Chapter 218: Ning Yan Was Ambushed

In the dark night, Cheng Yu had fallen into the depths of Death Swamp and the surrounding purple alligators were staring at him covetously.

“Haha! Cheng Yu, this is result of opposing Kunlun. It’s impossible for you to escape this calamity. Die!” In the sky, an old man floated there as he raised up a golden glittering longsword, mocking him unbridled.

“Ah!” A large golden sword image chopped down, flying towards him.

“I’m dead? I died like this?!” Cheng Yu howled. Immediately, he sat up with his head filled with sweat, mumbling to himself.

“Eh? What’s this place?” Sitting on the ground, Cheng Yu looked at the scene in front of him as he was unable to make sense of the problem. Suddenly, it was as if he was enlightened, both of his hands touched his own body recklessly. He touched his face as well, and all of a sudden, he yelled in delightment, ”I didn’t die! I didn’t die! Haha, I’m still alive!”

After his excitement, Cheng Yu started sizing up his surroundings. It seemed like a big shrine. The decoration could be said to be dazzling. On the wall and the big obelisk, there were lots of unknown engravings.

“What’s this? Spiritual Tool? Key?” Cheng Yu turned around, he suddenly saw there was a large purple key hanging above the shrine’s main seat.

“What’s going on here? How did I get into this place?” Cheng Yu turned muddle-headed. He had been beaten into the swamp by that old man from Kunlun. “After that…after that, it was a large whirlpool that sucked me away.”

“Could it be this is inside the whirlpool?” Cheng Yu subconsciously thought.

“Aiyo!” Cheng Yu wanted to get up and take a look around when all of a sudden, an acute pain came from his chest. It was only then that he remembered he was slashed by the Golden Core expert just now.

“D*mn it. Lucky I had gotten myself a good teacher. Otherwise, this time I would have really died,” Cheng Yu tore opened his clothes and saw the greenish armor on him had a long scar. It looked really shocking. If this strike had hit his real body, even if he had used the best glue, he wouldn’t be able to stick his body back together! Cheng Yu swallowed two Reversal Pills as he sat down on the ground and recuperated for two hours. Finally, his Qi and blood had returned to normal.

“Anyone? Is there anyone?” Cheng Yu climbed up and stood at the big shrine as he shouted twice. Other than his own echo, no other sound was produced.

“Such a big shrine actually has no one?” Cheng Yu looked at the big purple key on the shrine’s master seat. After that, he started walking to the shrine entrance. But not long later, he was blocked by a door.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

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“Anyone here?” Cheng Yu used his strength and knocked on the stone wall. Unfortunately, no matter how much Cheng Yu shouted, other than his echos, there was nothing else!

“What the f*ck is this place?” Cheng Yu walked back as he followed the other passageway. However, the end result was the same. At the end of those passages was a stone door blocking his way forward.

“Eh? This sunken shape looks very weird. Where have I seen it before?” At this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly noticed the sunken seal on the stone wall. Just now he didn’t take notice of it. It was only now that he recalled that it seemed like every stone door had this sunken seal.

“Could it be a key? Key? Eh! Isn’t this the shape of the large key outside?” Cheng Yu seemed to understand something as he ran to the big shrine happily. When he saw the shape of the key again, he spoke excitedly immediately, ”As expected, it’s you!”

“It’s just that there’s a restriction placed here and I am also injured right now. There’s no way I can retrieve it,” Cheng Yu saw that there was a lustering bright barrier surrounding the key, so he spoke helplessly.

“D*mn it, it seems like I have to stay here to recuperate for the next two days,” Cheng Yu circled around the restriction twice, and with his current situation, he did not dare to go forward to retrieve it. Ultimately, he could only returned to his original spot and sit down. Taking out the roasted meat and wine from the ring, Cheng Yu started sizing up the big shrine once again while eating.

“This place is so weird. Everywhere is sealed up. And how did I arrive at this big shrine? There’s only a key in this whole shrine, truly so mysterious,” Cheng Yu ate his drumstick while looking at the glowing key, gloomily yet curious.

“Heard that there’s a Death Shrine in this Death Forest. It’s unlikely to be this, right? Isn’t it too ridiculous? But I never heard that there’s another other shrine in this Death Forest! If this is the real Death Shrine, then I truly profited from a disaster!” Cheng Yu bit his drumstick while thinking happily.


“Senior Sister Ning Yan, inside is the legendary Death Bone Tomb? Other than the vegetation here being lush and tombs everywhere, there seems to be nothing special!” Ning Zi looked at the tombs and marveled.

“You better not look down on these tombs. Let’s quickly continue on our journey. Otherwise, it would be troublesome during the night,” Ning Yan said solemnly.

“The vegetation in this place is lush, producing large amounts of precious medical ingredients. During the day, there would only be demonic beasts entering. But when the night comes, all the demonic beasts would leave this area because the thing below comes out. Think about it, the demonic beasts in this Death Swamp are sufficient to compete against us, but during the night, they don’t even dare to roam here. You tell me if it’s scary?” Ning Xue helped Ning Yan explain.

“Ah? Senior Sister, then we should hurry on our journey and leave this bone tomb!” Hearing Ning Xue’s explanation, the other sisters also got afraid, including Ning Wushuang.

