng are personally recruited by me, now that you got a blessing due to a calamity and improved greatly, I felt heartened about it. I originally had high hopes for Bai Cheng Feng, a pity it is unknown where he is now, he did not even participate in the exam…”

Huan Qing Yan replied, “I am not sure about why Bai Cheng Feng did not participate in the exam as well. I did encounter him when I was in the Holy City and at that time, he was already a True Spirit Master.”

Instructor Kang’s eyes shined, “Oh? Not bad, already a True Spirit Master, then he would be given a pass without taking the exam. Let’s not wait any more, let the exam begin! I hope you can earn good results and obtain the top spot of this exam.”

“Okay, thank you for your kind words Instructor Kang.”

The exam this time was to catch Waterdrop Fishes, and she needs to capture several of them to earn a large amount of credits.

Even if she was unable to enter the next hall, she must at least earn enough to exchange for a True Spirit Grass, and each grass costs 10,000 credits. The pressure she has of her own self to fulfill the requirement was rather huge.

Instructor Kang had returned to the center of the square and activate the bubble transportation.

“Every person shall receive two days’ worth of Water Repelling Talisman and a set of fish net and fish pouch. The duration of the exam will be two days, those who are late to come out will be disqualified from the exam. Once you received your items, students can board the bubble transport, it will bring you directly to the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace.”

Like the last time, one bubble per person, slowly set off from Surging Wave Academia.

Everyone was strangely excited.

One large bubble after the other flew away from Surging Wave Academia, displaying a beautiful underwater scene along the way before it finally reached its destination.

After the bubble burst, the participants quickly activate their Water Repelling Talisman before they checked their surroundings.

The first thing they saw was a tall and wide palace gate that was made from an unknown material; Huan Qing Yan estimated that the gate was at least equivalent to ten road lanes of earth, as for its height, one must tilt their head very awkwardly to see it.

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In summary, one would feel extremely tiny when they stand in front of this gate.

Such a domineering large door was currently covered in faint spots, making it look very desolate. Occasionally, one would see some small fishes and shrimps swimming through it.

This was the dragon palace; however, it was abandoned.

On top of the dilapidated large palace gate, where some shells were growing, one could vaguely see the words, Illusion Sea Dragon Palace, carved on it.

The several hundred participants no longer were interested to continue checking as they all went inside.

Initially they thought it would be a squeeze, yet after they entered, they discovered that the dilapidated dragon palace was huge to an unimaginable degree; the several hundreds people looked like a school of little fishes entering a large pond instead.

From the short introduction before they arrived, they understood that this was only the first palace and the outermost section of this place.

Huan Qing Yan had only stayed in Surging Wave Academia for a short time and basically have no acquaintances, so she naturally chose to act alone.

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