Chapter 215: Spoiler(Chapter title at the btm)

“Hahaha! I admit that you are powerful, to the extent that it is difficult for us to imagine. But to kill us all, you are still incapable. Even if we want to leave, you still wouldn’t be able to stop us,” Leng Wufeng laughed.

“Hehe. It’s fine. If you all wish to escape, I am really unable to do anything to it. But among the four, I am still able to capture one of you. As for which of you who will get captured by me, it all depends on your destiny,” Cheng Yu walked to the two who had died and seized their storage pouches openly as he spoke unconcernedly.

“You…!” Cheng Yu’s words had caused the complexion of those four to change. Cheng Yu’s strength was so strong, if the four of them were to split up and escape, even Leng Wufeng, the strongest among them was also not confident. However, the other three would be able to escape safely. But when the four of them were to escape together, their chances would be a lot higher, but there was also the possibility of none of them being able to escape.

“Go ahead! I like to chase after my prey!” Cheng Yu looked at the four of them and laughed.

“Do you know that if you really killed us all, our Shushan Sect will not let you off? Aren’t you afraid of never-ending hunt from Shushan?” When they saw how indifferent Cheng Yu was, never placing them in his heart at all, Leng Wufeng was angered, but now that there were only four of them, they were unable to use their formation. Even if they had joined hands, they still weren’t Cheng Yu’s opponent, without a choice he could only use his sect.

“Haha. Really?” Cheng Yu gazed at the one who was more injured. His sword lit up. In an instant, he flashed to the front of that person and pierced his throat. This was the strength of the Primeval Chaos Sword Art. It equalized the speed and strength of the caster. An injured Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator was like tofu as he was pierced by Cheng Yu.

“Since killing one is also slaughtering, what’s the difference in killing a few more then? You think that by using Shushan, it can save your lives? Could it be that the people in Shushan are all so naive?” Cheng Yu extracted his sword and retrieved that person’s pouch as he mocked.

“You…then what do you want?” Leng Wufeng had never once been humiliated like this as he said with a face filled with anger.

“Hahahaha! The funniest joke I ever heard before was ‘What do you want?’ The one who wanted to kill me was you and yet now you are asking me what I want? You tell me, isn’t it funny? Hahahaha!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Don’t win an inch and want a foot!” At this moment, Leng Wufeng was regretful. If it was not because of his greed, he wouldn’t have ended up in this state today. If he knew, he would have let Kunlun people take this side.

“Alright. All of you are about to die and I still chatted with you all for so long. You guys should be dying in peace now,” Cheng Yu did not wish to waste any more time as there were two groups of people. Having fought for so long, the other group should have already hidden themselves in some places. He wanted to make this group an example, deterring the others.

“Risk it!” Leng Wufeng howled as he charged up. The other two of them hesitated. Ultimately, they lifted up their swords and charged forth.

“Senior Brother! This Cheng Yu is so powerful. He already killed three of them, but his vigor is not any weaker. Should we make a move and help Shushan’s people? I am afraid after Cheng Yu kills them all, it will be hard for us to take him down!” Yun Lei saw how cruel and strong Cheng Yu was, so he started to get worried.

“No. Leng Wufeng has yet run out of Qi and Cheng Yu’s consumption of Qi is still not critical. If we go forward like this, we are just purely helping Shushan and will place us in risk. We must be well prepared, it would be best if we were able to mount a sneak attack on Cheng Yu,” Yun Feng had also started to get worried because Cheng Yu’s performance was too valiant. On the record of the hunting order, it wrote that Cheng Yu had another ultimate move. Yun Feng did not dare take any risk.

“Ah!” This moment, Cheng Yu’s sword had pierced through a person’s body. With a kick, he sent that person flying. He clenched his left hand, congealing the Qi as he punched it at the two people who were charging towards him. Leng Wufeng’s expression turned frenetic. The other two brandished their swords as they cleaved at the white phantom fist. At this moment, Cheng Yu had already focused his Qi came to the front of them. With a Primeval Chaos Stab, it penetrated the other person’s neck.

“Ah!” Witnessing the death of his comrades one after another, Leng Wufeng had fallen into despair as he howled. Using Shushan’s sword technique, Nimble Thousand Heart Sword, he stabbed at Cheng Yu’s heart. The attack speed was very fast, as if a sword had been turned into ten thousand swords. Cheng Yu cleaved his sword Qi as he rotated his body and retreated promptly. However, the cleave was a bit too late as he got stabbed in his waist.

Cheng Yu’s legs landed on the big tree behind him as he bounced back. Making use of the time frame that Leng Wufeng was still evading his sword Qi, Cheng Yu stabbed out once again. Leng Wufeng wanted to use the sword blade to block this stab, but Primeval Chaos Stab had Qi revolving at the sword point. With that, the sword was pierced into Leng Wufeng’s chest.

“It’s this time!” Yun Feng who had long got himself near the battlefield, was preparing himself to engage in the fight at any point of time had leaped and flew into their line of sight at that moment.

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“Chi! Chi! Chi!” Endless amounts of sword Qi was launched at both Cheng Yu and Leng Wufeng. Cheng Yu saw the situation. Without any reserve, he pulled Leng Wufeng’s body over and blocked in front of him.

“Pu! Pu!” All the sword Qi that was aimed at Cheng Yu was blocked by Leng Wufeng.

