Chapter 160: Bloody War

No matter how good someone was at chicanery, when faced with everyone’s crusade, they could only retreat. Furthermore, they suddenly became the heat of the debate of students from all countries, thus, the Vietnamese students started panicking.

“Why aren’t you guys inside.” The Vietnamese guy codenamed ‘Red Scorpion’ walked towards them. He saw panic on his students’ faces while the expressions the Chinese students had were cold. He furrowed his brows and started questioning his students, “What happened to you guys just now?”

He was holding a stack of material in his hands, and behind him were two Vietnamese teachers doing the same.

Under his icy cold gaze, the few Vietnamese students who had expressions of hatred lowered their heads, and they quietly recounted the events that happened to him.

Gao Yiyang who had not made a sound suddenly spoke up and coldly interrupted the student’s sentence, “I would like you to recount the complete events of what happened. Tell your teacher truthfully what really happened just now.”

At first he used English, but hespoke Vietnamese for the last sentence.

When he spoke, the Chinese students weren’t caught off guard, but his words startled the Vietnamese guy who was speaking.

Ye Jian glanced at ‘Red Scorpion,’ and her lips curved upwards. In a cold voice, she said, “Please speak in a language that everyone can understand and recount the events in a complete and truthful manner.”

If they did not mention the word ‘invader,’ then this dispute was just something between students, but when ‘Red Scorpion’ heard his students bring up the word ‘invader,’ he instantly understood why the Chinese students refused to back off.

The Chinese teachers walked towards them with a stack of materials in their hands. Coincidentally, they heard the final bit, andtheir facial expressions were so serious that it instilled fear in the hearts of the Chinese students.

The Vietnamese students quickly picked up the scattered books and apologized, but the four Chinese teachers did not leave immediately. Instead, they told Ye Jian and the others, “You guys go have lunch first. Leave this mess to the teachers to deal with.”

This event seemed like it was over, but the Chinese students knew that it wasn’t even finished!

After lunch, the twelve students sat in their teachers’ room and discussed what had happened at noon with some residual anger.

The excursion leader was Director Li from the capital’s Experimental High. He realized the students were still chatting about 1979’s Vietnamese self-defense war, and he sighed, “You guys know too little. What they were speaking of wasn’t the war in 1979, but it was the Laoshan counterattack that happened a few years ago. Student Ye Jian, I remembered that the hobby you wrote in your personal introduction was ‘military events.’ Do you have any knowledge on the Laoshan counterattack?”

Laoshan counterattack was a war between the two countries within the last decade, and to this day, there was still conflict happening. What originally was a matter between countries, and no matter what happened, it shouldn’t have been a topic that the students could discuss about!

To make things worse, they were in Australia!

Ye Jian pondered for a moment and slowly said, “Laoshan sits on Yun Province, Malipo District’s west side, and it’s a historical battleground. After the 1979 counterattack war, the Vietnamese party ignored the Chinese government’s multiple warnings; they infiltrated and seized Laoshan, then they relied on the complex terrain to construct large amounts of tunnels, trenches, bunkers, soldier caves, multiple layers of barbed wires, traps, and anti-infantry moats.”

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“Invading national soil is an intolerable act to any country; therefore, on midnight of April 28,1984, the 14th army’s 40th division and 49th division launched an attack on Laoshan and Zheyinshan respectively! After a bloody battle that lasted around eighteen days, our state border guards managed to recover Laoshan and Zheyinshan.”

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