Chapter 213: Swindled Too Much

“This…alright,” When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, they were all convinced. They grasped the pils in their hands. Then, they flew towards the swamp slowly.

“He shouldn’t be lying, right? We will be able to cross this swamp with just a pill?” A lot of those who stood at the shore looked at the person who was flying.

“Who knows? Let’s take a look first! If it’s true, we have no choice but to buy it as well.”

“Ah! Eh? Haha! It’s really possible! Really possible! Haha!” That person flew to the one kilometer mark when dozens of alligators flew up. At first he was startled, pulling out his weapon to fight, but when he saw the alligators had flown to about 20 meters away from him, and they had abruptly stopped, he immediately shouted joyfully.

“What! Really succeeded?! Friend, I am willing to fork out 1000 spiritual stones. I also want one. No, I am willing to fork out 2000, give me two!” When they saw the alligators had actually surrounded the cultivator, but did not attack, the cultivators were stirred as they immediately shouted at Cheng Yu. But when they thought the pill could suddenly lose its effect, they quickly added the second half of the sentence.

“Right. I also want one,” At this moment, the person who was about to cross the swamp had also noticed this problem, so he suddenly flew back to Cheng Yu’s side and took out another 1000 low-grade spiritual stones. Cheng Yu was elated. He had never thought that these people were actually much more extravagant than he originally thought. When he shouted out the price, he was still doubtful if he had placed the price too high.

However, he never expected that these people’s purchasing power would be so great. However, after much pondering, to these cultivators who always went out to train, to some extent they would have some savings and could not be compared to those old beggars in Secular Kunlun. D*mn it, doesn’t this mean that he had given a low price to them? But after thinking about how 1000 low-grade spiritual stones was able to buy a low-grade treasured tool, Cheng Yu felt a lot better.

“First come, first serve. There are limited quantities. Once it is out of stock, you will have to think of how to get past the swamp yourself,” Cheng Yu saw there were still a lot of people standing and watching at the side, so he shouted to entice them.

“What? There’s limited stock? Let’s go, we must quickly buy a few. Otherwise, we will have to look at others seeking treasures!” When they heard Cheng Yu saying there was limited stock, a lot of them immediately grew anxious.

“Boss, what should we do? We don’t have that many spiritual stones!” Those who had spiritual stones all went forward to buy, but those who did not have enough spiritual stones were all standing at the shore anxiously. Especially when they saw those who had bought the pills and flew into the swamp, their heart grew even more anxious.

“How about this! Let’s buy one together. See those alligators distanced themselves so far away and do not dare to move forward. A few of us sharing one pill shouldn’t be a problem,” The boss was also feeling very anxious. When he saw more and more people had flown away, he quickly thought of an idea and said.

“Right. Let’s buy a pill together,” So, they took out their spiritual stones and finally managed to gather 1000 low-grade spiritual stones.

“Haha. Boss, I brought the pill back,” That person held onto the pill excitedly as he came back.

“Go. Let’s go and test it out,” The few of them had long gotten impatient. They gathered together and flew into the swamp.

“Haha! Success! This method is feasible!” When they saw the alligators had surrounded them, but did not attack, they immediately got excited.

“Quickly look, those people only used one pill. Let’s use their method as well,” Seeing their methods, those broke cultivators also gathered together to pool their funds for 1000 spiritual stones, sharing one pill together.

“F*ck! These b*st*rds. This is possible?!” Cheng Yu was selling delightedly when he suddenly saw the change in the situation. Immediately, he became gloomy. However, it did not really matter to him. In any case, the price of the pill would not change, but with the change of situation, people who would buy the pill alone had significantly decreased. A lot of them had chosen to group together to buy one. Since the pills on him weren’t sold fully, Cheng Yu flew at the swamp’s edge, finding other buyers.

Fortunately the market was very big. The amount of people who were hindered by Death Swamp was a lot more than 1000 people. Even if they grouped together to buy it, the 1000 pills Cheng Yu made was sufficient to support the market. Besides, there were still a lot of people coming over to try to get past the Death Swamp.

“Senior Brother Wufeng, that kid’s pill is actually able to help them get past this Death Swamp. It’s so strange. Didn’t teacher say that only the short grass on the shore had such an effect? But the effect of those who used the pill was a lot better than our short grass,” Seeing so many people had surrounded Cheng Yu to buy the pill frantically, a group of people who stood a distance away said curiously.

“Wu Yuan, go and buy a pill so that we can have a look,” Leng Wufeng said to a cultivator named Wu Yuan.

“Senior Brother Wufeng, the pill cost 1000 low-grade spiritual stones,” Wu Yuan said embarrassingly. It was not that he did not have that many spiritual stones on him, but this was not his problem. Why must he be the one forking out the 1000 spiritual stones to buy the pill? However, Leng Wufeng was his senior brother, so he did not dare to voice out his thoughts.

“Here!” Leng Wufeng’s complexion turned cold as he took out 1000 low-grade spiritual stones and gave it to Wu Yuan. Wu Yuan was delighted as he took the spiritual stones and ran over.

A short while later, Wu Yuan took a pill back, “Senior Brother, here.”

