Chapter 166- 112%

Winter started playing Sword Kingdom shortly before KMega6KMegacharacter started, but with her daily life, her leveling and skill building has been rather slow. Unlike Emma, an antisocial person who got stuck in the middle of a town, she was super popular the moment she entered the game and sought seclusion.

In the outskirts of the northern region controlled by the dragon4dragonspecies broods, she lived a quiet life.

Her days consisted of building random contraptions such as ballistas, buildings, catapults, cannons, bridges, etc. She was an independent contractor, which she was completely fine with because it’s a nice change of pace from her main character that kills all the time.

One day, while she was heading home after doing some road repair work to earn a little extra money, she saw a player in front of her shop that looked to be waiting for a while.

“Are you the engineer called 112%?” (???)

112% looked him up and down and could tell that he was easily mid 100’s or even higher.

“What can I do for you?” (112%)

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The player was a little taken aback since she looked to be only in the low 100’s and her voice was cute.

A common thing to do in video games5video gamestheme is to change your gender and appearance to appear cute, but Winter was naturally attractive, so she had a voice to match that couldn’t be changed by the system. Women playing video games is still rather uncommon in this day and age. If you consider that sixty percent of the world’s population are women, only twenty percent of people playing VR games are actually female. A lot of them hide by playing male avatars, leading to quite a number of people from both genders questioning their sexuality. However unlike in the twenty-first century of gaming, in VR games, you almost always have to be social unless you’re a necromancer, an OP wizard who’s also a jerk, or a bandit who lives in the shadows.

“I heard you’re making a secret weapon here. On behalf of the Crimson Phoenix guild, I am here to purchase the plans and the prototype.” (???)

112% was a little dejected since she would have preferred a love confession.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (112%)

When the player heard her response, he quickly pulled out a rainbow-colored ore.

“Prism ore is rather rare and the purchases are easy to track. What do you, an engineer, need over seven hundred units of Prism ore for?” (???)

112% had a cold look on her face even though she was rather worried inside.

“I must insist that you leave.” (112%)

Right after she said that, she was really surprised when the front door opened. Her lockmaking skills were level 5, so a person’s lockpick skills need to be at least that high in order to even have a chance of success. Lockmaking is also one of the things she has her avatar train in when she logs off.

The person that came through the door had a scroll in his hand as he spoke, “It’s here, all right. We don’t need her.” (???2)

112%’s face soured before she cast a basic fireball at the plans in his hand. She then pressed a hidden button that activated a failsafe, causing an explosion to erupt inside the building.

An energy shield surrounded her as she activated one of her skills.

“Get her! She’s teleporting!” (???)

They then charged forward, but the shield held long enough for her to escape.

As the two of them updated their leader, a third player emerged from the hut covered in soot.

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He was modestly injured as he dragged a strong box with one hand and his other hand was limp and bloody.

“What about the others?” (???)

The person covered in soot shook his head as he said,

“I was on my way out with the plans while the other two were examining the prototype. I thought you cleared all the traps?” (???3)

The one that originally spoke had a sour expression on his face as he responded, “That b***h probably had a few secret manual detonation bombs. The trap skill only detects active traps.” (???)

The person covered in soot pulled out a potion and gulped it down, instantly healing his limp arm.

“Either way, we came out with the minimum success rate.” (???3)

The three of them then sighed before heading to the nearest town as the small house in the woods burned down.
While this was going on, 112% watched everything from a mountain that divided the human and dragon realms.

With a smirk on her face, she started heading north to a brood of dragons that owed her a favor.

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