Chapter 530: Bai Yu, rebellion

The women cried out in alarm, but they discovered that their chest’s full ** were already captured. Since their body was incomparably sensitive, the two women felt that their whole body was going soft.

“My husband, take off your clothing first.” Seeing the anxious Long Yi, Feng Ling moaned.

“Why don’t you help me take it off?” Long Yi lowered his head and sucked Feng Ling’s rosy bud as he ambiguously said. He also didn’t know what was going on tonight, but he was very **.

This…… These two women sighed at the same time. It was a near impossible task for the two women to take off Long Yi’s clothes when their sensitive places were teased. When they finished taking off all the clothing of Long Yi with great difficulty, the two women had already reached the peak. Long Yi’s omnipresent devil’s claws were working at full power.

About the matters of man and women, Feng Ling was more open compared to Liuli. In any case, she had already prepared to serve Long Yi together with Liuli tonight. Even though she knew that Long Yi was powerful, she decided that she wouldn’t be passive tonight. She wanted to take the lead.

“Bad husband, today you are a little lamb, you have to obey us.” Feng Ling’s passion was aroused and her aura became incomparably charming. She grabbed Long Yi’s hand which was teasing the place between her legs and she used her jade finger to draw circles on Long Yi’s chest.

“Fine. Your husband will be a little lamb tonight. I want to see how my two little she-wolves will deal with me.” Long Yi said with a smirk. He leaned back on the bathtub after speaking and relaxed. Changing up the roles sometimes increased the fun.

Now, Feng Ling and Liuli sat on either side of Long Yi. Even though there were three people in the bathtub, it didn’t seem crowded at all.

“Liuli, you lift that part. I will carry this side.” Feng Ling said as she reached her hand to Long Yi’s buttocks. Then, together with Liuli, they lifted Long Yi to the surface of the water. Because of the buoyancy of water, the two women didn’t seem to struggle when carrying Long Yi.

This was a bit fresh and Long Yi was secretly feeling pleased as he thought about the type of play Feng Ling was about to perform.

Feng Ling spread open the two legs of Long Yi and after hinting for Liuli to enter the water, her body disappeared under the water as well. When they emerged again, the heads of the two women were between the legs of Long Yi and the legs of Long Yi were on their shoulders.

Feng Ling looked at the high-spirited little brother of Long Yi and stretched out her fragrant tongue. As for Liuli, after receiving Feng Ling’s signal, she endured her shyness and followed suit.

Long Yi inhaled a mouthful of cold air and his ** began to boil over as he looked at the two fragrant tongues which were moving up and down around his erect little brother. This physiological and visual stimulation nearly made him lay down his arms and surrender. He had never felt this kind of pleasure before. These two women were truly his intimate good darlings.

Long Yi felt as though a fire was burning in his stomach and his little brother swelled so much that it was almost painful. Just as he was about to enter an offensive mode, Feng Ling nibbled on his little brother and she rolled her eyes at him. She said, “My husband, you agreed to be a little lamb tonight. If you break your agreement, then…… Humph humph……”

Looking at the sparkling white teeth of Feng Ling, all the hairs on Long Yi’s body stood erect and he said with a bitter face, “Lingr, don’t torment me like this.”

Feng Ling and Liuli nevertheless ignored him. Using their tongue, mouth, and hands, they spared no effort as they teased Long Yi to no end. When Long Yi would almost reach the peak, they would slow down. They refused to allow Long Yi to reach the peak. After several times, the eyes of Long Yi were already bloodshot and he was ready to risk everything.

However, the two women seemed to know that they were playing with fire. After teasing him for a few more times, Long Yi spurted along with a low roar and he felt very comfortable. He felt extremely refreshed. His fast heartbeat also began to slow down as he felt as if he was riding the clouds and flying on mist. Unknowingly, it had already become dark.

When Long Yi was feeling comfortable and refreshed, the beautiful faces of these two women were flushed and they were breathing heavily. They had no chance to vent off their **. They didn’t care about how Long Yi was still enjoying the lingering pleasure as the two of them pounced on him as if they were two tigresses. Instantly, soul-stirring moans resounded in the bathroom……

When the sky brightened, the small snowfall of yesterday had already changed into a heavy snowfall in the early morning. The entire Light City was covered by snow and ice again. Now, everything was a sea of white and only a few people could be seen walking on the road.

Long Yi extricated himself from the midst of the warm jades and went to the roof of the Phoenix Inn that was covered with snow. He didn’t know why but he suddenly felt somewhat ill at ease. It seemed as though something bad had happened.

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“Li Qing, go to the Phoenix Clan and see if there is any problem. Feng’er didn’t come back yesterday.” Long Yi suddenly said. It was very reasonable for Yu Feng to visit the Phoenix Clan as it was her home. However, according to her personality, even if she didn’t return, she would at least send him a message. However, he didn’t receive a message from her. A hint of worry appeared in his heart.

Just after he spoke, Li Qing suddenly appeared behind Long Yi. From the moment Long Yi left his room, Li Qing had been following him like a shadow. He was hiding in the dark because he didn’t want to disturb Long Yi’s thoughts.

“Yes, Young Master.” Li Qing accepted the order and disappeared into the snowstorm.

