Chapter 664 – Quickly Chase After It!

There were also many students who looked powerful that chose to act alone as well.

This was after all a competition for credits, no one wants to have someone dragging them down.

At that instant, someone shouted in surprise, “Ah ah ah, I caught a Waterdrop Fish!”

The person was a Six-Star Spirit Master in his twenties who looked short and ordinary, in his hands was the fishnet issued by the instructors and in it, something was struggling.

The thing was extremely invisible, only its pair of black eyes looked visible.

It was indeed the Waterdrop Fish!

However, this one was extremely small, only the size of a fingernail. The person did not complain about its size and happily kept it inside the fish pouch.

“Eh? How did you catch it so quickly?”

A curious associate asked, hoping to earn some tips.

The short guy did not hide as well as he smugly said, “I was sweeping the fishnet about while using my will to sense around, when I sensed something about I swiped that location and took a look…”

This method was rather clumsy, but it has an advantage in its simplicity. The crowd quickly spilt up and randomly started to swipe their nets about.

Huan Qing Yan looked around and swam towards the direction where the least amount of people went off too…

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan sense a small back thing in front of her, she instinctively moved her hand, *swosh* and then a tremble came from the fishnet.

It’s a Waterdrop Fish!

When she took a closer look, she saw its transparent body but could still make out the outline of the fish.

Although it was only the size of her palm, it still made Huan Qing Yan happy.

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It looked like there were quite a lot of this type of fish around, the difficulty was to spot them, and for now, they can only find it by spotting for its eyes.

In this dilapidated environment that affects vision, that made it harder to spot.

After a while, Huan Qing Yan found no more.

Just as she had nearly checked every possible location, she noticed a stone moving from the corner of her eyes.

No right! There was no one here, why would a stone suddenly move?

That must be the eye of a Waterdrop Fish!

And from the looks of it, the size of this one was quite big as well.

The happy Huan Qing Yan quickly dashed towards it.

Suddenly, a Flood Dragon Snake suddenly pierced out from a hole and rushed towards her!

The surprised Huan Qing Yan quickly waved her hand and threw her Pig Spirit Treasure towards it, “Piggy, go!”

The Pig Spirit Treasure fearlessly grunted as it charged on to meet the snake head-on.

Huan Qing Yan sighed, it was great to have a Spirit Treasure, having it on hand makes things easier.

In addition, seeing that there was no one around, she also silently summoned Leafy.

“Piggy you can do it! Your help is here!”

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Leafy’s agility within water was astonishing, literally like a fish moving in water. It extended its vine and instantly bind the snake with it.

Piggy used the opening to chomp down on the slender neck of the snake, with a crunch it broke the neck of the snake.

“Well done!” Huan Qing Yan shouted, but the next instant she started to worry, “Faster rinse your mouth, will you get poisoned?”

Piggy grunted a couple of times, indicating that it was fine.

Huan Qing Yan was relieved, yet she discovered that the Waterdrop Fish had swam far away.

“Quickly chase after it!”

Huan Qing Yan immediately gave the order, Piggy quickly charged off while Leafy curled itself onto Piggy’s tail.

If a person who do not know the situation saw that sight, they would have assumed that it was just a simple piece of leaf debris that was attached to the pigtail.

At the same time, the figure of a young lady appeared nearby; it was Le Gou’er.

Le Gou’er had obviously also discovered this black stone that they were chasing, but she only covered her mouth in a giggle and showed no intention of fighting for the prey.

Huan Qing Yan felt relief in her heart, her impression of Le Guo’er also increased greatly.

After a light greeting, she continued her chase.

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