Chapter 217: Unfathomable Man

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“This…” The old man stared at the peaceful water blankly as the water reflected the full moon above the sky. Everything was so peaceful, as if nothing had happened. The old man monitored the whole surface, and in the end, he was still unable to make any head or tails out of the purple light just now. However, there was a bad premonition that kept on growing in his heart. He did not understand if what just happened was it coincidental or was there a reason for it. However, recalling Cheng Yu being struck by his blade, and also being sucked into the swamp, he couldn’t possibly survive, right?

Ultimately, the old man brandished his blade a few more times, sending a few strikes at Cheng Yu that had been absorbed by the water before he felt at ease. After that, he flew off.

“My god! What exactly happened just now?” The old man left, and only then did everyone turn sober.

“Right! What was that purple light just now? How come the water would emit lights? It’s truly too weird.”

“Could it be that there’s an expert hiding within the swamp?” Someone said unsure of what had just happened.

“Nonsense! Have you heard of any expert that originated from the swamp before?”

“This is hard to say. The world is so vast, so nothing is too bizarre. The amount of cultivation techniques are countless. Perhaps, there might be an immortal who once cultivated in this swamp?”

“Then, you should quickly jump down. Perhaps, he might even accept you as his disciple, passing you a supreme technique, helping you immediately obtain enlightenment!”

“Haha! That’s right. You should jump down and have a try. Perhaps, these alligators were raised by him. In the future, it all belongs to you!” Everyone laughed.

“Che!” That person was speechless. He quickly returned to his resting spot.


“Senior Sister Ning Yan, would an unusual treasure emerge in Death Forest?” A delicate female asked the beautiful one who was in front leading them.

“Junior Sister Wushuang, Teacher’s Flowers Astrology Technique already attained the realm of mastery. I believe that in the whole Cultivation World, in terms of astrology techniques, no one can be compared to our teacher. Since teacher calculated that there would be an unusual treasure emerging in Death Forest, it’s definitely true,” The pretty lady who was addressed as Senior Sister Ning Yan replied affirmatively.

“Then, teacher told Senior Sister the place where the treasure would be born?” Ning Wushuang asked inquisitively. Originally, Ning Wushuang was supposed to be at home accompanying her father, but a few days ago, Senior Sister Ning Yan had brought a group of senior and junior sisters to Ningshui City, informing her that teacher had asked Wushuang to follow them to leave for Death Forest to seek treasure. So, Ning Wushuang and the others appeared here within Death Forest.

“Hehe! Junior Sister Wushuang, the astrology trigrams technique is not that mystical. To be able to calculate the rough location of the treasure could already be counted as terrific. To know the exact location, in these boundless skies, what treasures could be found so easily?” Senior Sister Ning Yan smiled.

“Hehe! Junior Sister Wushuang is so cute. Teacher doted on you so much. In the future, she might pass you the astrology technique. Perhaps, you might be able to locate the exact location of the treasures. When the time comes, our Huaxian Valley would no longer lack of any treasures,” Another pretty lady smiled.

“Senior Sister Ning Xue, why are you teasing me again!” Ning Wushuang blushed as she patted Ning Xue’s arm as she said coquettishly.

“Haha! What I said is true,” Ning Xue laughed.

“Oh right. Senior Sister, since teacher knew that the treasure would be born here, why didn’t teacher come and take it herself? With her ability, it should be easy for her to obtain this treasure. Isn’t it?” Ning Wushuang asked confusedly.

“Teacher once said before that the Death Forest’s core is very mysterious. Only cultivators that are blow the Nascent Soul Realm are able to enter,” Ning Yan explained.


“I am not sure. Teacher didn’t say. In any case, when the treasure appears, the other sects people will also appear. When we seize the treasure, we must also be careful of being plotted against by others,” Ning Yan reminded everyone.

“Senior Sister, look. There’s a lot of people there. What are those people doing?” Ning Zi suddenly pointed to the front.

“Short grass is a type of grass that’s grown in the Death Swamp. It’s the only way to get past Death Swamp. Without it, the alligators in this swamp would attack us. Those people should be looking for the method to cross this swamp.”

“Then should we tell them the method?” Ning Wushuang said.

“No. The ten great sects agreed that this secret must never be divulged. Short grass is not only the way to get past this swamp, but it’s also the reason why these purple alligators do not dare to come ashore. If everyone knew this secret, when the time comes, all the short grass would be plucked out, then it would lead to a succession of troubles and danger.”

“Then if someone not from the ten great sects knew, wouldn’t they expose it?”

“Humans are selfish. They are fully aware that opposite has countless treasures, so why would he share it with others? Therefore, presently speaking, there is no need for us to worry about this secret being divulged. If they had the ability, they would naturally be able to find the method to get past this swamp. If they can’t, then it only means that they are incapable,” Ning Yan explained everything to her junior sisters.

“So it’s like that!” Everyone realized what was happening as they nodded their heads.

“Weird! Why is it like this? Why is the water and these purple lotuses no longer purple?” The few of them arrived at the edge of the swamp, Ning Yan and Ning Xue as well as those who had come to Death Forest before suddenly said.

“Senior Sister, what’s wrong?” Ning Wushuang asked curiously.

“This swamp water and the lotuses on it are supposed to be purple. But the water and lotuses now became normal. This is too weird.”

“Come, everyone place this short grass on first!” Ning Yan looked at her surroundings. After that, she quickly harvested a few stems of short grass and distributed it to her sisters. After that she said, ”Let’s go, and ask those people over there what exactly happened.”

“Fellow Cultivator,” Ning Yan brought everyone to the front of a cultivator and asked.

