Chapter 214: Evils Brought on Ourselves Are the Hardest to Bear

Cheng Yu hid himself in the cavern and listened to the two groups disputing noisily. Both of their groups added together totaled up to dozens of people, and the difficulty of dealing with them was just too big. Fortunately, these two groups were not on friendly terms. Cheng Yu hid himself in the cavern and was contemplating if he should dash out. Hiding in such an obvious cavern, it was very easy for them to spot him, and resigning himself to his fate was absolutely out of Cheng Yu’s character.

“Swish!” Cheng Yu dashed out.

“Senior Brother, look quickly! That kid is over there!” The sharp-eyed Wu Yuan immediately saw a human figure dashing out from the cavern, he quickly shouted.

“Chase!” Leng Wufeng signaled as he chased without delay.

“D*mn it! Only six of them. Why should I be afraid of them!” Cheng Yu turned his head around to take a look, immediately got angry. He stopped.

“Why are you stopping? Continue running!” Leng Wufeng saw Cheng Yu had stopped in front of them, he thought Cheng Yu was afraid, so he gave up escaping. Wu Yuan went up two steps and said complacently.

“I wondered who it was, turns out that it’s Shushan Sect’s people. May I know why you fellows are chasing after me so closely?” Previously, Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to it. Now that the distance between them was so close, Cheng Yu finally saw their clothing. He had already seen a few Shushan Sect cultivators before, so naturally he would be able to recognize their clothes.

“Kid, since you know that we are from Shushan, why are you not kneeling down? If you are sensible, hand over all the spiritual stones. Perhaps, our Senior Brother would agree to let you off,” Wu Ye went forward and said arrogantly.

“Haha. Shushan Sect is just a pile of sh*t in front of me. You people are just a few maggots, what’s there for you to be proud of?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You are looking for death!” Wu Xin was angered as he unsheathed his sword and stabbed over.

“Ha. You asked for it!” Since it was Shushan’s people, Cheng Yu was no longer polite.

The Qi in Cheng Yu’s body surged forth violently, pouring into the long sword, causing the sword blade to be suffused in blue rays. When the blue ray flashed at the sword point, the Qi revolved rapidly, forming a whirlpool.

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“Bang!” Both the sword points collided with each other. However at that moment, Cheng Yu’s sword continue pressing forward. With a bang, Wu Xin’s sword was broken into pieces.

“Bang! Bang!” Wu Xin’s Qi armor had also been shattered into pieces.

“Stop!” Leng Wufeng’s complexion changed as he pierced at Cheng Yu with his sword Qi. Leng Wufeng’s words had only been transmitted out, and Cheng Yu’s sword had already pierced into Wu Xin’s heart, sticking out from his body.

“Pu!” Wu Xin coughed out blood, displaying a shocked expression. He was truly unable to understand. Similarly at Foundation Establishment late stage, so why was he unable to withstand even a single blow? How was Cheng Yu able to kill him in a move?

“Who the hell are you?” Leng Wufeng said coldly with a solemn expression. Junior Brother Wu Xin was only a little worse than him, but the other party was actually able to kill him off in a move. Such strength made him felt fear.

“Haha. Who I am is not important. What’s important is…tonight you are all dying!” Cheng Yu was very pleased with that move of his. Sure enough, the might of a Treasured Tool was not something those Magic Tool could be compared to. If he had used this sword to fight against Huang Wen, wouldn’t Huang Wen have died?

“So conceited. I really wish to see if you really have the ability to kill us all,” Although Leng Wufeng had said so, he knew that it would be a challenge to fight against Cheng Yu. He was able to kill a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator in a single move. That was not something any ordinary cultivator could do.

“Haha! I never once lied to a dead man,” Cheng Yu’s sword had once again surfaced with blue rays.

“Kill!” Leng Wufeng shouted as the five of them attacked. The five of them had cultivated and trained together for many years. They long had a mutual understanding towards each other. Their attack and defense were like a towering mountain. Their attack speed was very fast, and very quickly they got the upper hand in the fight. However, Cheng Yu was not someone who could be defeated so easily. The sword flashed with blue rays again and the sword point was revolving with Qi again. Before their swords had even collided, the Shushan Sect people were already repelled. Immediately, Cheng Yu regained control of the situation, causing the five of them to lose their momentum.

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“Senior Brother Yun Feng, who is that person? He’s actually so strong. Luckily Senior Brother planned far ahead, letting them be the lab rat. Otherwise, we would be the ones having the headache,” Hidden faraway, Yun Feng and his people were witnessing Cheng Yu’s strength, their hearts were all astonished.

“No idea. But should be one of those secluded old freak’s direct disciple. I am very clear of Leng Wufeng’s strength. Now that the five of them joined hands and are still at the lower hand, this person is indeed strong!” Yun Feng gazed at the battlefield. Yun Feng was a proud person, but not arrogant. With his strength, when dueling Leng Wufeng, he might still stand a chance holding the upper hand, but facing five Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators, it was something he had never thought of before. When he saw how formidable Cheng Yu was, Yun Feng’s blood continued to boil non-stop. He wished to go forward and challenge him, but fortunately he still endured it.

“Wouldn’t it mean that we no longer have a chance?” Yun Lei said somewhat regretfully.

