Chapter 158: Do Not Commit an Offence

Among the twelve contestants, two of them were girls, and the rest were guys. Two people shared a room, and everyone was staying on the same floor.

The first thing that Ye Jian and Yang Ye, the two girls, did was to take out their books and test papers, and they placed them on the bedside, including a few sets of purely English test papers.

They did not have any other clothing in their luggage, and all the clothes they brought were their blue and white school uniforms, short sleeves and long pants that gave off a fresh and cool sports style.

Twelve o’clock marked the time for eating. When Ye Jian and the other members, all twelve of them, walked to the hotel’s dining room… Good grief! All the contestants from the other countries were already there!

As the host country, the Australian contestants were all present in the dining room, socializing with the other contestants quite enthusiastically.

Ye Jian’s gaze lightly swept across the dining room, and she noticed that while there were some groups of Asian students with black hair, but the Vietnamese students were not present. If she wanted to keep her eyes on “Red Scorpion,” she must first know their whereabouts.

Yang Ye saw the dining room packed with so many students, and she quietly whispered to Ye Jian, “This is such a huge event. The pressure… Tsk tsk tsk, I’m going to get a stomach pain from having lunch.”

“You shouldn’t…” Before Ye Jian could finish her sentence, a commotion arose from behind her, then she heard a fellow Chinese contestant, Gu Fan, bellow in concentrated voice, “You need to apologize!”

All the participating students were fluent in English, but Gu Fan’s English wasn’t just pitch perfect; there was a pure American accent to it. Ye Jian knew he was the one talking just by his voice.

She turned around and immediately saw a male Vietnamese student glaring fiercely at Gu Fan. Scattered across the floor were a few books, all of which were information Gu Fan brought here from China.

“Why do I need to apologize!” Not only was the male Vietnamese student’s glare malicious, even his tone was also fierce, and he sneered, “This is a public space. You guys were standing here and blocking us!”

The guy’s ferocity didn’t just come off as baffling, even his language contained a hint of hatred.

The other Vietnamese students were also acting as such, as if the Chinese students in front of them were their enemies.

“You guys are just an uncivil group who only know how to invade. You invaders want me to apologize, but don’t even think about it.” It was just a simple thing, but after going through the guy’s mouth, it suddenly escalated into a war between countries.

This caused the Chinese students’ complexion to change drastically, and their gazes towards the Vietnamese students started becoming extremely cold and sharp.

Invaders! Where did he get the guts to say Chinese people are invaders!

Ye Jian’s complexion stayed the same, but the cold, sharp gaze in her dark pupils swept across the Vietnamese students like a sharp arrow.

She walked out and stood beside Gu Fan who was livid, and she whispered, “Go call the teachers. We do not need to debate with them about these topics.” If these Vietnamese students wanted to discuss the war between their countries in the past thirty years, she didn’t mind having a chat with them.

Gu Fan lowered his head and glanced at the books that he had dropped due to the other party bumping into him. He remembered that this was Australia, and they shouldn’t start a dispute with the students from other countries. When he bent down, wanting to pick up the books, Ye Jian pulled him back by the arm and smiled at him. “Apologizing and picking up the books is what they should do. This has nothing to do with war between countries. We do not need to bring up our generosity to kindly treat rude people.”

She spoke in English, and her voice was clear. It contained hints of laughter and generosity. Her gaze, however, was stern.

“I’m going to look for the teachers! You guys, backup Ye Jian! Don’t get bullied by them!” Yang Ye saw the situation wasn’t normal, and the opposition clearly had a bone to pick with them. Her face became gloomy as she said, “I don’t believe that they would dare do anything else here!”

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