Chapter 216: Abnormality!

“Who are you? To actually dare to kill so many Kunlun disciples! If you don’t give me a good explanation, don’t even think of leaving here alive!” An old man arrived in front of Cheng Yu, sweeping his eyes over him. When he saw that there were a few dead bodies wearing Kunlun clothes, he immediately displayed an ugly expression and looked at Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Not only is your Kunlun very funny, even your shamelessness is also second to none. Admirable! What? Just because you can’t defeat me with a group of people, you will use your seniority to bully me? You can only bully those weaker than you,” Cheng Yu retreated a few steps as he said in extreme disdain.

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“Hmph! What a nimble mouth. You killed so many of my Kunlun cultivators, so could it be that I can’t emerge to demand justice?” The old man looked at Cheng Yu and harrumphed coldly.

“Justice? Could it be that justice in the Cultivation World is judged by Kunlun? Kunlun had so many Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators sneak attacking me. Contrary, when they were killed by me, it only meant that their skills were ordinary. You, a Golden Core expert, wants to make a move and bully a Foundation Establishment kid, aren’t you afraid that all the cultivators around the world would sneer at your actions?” Cheng Yu disdainfully said. Although he knew that he was still unable to defeat a Golden Core expert, Cheng Yu was also not someone who would succumb to pressure.

“This…” The old man’s expression was very ugly. These Kunlun disciples were too useless. So many of them yet they could not defeat a person. Furthermore, the opponent was just a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator. Cultivators had always paid high importance to their reputation. Kunlun’s Golden Core expert went to bully a Foundation Establishment kid was truly unpleasant to hear. If this rumor spread, where would he place his face when he’s in front of others?

“Martial Uncle! Don’t listen to him talking rubbish. He’s Cheng Yu, one of our Kunlun must-kill people!” Standing behind the old man, Yun Feng saw his uncle was having the intention to let Cheng Yu off. Immediately, he got anxious as he quickly voiced out Cheng Yu’s identity.

“What! You are Cheng Yu! Good, really one will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to!” The old man said surprisingly. When it came to Cheng Yu’s name, he was not unfamiliar with it because Kunlun’s Sect Master had personally issued a hunting order in the sect, especially for the Golden Core experts. Kunlun Sect’s Foundation Establishment disciples had suffered losses in front of Cheng Yu numerous times, causing Cheng Yu to be classified as Kunlun’s must-kill target. Besides, this was the first time Kunlun had used a Golden Core Realm hunting order to hunt a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

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“So what if it’s me? Your Kunlun wished to kill me for numerous days, but aren’t I still alive? On the contrary, I’m afraid that if I continue massacring your Kunlun, they would be left with no one for me to kill,” Since he knew that this was the first time he would be facing a Golden Core expert, Cheng Yu was still not afraid.

“As expected, you are quite courageous, truly young people are fearless. Wait until you have witnessed the might of Golden Core Realm, I hope you can still continue being this confident,” The old man smiled and said.

“Old man, come! I will let you know how weak Golden Core Realm is!” Cheng Yu revealed his lustering weapon as he shouted. The aura on him burst forth and his eyes showed dense disdain and fighting spirit.

“Egotistical kid. Today, you are dead!” Seeing how arrogant Cheng Yu was, the old man was enraged. Immediately, his body was suffused with golden rays with his Golden Core Realm aura bursting out. Cheng Yu jumped high up into the sky as he displayed the Primeval Chaos Stab. The blue ray Qi on the sword point revolved rapidly, forming a sharp whirlpool, stabbing towards the old man.

“Ha!” The old man shouted. A ray of golden dipper Qi shielded against Cheng Yu’s fierce move.

“Ha!” The old man shouted once again. The golden light on him grew denser.

“Bang!” In an instant, Cheng Yu was repelled by the old man’s formidable aura. Cheng Yu used one of his hands to hold onto a big tree beside him. After that, he fled into the dense branches and leaves as he disappeared. The old man stood at his spot as he concentrated his attention. After that, he lifted up his right hand and slapped the right tree beside him. A human figure rapidly escaped before the big tree exploded.

“Good chap. As expected, a Golden Core expert is not something Foundation Establishment cultivators can contend against. Regardless of it being strength, reaction speed or perception, it has far surpassed me,” Cheng Yu avoided the old man’s strike. He couldn’t help admit that there was a big disparity of strength between the old man and him.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu evaded once again. The tree that he had just leapt away from exploded into dregs once again.

“Cheng Yu, it’s futile trying to escape. It’s better if you just accept your death obediently!” The old man utilized his palm to cause the explosion while Cheng Yu had been evading it unceasingly on tree tops.

“Howl!” Looking at the trees in his surrounding being turned into dregs, and how he had been suppressed completely, Cheng Yu looked for an opportunity and finally launched his first counterattack. A phantom lion howled as a large lion head immediately pounced on the old man. The old man’s expression was very calm. He took out his sword and chopped down, slicing the lion head into two, which then collided into the trees at his side.

“Boom! Boom!” The trees shattered.

“Spiritual Weapon!” Cheng Yu hid above the tree and looked at the old man’s sword, as his heart was startled. Golden Core Realm strength was already impressive. Adding in a Spiritual Weapon was really something he could not contend against.

“Six Dragons Emerging from the Seas!” Cheng Yu planned to retreat.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” Six enormous dragons intersected in the forest as they charged out.