“Relax! With Senior Sister Ning Yan around, we do possess some abilities to resist it. When the time comes, everyone pay attention and do not to be left alone. We must always be together,” Witnessing all the junior sisters being so afraid, Ning Xue smiled and consoled them.

“We do not want to stay here for long. It’s better to leave this place as soon as possible!” Ning Zi said worriedly.

“Everyone be careful! There’s a seventh rank demonic beast in front!” Suddenly, Ning Yan warned everyone.

“What! Seventh rank demonic beast? Isn’t it equivalent to Golden Core Realm?! Senior Sister, can we make a detour around it?” This time, Ning Xue had also gotten very serious. Golden Core Realm demonic beasts were not something to be joked with.

“No. It already noticed us. Everyone get ready. Ning Xue, take care of the junior sisters. Find an opportunity and escape. I will block it!” Ning Yan’s expression was extremely grave.

“No! Senior sister, how can we let you fight alone? We want to fight together!” Ning Xue said resolutely.

“Idiot! This isn’t the time to throw a tantrum. Seventh rank demonic beasts are not something you people can handle. As long as you all are fine, I can escape anytime I want!” Ning Yan’s eyebrows stood erect as she spoke solemnly.

“This…” Hearing Ning Yan’s words, Ning Xue hesitated. The demonic beasts in Death Forest were very strong. It was quite abnormal. Let alone Golden Core Realm experts, Foundation Establishment experts definitely hold no hope of fighting against it.

“Not good! It’s too late. Everyone, prepare to fight! Remember my words!” Ning Yan said impatiently.

“Howl!” Ning Yan’s voice had just been produced when a two-headed leopard appeared in front of the girls.

“Not good! It’s a two-headed Primeval Chaos Leopard!” Looking at the demonic beast, Ning Yan was taken aback. Two-headed Primeval Chaos Leopard, as the name implied, it was two-headed. But what caused a person to be intimidated was that these two heads were able to fire off fire and water attribute attacks, making it a headache for its opponent.

“Pu!” The two-headed Primeval Chaos Leopard did not care much, and the moment it charged out, it puffed out a water arrow. All the girls evaded promptly, causing the water arrow to hit the big tree behind them. The water arrow rapidly wrapped around the tree bark as it started to freeze. When the leopard saw the attack did not land, the other head puffed out a long flame.

“Clang!” Ning Yan leaped onto a tree. After that, a sword Qi was slashed at one of the leopard’s head. The leopard rolled on the ground twice before it bellowed. Once again, it puffed out a flame at the tree Ning Yan was.

“Boom!” That tree immediately turned into dregs. However, at that moment, Ning Yan had long flown up into the sky.

“Congregating Flower Sword!” Ning Yan hovered in the air, brandishing her sword. A spotless white flower condensed in front of her. After that, it flew rapidly to the two-headed leopard. Suddenly, the flower dispersed, turning into countless sword Qi.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The two-headed leopard was bombarded with countless sword Qi, bringing forth explosions.

“Senior Sister is so awesome!” Ning Zi saw the might of her senior sister, so she shouted excitedly. However, after the smoke dissipated, the two-headed leopard was not in the least damaged and only the body was covered with dust. The leopard swung its body with cold lights flashing past its eyes. It changed its target to Ning Xue and the others. The leopard itself was very nimble. Furthermore, it was also an extremely smart animal. Witnessing how strong Ning Yan was, it knew it would be difficult to confront her. However, Ning Xue and the others seemed to be a lot weaker, so naturally it would switched its target.

“Ning Xue be careful!” Seeing the change in the leopard, Ning Yan’s expression changed as she quickly shouted. After that, she flung out the bracelet on her hand. However, the leopard had already pounced over to Ning Xue and the others. Water and flame was puffed out together. This time, the bracelet that had gotten large was under the leopard’s belly. With a bang, the leopard was knocked into a formation.

“Crack!” The Qi armor on the leopard had finally been shattered.

“Ah! Ah!” This time, Ning Xue’s side had also produced a few screech! It turned out that the girl behind had been blocked by Ning Xue and did not manage to see the incoming water arrow. By the time they tried to evade, it was already too late. Luckily, her reaction was quick, the arrow was supposed to hit her heart had instead hit her shoulder after she leaned to the side, using her shoulder to block the water arrow. But after being struck by the water arrow, she was frozen in an instant. And the other few girls were also deep fried by the leopard’s flame.

“B*st*rd! Bind!” Ning Yan saw the situation, so she was angered as she shouted. The bracelet flew above the leopard, slowly enlarging itself, releasing white rays as it tossed down onto the leopard, wanting to bind it in the bracelet. However, the leopard’s reaction was very prompt. A water arrow shot out, immediately freezing the bracelet. Shortly after, flame was puffed out. With a boom, the bracelet exploded.

“Pu!” The bracelet was attached to a part of Ning Yan’s soul. Having been blasted, Ning Yan had also been injured, puffing out a mouth of blood. This time, the leopard did not intend to let Ning Yan off. It leapt up, two sharp claws suddenly clawed down, issuing out an intersected claw Qi.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan! Let me help you!” Just as the claw Qi was about to hit Ning Yan, a male’s voice resonated. Following, a red sword flew out from the other side, blocking the claw Qi.

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