“Yun Feng, turned out that you had premeditated all this!” Leng Wufeng’s mouth was dripping blood while his eyes were devoid of any life as he said unresigned.

“Hmph! Relying on you trash and still want to contend with me,” Yun Feng looked at Leng Wufeng in disdain as he said.

“…” Leng Wufeng’s lips quivered before both of his hands dangled down as he died.

“Cheng Yu, even if you had grown wings today, you won’t be able to escape. You should just surrender!” Yun Feng no longer looked at Leng Wufeng as he turned around and looked at Cheng Yu as he said loudly.

“Haha! Here comes another group after one died. There’s so many people who take things too hard in this world! What? Kunlun only sent you few fishes to come and deal with me? Seems like Kunlun doesn’t have many people left,” With just a look, Cheng Yu was able to tell that they were all Kunlun people. Besides, in the Cultivation World, to be able to call out his name, other than the old man, it would be Kunlun.

“Hmph. The amount of experts in Kunlun is like clouds, uncountable. Killing you, a small fry, we are sufficient!” Although Yun Feng had phrased it this way, his eyes had still stared at Cheng Yu closely and did not dare to contain any hints of contempt. Just now, the situation had changed too quickly. Cheng Yu had easily killed three of them, causing Yun Feng to no longer be able to endure any longer. Luckily, Cheng Yu had also gotten injured. But from the looks of it, it did not seem serious.

“Haha, really? I believe just now when you guys were hiding at one side, you should have also seen it very clearly. When I started massacring, even I would be afraid. Are you guys really prepared?” Cheng Yu gazed at the eight of them. When all of them saw his vicious expression, their heart’s shuddered and they no longer dared to look into Cheng Yu’s eyes.

“Kill. Don’t listen to him spouting nonsense,” Yun Feng saw everyone’s expression and knew this was Cheng Yu’s scheme. Immediately, he shouted and started attacking. Different from Shushan’s sword techniques, Kunlun was focused in utilizing sword Qi. Cheng Yu was not at all surprised by it. When it came to Kunlun’s moves, he had already gotten some understanding of it. He leaped from tree to tree, fleeing in a random pattern.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!” Countless tree branches, trunks and leaves were falling down endlessly.

“Ah!” Cheng Yu found an opportunity and hid himself in one of the tree trunks. All of a sudden, he sprang out with a sword and pierced one of their backs. Hearing the miserable shriek, everyone looked over. They only saw a human shadow flying up to a branch and disappeared.

“Pow!” Yun Feng chopped down with his sword, splitting the tree into two. But he was still unable to spot Cheng Yu’s shadow.

“Ah!” A miserable scream resonated at their left once again. All of them turned around and saw a human shadow. Yun Feng once again sliced down, other than splitting the big tree, there was nothing else.

“B*st*rd! Everyone, face each other’s back and assemble together!” Yun Feng saw that Cheng Yu had easily killed two of them, so he immediately adjusted the strategy.

“Cheng Yu, you coward! If you have the ability, come out and fight with us openly. How can you be counted as a hero using such crafty schemes,” Everyone swept their surroundings, but they were unable to spot any movements as Yun Feng shouted.

“Haha! With so many of you fighting against me, you still dare to ask me fight openly with you all. You are even funnier than those dead Shushan people!” A laugh resonated from the top of a big tree.

“Bang!” Yun Feng slashed at the sound once again. But ultimately, there was nothing there.

“I’ll let you experience my simmer-fried Lion Head! Howl!” Cheng Yu’s voice had just disappeared when the lion’s howl had already resonated. Subsequently, a white lion phantom image charged at them.

“Boom!” The explosion blasted all of them away.

“Ah!” One of them had just landed down after the explosion, and before he had even gotten a clear understanding of the situation, Cheng Yu’s sword had already penetrated his skull. Cheng Yu did not stop attacking as he relied on the chaos and killed another two people.

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“Cheng Yu, you b*st*rd! You finally dared to appear. You coward!” When he saw Cheng Yu had finally stood in front of him, Yun Feng’s appearance was a mess as he scolded angrily.

“Haha! So what if I appeared. Look at how many of you are left,” Cheng Yu laughed as he said. At this very moment, Cheng Yu finally found out that sneak attack was actually the best killing method. Without much effort, he had already killed five of them.

“This…you…you b*st*rd!” Yun Feng glanced to his left and right, and he found out that there were only three people left. Immediately, he was angered to the point of his body trembling.

“Haha! Turns out that your Kunlun’s reputation is just sh*t,” Cheng Yu did not wish to drag this any longer as he lifted up his sword and charged at the other two people. This time, Cheng Yu intended to end it quickly. He punched out a phantom fist. Using the opportunity where they were still blocking the phantom fist, he suddenly used the Primeval Chaos Stab and attacked, taking away both of their lives.

“Haha! Now, it’s just us. This is fair fight then,” Cheng Yu did not let Yun Feng have any opportunity to speak. His sword was encircled in blue rays as he slashed it at Yun Feng.

“Kid, you are quite bold huh, to actually dare to kill my Kunlun disciples,” Just when Cheng Yu stabbed towards Yun Feng, a voice echoed out from the forest.

“Clang!” Cheng Yu’s sword was suddenly been blocked.

“Where did this old b*st*rd come from!” Cheng Yu was startled. Cheng Yu felt the aura of that person. Without a doubt, Golden Core Realm.

Chapter 215: Golden Core Realm Expert Moves!

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