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“Such a familiar smell,” Leng Wufeng picked up the pill and sniffed as he frowned and said.

“En. This smell is very familiar,” The few of them also took the pill and sniffed.

“Senior Brother Wufeng, this seems to be the smell of the short grass,” One of them suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“Oh?” Leng Wufeng took out the short grass on him and sniffed. Truly, it had a similar smell on it. The smell on this short grass was very faint, but if it was sniffed carefully, they would still be able to smell the resemblance, ”Indeed, it’s the smell of this short grass.”

“Senior Brother Wufeng, teacher said that all the big sects had agreed that they would not divulge the secret of the short grass. But now, this person actually refined the short grass into pills to earn money. What should we do?” One of them asked.

“Why not go expose him?” One of them saw the crazy amount of spiritual stones that Cheng Yu kept on collecting, and both his eyes shone as he said in extreme jealousy.

“Idiot. If you expose him like that, it’s like telling them that this pill was made from those short grasses, wouldn’t it be the same as divulging the secret?” One of them said disdainfully.

“Haha. We, as one of the 10 big sects, ought to protect this swamp. More importantly, we must implement the regulations set by our 10 big sects,” Leng Wufeng looked at the excited Cheng Yu and said coldly.

“Then Senior Brother Wufeng’s meaning is…” Everyone was puzzled.

“Let him sell, everything he sold will be ours,” Leng Wufeng smiled nonchalantly.

“Oh! I understand. Heh! Senior Brother is still the brilliant on,” All of them suddenly saw the light as they laughed. Although there were a lot of wealthy people, there were still quite a number of poor people as well. To be able to put forth 1000 low-grade spiritual stones was not something insignificant.

Cheng Yu wandered around a few places. Before the sky had gotten dark, he had finally sold all the pills on him. Cheng Yu was very excited, but he did not dare to appear in front of everyone again. Once he finished selling the pills, he had disappeared without any traces. Cheng Yu looked for a relatively hidden place and was preparing to rest for the night, before he entered the swamp tomorrow.

As for the pill, Cheng Yu no longer had any intention to refine it. The business was very good, but the market would temporarily have no demand for it. The reason why Cheng Yu was able to sell all of it within a day with such a sky high price was because of the long period of time that these people had waited here. A lot of them did not have the method to get through this swamp, but they did not leave and had always been searching for a way to pass it.

Now that the pill had appeared, those who had the ability to afford it had basically bought it and entered into the swamp. The remaining ones were either those who couldn’t afford it or were those cultivators who had just reached the swamp. Even if there were people who could afford it, the amount was very little. Therefore, there was no longer a need for Cheng Yu to continue refining the pills. Another important reason was because he had long realized that there were a few people who had been paying close attention to him. Furthermore, their strength wasn’t weak. The amount of money he had transacted was too alluring. Cheng Yu had around 1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones on him, and even he was excited by it.

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Although these people had no idea how many pills he had sold, just by seeing the money he had earned already caused them to be envious. If Cheng Yu were to continue being greedy, he might not have the life to spend this sum of money.

“Oh? Isn’t this Shushan Sect’s Leng Wufeng? What’s wrong? So late in the night, you are bringing your junior brothers to admire the moon?” At a spot near where Cheng Yu had hidden himself, an eccentric voice was transmitted out.

“Hmph! It turns out to be Kunlun’s Yun Feng. What? Could it be that your juniors also had the mood to come out and admire the moon?” Leng Wufeng said to Yun Feng coldly.

“Since it’s like that, your Shushan Sect go that side, and our Kunlun will go this side. How about that?” Yun Feng pointed at the east and west as he said.

“For what reason must we be going there and you going there. We want that side,” Leng Wufeng looked at the direction and felt that the chances of Cheng Yu being at the east side was a lot higher.

“Fine. Then we will go that side. Let’s go,” Yun Feng did not wish to continue tangling with Leng Wufeng as finding the person was a lot more important.

“Senior Brother, that surnamed Leng is too arrogant. Why should we yield to him?” When he saw Leng Wufeng had brought his team and left, one of the people behind Yun Feng said discontentedly.

“If you possessed his strength, you can also be this arrogant,” Yun Feng said nonchalantly.

“This…” Yun Lei was speechless. Leng Wufeng’s methods were known to be fierce and malicious. He did not dare to issue a challenge to him.

“The person we are looking for might be there,” Yun Feng opened his mouth and said once again.

“Then why did Senior Brother yield to him? With your strength, there is no need for us to be afraid of him,” Yun Lei said in puzzlement.

“Hmph! I naturally do not put a Leng Wufeng in my eyes at all. He’s just a bold, but not very astute person. The reason why I gave it to him is because I wanted him to probe the location for us. We can just benefit from their dispute. Go. Let’s return and follow them,” Yun Feng harrumphed as a ray of light flashed passed his eyes, walking in the direction Leng Wufeng had left.

“It turns out that Senior Brother was thinking of this idea. Truly brilliant. If that surnamed Leng saw us, he would definitely be angered to the point of vomiting blood!” Yun Lei heard Yun Feng’s plan, and immediately he raised his eyebrows in delight as he gave him a thumbs up and said.

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