Chapter 159: Reap What You Sow

Calling the teachers over was obviously the best course of action, but the Vietnamese students mistook the Chinese students’ actions for fear.

When a male student saw that Yang Ye was going to leave, he raised his arms and blocked her path. His tone was harsh as he demanded, “If you want to leave, you’ve to apologize to us first!”

Let’s say, if the Chinese students were to apologize this time, then this incident would not remain as a an average incident! If this news were to spread internationally… it would equal to the country’s pride being stepped on by a couple of Vietnamese students!

The opposing side raised their hands first, causing the atmosphere between the two groups to become tenser.

Yang Ye’s expression became angry and embarrassed, and she gritted her teeth. “Please tell us the reasons why we have to apologize!”

“Reason? What reasons do we need to tell invaders? You all need to apologize because I said so. Now do it.” The Vietnamese boy who blocked Yang Ye’s path sneered, acting like they were the sanctioners who could represent their whole country.

Just like that, Ye Jian raised her hand as she subtly smiled.

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“If you are capable of representing your country, then you can now stand on the battlefield and use your strength to express your patriotism; instead of standing here and using a mockable excuse to express that you love your country, because all I can see is your cowardice and weakness!”

She pressed her hand on the other person’s arm, and the strength she was exerting on his arm was not letting up, even when he moved his arm away to the side. She smiled and said, “You bumped into us, and not only did you not apologize, you’re even standing here and resorting to chicanery. You should first figure out where you are right now and why you came here!”

Her cold voice held a majestic aura. Whether it was her words or her aura, it completely suppressed the other party.

Because she was a girl, she was not taken seriously by the Vietnamese boy until he had a secret contest of strength with her. Only then did he discover that he had underestimated that girl from China.

Ye Jian had both her arms strapped with metal balls during her sniping training, and her arm strength was incomparable to the average female. Once she showed her strength, she immediately suppressed the Vietnamese boy.

“Sure enough, they are invaders! No matter when and where, they will always act high and mighty.” The Vietnamese boy’s face became darker, and he whipped his arm back in rage. To be suppressed by a girl using just her arm until he couldn’t raise his arm was a very embarrassing thing to say out loud.

Once Ye Jian heard him, she smirked towards the students beside her… Finally, they raised their voice.

The raised voice caused the students who weren’t originally aware of what was happening outside the dining room, including those who saw but thought that the two countries’ representatives were just socializing, to all look towards them in an instant.

They did not hear the rest of the sentence, but they heard the word “invaders” crystal clear.

Some students had stood up and walked towards the entrance of the dining room, and some of them asked, “What did you say? Invader? Why and how did you arrive at that topic?”

The Chinese students smiled and explained, “He purposely bumped into our friend. Not only did he not pick up the scattered books, but he also didn’t have the basic courtesy to apologize. As for why he suddenly mentioned invaders and what not, I’m sorry, we do not understand either.”

The mutual understanding that they had cultivated was applicable to anything, like right now. When Ye Jian subtly smiled, the Chinese students knew how to respond instantly.

“Why did they mention wars in a competition of knowledge? This is not a warzone, this is just a friendly competition on knowledge..”

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“My god, I can’t comprehend this. Can someone explain it to me?”

“When you bump into someone, shouldn’t you apologize immediately? I don’t get why people would mix war into the context.”

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