Chapter 167- Senator Direrevia Tonewell Comes to Visit

Senator Direrevia Tonewell entered the portal at the base where a dragon4dragonspecies’s lair once stood.

After some lights on the ground blinded him, he appeared in the central plaza of a small town with a modest mountain behind it. However, he was struck dumb when he saw hundreds of former companions walking around.

“So they got some too.” (Direrevia)

He then made his way to the dragon’s lair to meet the person that rules this sky island.

While he walked around, Direrevia was amazed at the progress of how settled everyone was.

The gods’ took some of the bad terrain from the ground and filled it with fertile fields and built a modest base to guard the portal. Direrevia didn’t dawdle as he made his way to the three mercenaries guarding the entrance to the lair.

“Halt! State your business.” (Mercenary Guard)

Direrevia had a scared look on his face since he still wasn’t used to not being a commoner under his father. He then took a step forward as he spoke, “I am senator Direrevia Tonewell. I have come to see Duke KMega6KMegacharacter or Lady Astrid7Astridcharacter.” (Direrevia)

The mercenaries talked amongst themselves before one of them ran into town.

“Under our contract, we can’t permit anyone to enter unless they’re a dragon of the brood or affiliated with them.” (Mercenary Guard Leader)

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Direrevia wasn’t surprised since he came unannounced.

He didn’t have all the time in the world, but he did have some to spare for procedure.

By the time something new happened, Direrivia had taken the missing guards’ seat to rest.

He didn’t have any time do so since he got orders from the Senate, so he took a break to recover his stamina and his thoughts. After a while, Lazar arrived after landing on the dragon emblem in front of the cave. When Lazar noticed the senator, he instantly remembered this demihuman was there when KMega retired from being the commander of Jork Fortress.

“Senator, what brings you here?” (Lazar)

Direrivia chuckled gently before responding, “I came to talk to the duke and his wife. Are they in?” (Direrivia)

Lazar nodded. “ With all the new residents, they have been barely able to leave. They wanted to talk with you, or rather, the Senate, but as you can guess…” (Lazar)

Lazar then looked around and saw dozens of demihumans looking at him.

“In any case, my Queens is his souls’ sleep and my lord is forging her mate’s new sword. She has been at it for the last ten nights.” (Lazar)

Direrivia was a little confused.

“Duke KMega is a… Queen?!?” (Direrivia)

Lazar nodded. “ Ah, I see that you’re surprised. Let me enlighten you then. Us dragons choose the strongest of our species as our one and only king. The dragons under him are called lords and there are three types; Elder Brood Lord, Blood Lord, and Brood Lord. An Elder Brood Lord is the highest level dragon under the king and under his direct command. A Blood Lord is a dragon directed connected to the king or his personal brood through blood. Finally, a Brood Lord is a dragon that leads their own bloodline. The mates of lords are called queens, and Astrid is my brood lord. For dragons, lords and queens are not gender specific.” (Lazar)

Direrivia didn’t quite understand and took it as no one was available.

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“Well then, let’s move on. I am here on behalf of the Eastguard Republic to learn the stance of Karma Sky Island.” (Direrivia)

When he spoke, Direrivia noticed that Lazar was confused. Since he was in his true form, only the subtle signs of his head twisting and his eyes changing were apparent.

“As I told you before when I joined the Blood Tear brood, we have a very good standing with the natives of this land. My Queen is also considered a hero, so why are you concerned with the new residents? You should talk to that Bishop of Eastguard for the finer details instead. He’s the one that used my Queens’ contribution points from the Demon War.” (Lazar)

Direrivia grew increasingly frustrated as he heard the dragon continuously call KMega Queen.

“Could you call KMega by his noble rank or something? People will be unsettled if you continue to call him your queen!” (Direrivia)

Lazar tilted his head again as he responded.

“Now that you mention it, I do see some rather perplexed people. However, without his permission, I can’t call him anything other than My Queen. It goes against dragon law to do so. It should be the same as you having to be addressed as Senator. I shall speak with him about this matter whenever he’s free.” (Lazar)

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