Chapter 529: Intruding lady’s chamber

Crystal was shocked and she looked around nervously. However, she wasn’t able to see anyone.

“Where is the person? Even the barrier is fine.” After a while, Crystal said.

Sharman frowned and jumped out of the bed. She examined the entire room without missing a single inch. All of a sudden, she felt as though the feeling had disappeared. Could it be that she was really mistaken?

“Crystal, let’s go out and look at the drawing room and bathroom.” Sharman softly said. At this moment, she was seriously injured. If her instincts were right, she was not an opponent to the other party. Even the elder of the Dragon Race would find it very difficult to pass without anybody knowing through the detection and alarm barrier she had personally arranged.

When the two women just reached the doorway, they heard a voice coming from behind them, “No need to go through so much trouble, I am behind you.”

On reflex, Sharman attacked backward, sending a pitch-black dragon aura slash. She immediately turned around to face the person who was behind her.

An explosion sound resounded and along with that brocade quilt, that big bed turned into pieces of broken wood. The feathers inside the brocade quilt fluttered throughout the entire room like snowflakes falling from the sky.

“Heh heh, don’t be so impulsive. Impulse is a devil” Long Yi sat on the windowsill and said with a smile as he looked at the vigilant beautiful female dragons not far away from him.

“Human?” Sharman was somewhat shocked in her heart. When did the strength of humankind reach this level? Could it be that those legends of Dragon Slaying Warriors were actually real?

“Ah, it’s you! You are that fellow who lives next door with many women.” Crystal exclaimed as she pointed towards Long Yi. It was as though she had discovered the New World.

“Beautiful little girl of the Demonic Dragon Clan, your memory is truly good.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“That’s natural.” Crystal proudly raised her head. She didn’t have any thought that Long Yi would be her enemy. Perhaps, it was Long Yi’s smile which made her feel less hostile.

Sharman was clearly more mature than Crystal and she was also more experienced. She carefully sized up Long Yi for a while and she said, “Human, you enter our room without our consent so we have no choice but to doubt your objective. If you don’t make it clear, then don’t blame us for being impolite.”

“Hehe, logically speaking, your Demonic Dragon Clan should not appear in our Blue Waves Continent. You have violated the agreement by appearing here. I also have no choice but to doubt your purpose. That is why I am here.” Long Yi leisurely said with a smile as he retorted Sharman using her words.

“We have no malicious intention against humankind. We were simply bored after staying on Dragon Island for a long time. We simply came out here to play.” The innocent Crystal quickly explained.

Sharman glared at Crystal. This girl, what was her brain filled with? At first, she managed to place the blame on this fellow. However, now that Crystal had revealed their intentions, they were the ones at fault.

“How do you know our identities?” Sharman still didn’t dare to relax her vigilance.

“I just heard about it.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.

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Sharman was startled and her beautiful face suddenly stretched taut as she ferociously glared at Long Yi. This damned human had been peeping at her for a long time. Didn’t this mean that he saw her body?

“Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t see anything… I really saw nothing… Wa! Why on earth are you attacking again?” Long Yi truly wanted to close this chapter. However, when he was explaining himself, Sharman sent out several dragon arua slashes again.

Long Yi fled all around the room and was utterly helpless watching this violent Sharman. Crazy female dragons were truly not to be trifled with.

Luckily, this room had a barrier around it. In addition, Sharman’s attack power was limited due to her severe injuries. As such, the barrier wasn’t broken. If the barrier was broken, the Phoenix Inn would have been razed to the ground already. At that time, how was Long Yi going to show his face to the Phoenix Matriarch?

Sharman stopped and she breathed heavily. Now she could only glare at Long Yi and she also realized that she was Long Yi’s opponent in her current state. In addition, the strength of this human was not something Crystal could resist… She could only endure him for the time being.

“Tired? Do you want to take a tea break?” Long Yi took out a cup of green tea as if performing a magic trick and handed it over to Sharman.

Sharman obviously didn’t appreciate Long Yi’s kindness. She slapped the green tea in Long Yi’s hand and the tea flew everywhere.

Long Yi flicked his finger and shot out his spirit power. Then, the teacup rotated in the midair and all the tea in the air poured back into the cup, then the teacup flew back to the hand of Long Yi. Seeing this scene, both Sharman and Crystal were dumbfounded. The strength of the Dragon Race was very powerful, but they mainly practiced destructive abilities. It was nothing strange of them to be dumbfounded when they saw such skillful use of internal force.

“Even if you don’t want to drink, you shouldn’t waste my tea. I’m saying this to you in good faith.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and sipped a mouthful of this green tea. He turned around and walked towards the hall.

Sharman and Crystal looked at each other as they followed behind Long Yi. They took a seat which was opposite him.

“This is the right thing. Since you are not hostile to the Blue Waves Continent, we are naturally friends, not enemies. If we fight here, then you will simply attract the attention of Elder Pierre. Your days of fun will be over.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Have you seen our Elder?” Crystal asked.