Long Yi felt his heart that was still beating rapidly and he frowned. He had lingered in front of the gate of hell many times and he completely believed in his intuition. His state of mind would not be in chaos for no reason.

At that moment, a crane cry suddenly came from far away which startled Long Yi.

“Bai Yu?” The eyes of Long Yi flashed. With a jump, he disappeared from the roof. There was something wrong with Bei Yu’s cry.

Flying towards the origin of this crane cry, Long Yi quickly arrived at the mountain located at the outskirts of the city. There was no one in sight and there was no other sound with the exception of the wind.

Long Yi looked all around and used his spirit power to scan all around him. Finally, he was able to sense a very weak aura a hundred meters away from him.

In the midst of the snow, Long Yi saw Bai Yu practically buried in the snowland. Bai Yu had snow-white fur, and if not for its pure eyes, it would be hard for Long Yi to notice it.

“Bai Yu.” Long Yi dug it out of the snow as he had a hint of ominous premonition in his heart. Could it be that Mu Hanyan had a mishap? Who had the ability to hurt her? Bai Yu had a strength which exceeded most of the magical beasts. In addition, even though Long Yi had not seen its attack power, he knew that its speed and perception was matchless. Other than some old monsters, basically no could injure it. Unless, it was Mu Hanyan who was fatally injured. The condition of Mu Hanyan directly affected Bai Yu’s state. As such, it was highly probably that Mu Hanyan was the one who was seriously injured.

Bai Yu weakly cried in the bosom of Long Yi and suddenly spat out a milky white pearl.

Long Yi carefully looked at this pearl. However, he had no idea what the pearl represented. After a long while, Long Yi suddenly recalled that crystal ball which recorded the video he found in Lost City. It activated after he injected his spirit power.

Regardless of whether it was useful or not, Long Yi tried to inject a bit of his spirit power into this pearl. When his spirit power entered the pearl, Long Yi’s sea of consciousness shook. A scene appeared in his mind.

After a long time, Long Yi opened his eyes and his eyes shone with a cold radiance. From the pearl, he “saw” the entire process of Mu Hanyan falling into the trap. It seemed as though the Military Advisor couldn’t bear to not make a move. As long as Mu Hanyan was trapped, there was no one who knew the method to completely destroy those dark warriors and magicians. Long Yi knew how terrifying the dark warriors were from experience. He might be able to deal with them, however, what about the others? Moreover, he didn’t know how many killing machines were refined by the Military Advisor. His killing machines could kill people like flies…

Long Yi knew the method to lay out that forbidden magic array and it wasn’t difficult for him to destroy it. However, it would consume some time. This also meant that he had to return to Soaring Dragon City as soon as possible. If he didn’t do so, it would be too late.

“Honglong, honglong……” At this moment, several explosion sounds resounded in the sky. Long Yi saw flames rising from all direction in Light City. In addition, he could indistinctly hear the sounds of battle.

Rebellion? The gaze of Long Yi became cold. Finally, it had begun. This was perfect. Once he settled this, he would be able to save a lot of trouble in the future.

Long Yi flew back to Light City and discovered that the rebellion armed force was not as big as he had imagined. It was unexpectedly just a trifling squad of four hundred or so people. He knew that they would be suppressed before long. However, the one thing he had not expected was that there was a conflict at the Phoenix Clan.

The Phoenix Clan was full of experts. They had more than a thousand private soldiers. However, the current circumstance was somewhat chaotic. According to the report, the experts of the Phoenix Clan had intruded into the military camp. They were killing several higher-ranking general officers. As a result, the Phoenix Clan was attacked. Now, the army didn’t know what to do.

The conflict intensified even more. The estates of the Phoenix Clan were spread all over Light City. Everyone who was working there had picked up weapons and they started to fight against the army. Now, Light City was in chaos. Battle cries could be heard everywhere.

The people who were causing the more trouble were the traveling merchants. These traveling merchants had dozens or even several hundred guards to escort them. Those merchants who were affected also joined the battle which made the situation even more chaotic. One could say that some fellows were taking advantage of this chaotic battle to reap benefits.

At this time, Yin Jian rushed over and asked Long Yi what they should do.

“Notify the soldiers outside to enter the city and suppress this rebellion. Ask them to lay down their weapons for a maximum of three times. If they surrender, ask them to squat down and hold their head. If they fail to comply, kill them on the spot.” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and said.

A large number of armed soldiers entered Light City and quickly went everywhere. Even though they had shouted for people to lay down their weapons, there were many who didn’t listen. As such, they were all killed. Regardless of the status of the people who were fighting, everyone who didn’t listen to the soldiers were shot by arrows. They were turned into hedgehogs. The smell of blood started to spread throughout the city.

Only after the streets were dyed red with blood, some people woke up. As if waking up from a dream, they threw away the weapons in their hand. They curled up into a ball as they shivered with fear. In an extremely short period of time, several thousand corpses lied on the ground of Light City. Such a bloody scene shocked and frightened everyone so much that they kept quiet out of fear with a restless heart.

In the end, only the courtyard of the Phoenix Clan had magic and douqi flashing everywhere. The armed force completely surrounded it, but they didn’t dare to charge in. The Phoenix Clan had dozens of high level magicians, Sword Masters, and Great Sword Masters. In addition, there was a crossbow unit who was waiting in ambush. The armed forces had no way to charge into the courtyard.

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