“Scepter Shuttle!” Suddenly, a green scepter flew out within the old man as it hovered in front of the old man and grew bigger.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The six dragon images had collided with the scepter as it grew bigger with six resonating explosion resounded.

“Magic Weapon!” When Cheng Yu had utilized his Six Dragons Emerging from the Seas, he had already flown into the skies. When he turned back and saw the large scepter in front of the old man, he turned pale in fright. He ignored everything else and quickly flew off.

“Want to escape, not so easy!” The old man moved as the scepter flew up the sky. It swished down as it chased in Cheng Yu direction. Cheng Yu’s speed might be fast, but how could it be faster than a Magic Weapon. The Scepter Shuttle flashed white, appearing above Cheng Yu. All of a sudden, it grew bigger again, pushing Cheng Yu down.

“F*ck! What the f*ck is this thing!” The scepter was pushing him down from his head, making Cheng Yu use more of his strength. He felt that his body had grown incomparably heavy as his flying speed had slowed down by a lot. Noticing the old man behind had almost caught up, Cheng Yu grew extremely anxious. When he saw that Death Swamp was just in front of him, Cheng Yu thought of an idea. He incorporated all his Qi into the flying sword, utilizing all his strength to push forward.

“Faster! D*mn it, faster!” Feeling that the old man was getting closer, Cheng Yu was dripping with sweat. He felt that this time he was truly unable to escape. Finally, Cheng Yu rushed into Death Swamp. Suddenly, dozens of purple alligator jumped up from the water’s surface. Cheng Yu abruptly descended down, letting the alligators withstand the scepter. Cheng Yu placed the short grass on his body. After that, he used his flying sword and flew into the depths of the swamp.

“Cheng Yu, the alligators also won’t be able to save you!” This time, the old man had arrived in time. He lifted up his sword and cleaved down.

“Boom!” Cheng Yu evaded the sword Qi as it landed on the swamp, evoking the wrath of the alligators. Suddenly, hundreds of alligators flew up from the swamp. Witnessing the situation, Cheng Yu brandished his sword without any hesitation as he slashed with sword Qi onto the swamp continuously.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Water splattered everywhere. Countless alligators charged out from the water, encircling Cheng Yu and the old man.

“Quickly look! What’s that!” The cultivators who were resting at the shore saw Cheng Yu and the old man had suddenly appeared above the swamp, their hearts were startled as they shouted.

“What! What happened!” A lot of them rushed to the edge of the swamp from their resting spot as they asked anxiously.

“Look over there!” A person pointed at the duo who was fighting above the skies.

“En? A Foundation Establishment late stage and a Golden Core expert?” Someone who had gazed at the duo, immediately voiced out his astonishment.

“That Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Cheng Yu is very powerful. He actually dares to fight a Golden Core expert!” A person said excitedly.

“That Foundation Establishment cultivator is very familiar! Isn’t he the one selling the pills during the day? Turns out that he’s called Cheng Yu. How come he’s fighting with the Golden Core expert?” A person saw Cheng Yu’s look, he said curiously.

“Is there a need to ask? He earned so many spiritual stones from selling the pills, the other person must be killing him to get his money.”

“Haha! Well fought. Best if he can kill him. Who asked him to sell the pills at such an expensive price, causing me to have to stay here while others already went over!” One of them lamented with joy. During the day when Cheng Yu was selling the pills, he was already very furious. There was obviously a way to get past here, but he did not have that many spiritual stones. If he was not angry, it would have been fake. Now that he saw Cheng Yu was robbed by a Golden Core expert, he was joyous.

“Pity. We also heard that there was someone selling the pill to get past this Death Swamp. It’s a pity we came late. Otherwise, there would not be a need for us to stay here. Hopefully he could survive. This way, we might still be able to purchase the pill. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t be able to think of any idea to cross this swamp,” All those who had the spiritual stones, but had come late all showed a regretful expression as they looked at Cheng Yu in anticipation.

“Haha! Stop joking. Which Foundation Establishment cultivator would be able to block a Golden Core expert’s full strength?” That person who was rejoicing in other people’s misfortune said.

“Quickly look, what a spectacular sight!” Seeing countless alligators flying up, one of them said in astonishment. Both of them had the short grass on them, but now that the situation had become chaotic and also countless alligators were attacking them, Cheng Yu saw that the two of them had been separated by the alligators. He donned his Qi armor and quickly rushed away.

“Still wish to escape!” There might be a lot of alligators, but the old man’s fighting power was way too strong. After chopping down dozens of alligators, he found Cheng Yu’s position. Once again, he lifted up the Spiritual Weapon in his hand as the golden ray grew denser. The sword condensed a large golden longsword as it slashed down at Cheng Yu’s back.

“Pu!” Cheng Yu did not have enough time to evade, receiving the old man’s slash head on. A set of armor flashed out on Cheng Yu body, with a boom, Cheng Yu was slashed into the swamp.

“Spiritual Tool? I never expected that a small Foundation Establishment cultivator would have a Spiritual Tool on him. No wonder he is so arrogant. However, today, you won’t be able to escape from your death!” The old man did not stop here. The sword in his hand suffused with golden rays again as he chopped down ruthlessly.

“Crash!” The water around Cheng Yu lit up with purple rays.

“Clang!” The golden blade’s image was blocked by purple light. After that, the water’s surface suddenly started revolving, turning into a large whirlpool.

“Ah!” Cheng Yu was sucked away by the whirlpool. The purple light disappeared in an instant. All the alligators returned to the swamp and the tranquility of the water’s surface returned.

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