“Of course. That old man likes to make a mystery out of small things in order to intimidate people.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. He has never seen our elder. He simply heard us speaking about Elder Pierre a moment ago.” Sharman said.

“Don’t doubt the words I say. The only bad thing about me is that I don’t lie.” Long Yi said. However, he secretly despised himself in his heart. He didn’t lie… Even a pig wouldn’t believe his words.

“Hehe, you are truly an interesting person. How about you bring us around to play from now on?” Crystal excitedly said. Since there had been no one to guide them and they were being chased by Elder Pierre, they hadn’t been able to enjoy themselves since arriving on the Blue Waves Continent.

“Of course, not a problem.” Long Yi readily agreed. His original purpose was this.

“But I have a problem.” Sharman coldly said.

“No, you will have no problem at all. You are injured by someone from the Divine Dragon Clan and cannot recover in a short period of time. However, I am able to cure your injury in a short amount of time. Moreover, many interesting matters will happen around me. I can guarantee that you will not be bored in the Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi said with a smile.

The two women suspiciously looked at Long Yi. As the physique and aura of the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan were completely opposite from each other, it would take a long time for them to heal the injuries suffered by the other party. Of course, that was unless someone from the opposite clan was willing to heal them.

“It seems like the two of you don’t believe my words at all. It doesn’t matter. Remove the barrier and allow me to invite a person… You will definitely believe me.” Long Yi said.

Sharman looked at Long Yi for a while as if she was discerning the intention of Long Yi. However, after thinking about it, she knew that if Long Yi wanted to harm the two of them he didn’t need to do it in such a roundabout way. She was severely injured and Crystal wasn’t his opponent. She decided to simply remove the barrier.

After Sharman muttered an incantation, a radiance flashed and a spinning pearl appeared on her palm. Now, the barrier around this luxurious compartment was removed.

Long Yi shot a glance at that pearl on her palm. This should be a rare barrier pearl. However, it was nothing surprising to Long Yi. If the Dragon Race didn’t have some kind of unusual treasure, that would be surprising.

Not long after, the door was pushed opened and Liuxu walked in as she carried Niur.

“Father, hug.” Seeing Long Yi, Niur jumped out of the bosom of Liuxu and entered into Long Yi’s embrace at lightning speed. Because Niur was too attached to Long Yi, Liuxu’s heart was often sour.

Sharman and Crystal carefully sized up Liuxu. However, they were not as strong as Elder Pierre. They were unable to see through her concealed aura.

“Eh, there is another big sister dragon.” Niur in the bosom of Long Yi said in her immature voice.

Sharman was startled in her heart and her gaze moved to Niur. When she saw Niur’s extraordinary speed, she knew that this little girl was not simple. However, she never would have thought that the little girl was able to sense her dragon aura. In addition, she said ‘another big sister dragon’. This showed that she had already seen through Crystal before.

Liuxu walked over to the side of Long Yi and sat down. She didn’t talk superfluous words, and she simply released her aura. Her powerful dragon aura filled the room.

Sharman was both startled and delighted. She could feel that the dragon aura emitted by Liuxu contained the aura of both the Demonic Dragon Clan and Divine Dragon Clan. This already explained her identity. She was the daughter of her uncle Fandi. She was the cousin she had never met.

“You… Are you truly my cousin?” Sharman said with some excitement in her voice.

Liuxu indifferently nodded her head. Along with the progress in her cultivation, her emotional control was far beyond her previous self. Besides, she had no good opinion of the Demonic Dragon Clan her father was affiliated to. She didn’t have any sort of sense of belonging to the Demonic Dragon Clan at all. It could even be said that she hated them.

Feeling the coldness coming from Liuxu, Sharman’s excitement waned. Thinking for a bit, she could understand why Liuxu was like this. If she herself was in Liuxu’s position, she wouldn’t be any different.

“You sisters can chat, I am going out first.” Long Yi said as he nibbled on Niur’s cheeks. He placed her down and walked out of the room.

After walking into the room of Feng Ling and Liuli, Long Yi heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom along with the laughter of two women. His heart instantly began to throb.

In this endless night with the lure of two beautiful women in front of him, if he didn’t do anything, he would be letting down his identity as a man.

Long Yi quietly pushed open the door of the bathroom and saw Feng Ling and Liuli sitting in the spacious bathtub as they splashed about. They were covered by a layer of thin mist. The two women had a rosy tint on their pure white skin with water droplets everywhere. This scene was inexplicably tempting and bewitching. It was especially so for the two pairs of jade hares which appeared indistinctly when they moved. It made Long Yi’s evil fire burn brighter and his heartbeat accelerated.

“Little darlings, I am coming in.” Long Yi quickly got into the bathroom. Without even removing his clothing, he shouted loudly before jumping into the huge bathtub.

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