“That may not be so. That person might be formidable, but after all, he’s alone. He’s not suitable to fight a prolonged battle. As long as Leng Wufeng is able to persevere for a period of time, the consumption of Qi of that person will be very high. It would be best if both sides were heavily injured. This way, our chances would be even greater,” Yun Feng smiled. Even though he admired Cheng Yu’s strength, he was still an enemy. The best way to defeat the enemy was to put them to eternal rest.

“Formation! Five Elements Fatal Formation!” Cheng Yu’s strength was too astonishing. Even after the five of them joined hands, they were still being suppressed by him. Leng Wufeng no longer dared to reserve any strength as he immediately put forth Shushan’s combined assault formation.

“Combine!” All of them obeyed the order as they jumped into their position to form the Five Elements Fatal Formation.

“Heh! Interesting. Kunlun’s Kingkong Array was meant for defense, while offense was supplementary. Meanwhile, Shushan’s Five Elements Fatal Formation is meant for offense with very weak defense. But in the world, the best defense is unceasing attacks. This Five Elements Fatal Formation is not easy to break through,” Seeing Shushan’s people had actually been forced to display the Five Elements Fatal Formation, Yun Feng grew even more delighted.

“D*mn it. Another formation. I never expected that all these sects had actually learned formations as part of their cultivation!” Ever since the Kingkong Array from Kunlun, Cheng Yu dreaded formations. Cheng Yu circulated his Qi as he chopped down ferociously. A large sword Qi flew towards one of them. Formations had rules: there were positions that were eyes. Eyes are what make up the formation core. Therefore, Cheng Yu’s objective was to disrupt their formation position. As long as one of them was not in the right position, the formation would be broken.

However, it wasn’t as simple as Cheng Yu thought. Not only did the target evade his attack, he did not even leave his formation position.

“Kill!” Leng Wufeng shouted as the five of them attacked together. The formation was formed with metal, wood, water, fire and wood. Inside, Cheng Yu had been dodging unceasingly. Slicing, charging, retreat. With the tragic experience caused by Kunlun, Cheng Yu no longer dared to be contemptuous. He felt that formation could only be broken through by force.

“Howl!” Cheng Yu punched out in the direction he felt was the weakest. A large lion head congealed in front of Cheng Yu. With a howl, it charged towards the person who was in that direction.

“Pu!” It was too fast. That person had never thought that Cheng Yu would use such a powerful move. Being struck by the lion head head on, he was sent flying to the tree behind him.

“Senior Brother Feng! This move…it’s like the one that was mentioned in Kunlun’s death list…” When he saw the move Cheng Yu had used to counterattack, Yun Lei was startled as he said doubtfully.

“Correct. This move is really similar to what the higher-ups said. Could it be that he’s Cheng Yu?!” Upon realizing the situation, Yun Feng was no longer unperturbed as he said excitedly. Kunlun had long sent out the death order in their sect. Furthermore, it had posted out the portrait and move of Cheng Yu’s. Now, the whole of Kunlun already knew of Cheng Yu as one of the must kill people.

More importantly, the sect had given out a sky high reward for this. As long as anyone was able to kill Cheng Yu, the sect was willing to give the person 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones and a low-grade spiritual tool as the reward. Cheng Yu was just a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator. Only at Golden Core realm would a cultivator be able to utilize the power of a spiritual tool. This was sufficient to show the importance and hatred Kunlun had for Cheng Yu.

Let’s not talk about the 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones, just the spiritual tool alone was sufficient to lure a lot of people. Originally, they did not put it in their minds at all as they felt that to find a person in this vast world was almost impossible. But when they saw that the person they were looking for was right in front of them, how could they give up such a chance? If it was not because Cheng Yu had displayed such a gorgeous and obvious move, in this dark night, they would really not be able to recognize Cheng Yu just by his looks.

There were more than 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones on Cheng Yu. As long as they were able to kill him, not only would they be able to obtain those spiritual stones on him, they would still be able to get the sect’s rewards. This caused them to be excited.

“Senior Brother, if it’s like that, we really struck a fortune! We must definitely kill this Cheng Yu. He’s simply a treasure-trove!”

“That’s right. Senior Brother, the harvest we had for a trip in Death Forest might even be less than the reward for killing this kid,” After the others knew of Cheng Yu’s identity, they immediately got excited as well.

“Everyone don’t be anxious. This Cheng Yu wouldn’t be able to escape. He’s doomed to be our dish,” Yun Feng suppressed the excitement he had in him as he said to everyone.

“Who the hell are you?” Leng Wufeng’s complexion had turned ashen as his hand clenched his chest and said in difficulty.

This person’s strength was not only shocking, it was simply too dreadful. Never before had he heard of a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator who was able to fight so many similar cultivation cultivators alone and still hold the upper hand. This fighting strength, it should almost match up to Golden Core Realm!

“Haha! Even if you knew, what can you do? In any case, it still can’t change the fact that you guys are about to die,” Cheng Yu’s strength was great, but he had never once massacred people. He also knew that he had to be low-key, but others always liked to treat him as their prey. The life of escaping here and there had caused his mood to be stifled. He needed to vent it! This time, Cheng Yu was no longer merciful. The evil you bring upon yourself will be the hardest to bear!

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