“…” When the male heard the gentle and clear voice, he turned around and saw a group of pretty ladies. Immediately, he was stunned.

“Hello…hello…” Ning Yan saw his expression, so she frowned lightly as she called out twice. There were some traces of discontentment in her tone.

“Ah! Oh! I’m Guo Quanming. May I know what matter fairy has?” The male recovered, he quickly retrieved his gaze and said hastily.

“Cultivator, do you know what happened to this swamp? Why did the water and lotuses turn normal?” Ning Yan withdrew her discontentment and asked once more.

“Fairy, you have asked the right person. I truly know of this. Furthermore, I witnessed everything with my own eyes,” Hearing the fairy’s words, the man immediately got excited.

“Oh? Then can you tell me what exactly happened?” Ning Yan and the others were also extremely curious.

“This incident happened yesterday night. Yesterday night, there was a cultivator called Cheng Yu and a Golden Core expert fighting!” The man collected his thoughts before explaining slowly.

“Cheng Yu?!” At this moment, Ning Wushuang suddenly cried out in astonishment.

“Junior Sister, you know of this person named Cheng Yu?” Ning Xue asked curiously.

“You said that this Cheng Yu fought with a Golden Core expert? Then where is he? Where’s he now?” Ning Wushuang nodded her head at Ning Xue. After that, she asked the man excitedly.

“This…this, I believe…should be…probably…dead!” The man saw that the lady had become so excited, he thought that Cheng Yu was her sweetheart. While being jealous of Cheng Yu, at the same time he was also afraid of hurting this pretty lady’s heart as he stuttered and said.

“What should be and probably. Alive means alive, dead means dead. Be clear!” When she saw Ning Wushuang tense up, Ning Xue knew that the duo’s relationship shouldn’t be shallow. With her eyebrows erect, she asked resentfully.

“This…then he ought to be dead,” The man hesitated for a while before saying.

“Dead?” Ning Wushuang had no idea how to describe her current feelings. Previously, Cheng Yu had taken liberties of her, according to reason, she should be happy that he was dead. But currently, she did not feel any happiness at all. In contrast, there was a kind of indescribable loneliness and sorrow. Previously, after Cheng Yu had fought bitterly with Kunlun and left with injuries, Ning Wushuang was extremely worried, but never did she expect that he would be fine. But now, he was actually killed by someone. This kind of feeling, she truly had no way of describing it.

“Junior Sister, a dead person can’t be revived. Accept the situation and move on,” Ning Xue saw Ning Wushuang had turned blank, as if she could no longer control her feelings. So, she opened her mouth and consoled her.

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“Then can you tell me what’s going on with the water and the lotuses?” Ning Yan quickly changed the topic and asked.

“It’s like this, when Cheng Yu was struck into the swamp by the Golden Core expert, the Golden Core expert was about to send another sword strike at Cheng Yu. It was at this moment when something extraordinary happened. Purple light rushed up to the sky from the swamp, blocking the sword strike of the Golden Core expert. However, a big whirlpool suddenly appeared in this swamp, sucking Cheng Yu in. Therefore, I said Cheng Yu should be dead. How could there possibly be someone alive within the swamp? Besides, he was suffering from severe injuries. And when we woke up today, the water and lotuses, and even the alligators had also faded away in their colors,” The man splattered his saliva as he spoke frankly with assurance. His mood was fired up, as if he had experienced it himself.

“So you are saying you did not see Cheng Yu’s corpse?” Ning Xue asked.

“This…yeah. However, the swamp was completely filled with alligators. If there aren’t ten thousand, there should at least be eight thousand. How could Cheng Yu be alive?” That man thought and said.

“Alright. Thank you,” Understanding the situation, Ning Yan brought her sister and left.

“Aish, so many fairies, truly goddesses. If she could be my dao companion, how blessed would that be. Even if I had to cut my life short for tens of years, I would also be willing,” The man looked at Ning Yan’s dainty rear view, as he shook his head and sighed.

“Dream on. She is one of the glamorous beauties in Huaxian Valley, Fairy Ning Yan. How can she possibly fancy you, a low cultivation loose cultivator?” At this moment, a few men walked over and sneered.

“What? She’s Huaxian Valley Fairy Ning Yan? Heard that she is already a Golden Core Realm expert. I never expected that she is actually so amiable and approachable,” The man revealed a thirsty expression once again.


“Junior Sister Wushuang, don’t be sad. Since the incident already happened, we can only let nature take its course,” Along the way, Ning Yan saw the talkative Ning Wushuang had turned silent, so she tried to console her.

“Hehe! Thank you, Senior Sister. I caused you all to be worried. I’m fine,” Ning Wushuang forced a smile.

“Junior Sister, can you tell us what your relationship with him is? Is he your eye-candy?” Ning Xue saw Wushuang had finally spoke, so she wanted to make Wushuang feel a bit happier.

“Nah. It’s just strangers coming together by chance,” Ning Wushuang blushed as she shook her head.

“Strangers coming together by chance? You’re lying right. Looking at how love struck you are, how could it possibly be strangers coming together by chance?”

“Really, I only met him once.”

“Met him once? Could it be love at first sight?” Ning Xue joked once again.

“How can it be? He’s just a b*st*rd. I only wish to personally kill him off myself,” Hearing her senior sisters laughing, Ning Wushuang’s mood was a lot better, as if she had returned to the day when she was fighting Cheng Yu.

“Really? B*st*rd? It seems like he swindled our pretty and adorable Junior Sister Wushuang’s heart away. However, I am also very curious, why would he provoke a Golden Core expert. I quite admire his boldness,” Ning Xue said curiously.

“He is a unfathomable man.”

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