Chapter 161: The People Who Protect The Country

Ye Jian’s voice was clear and methodical. When her voice went low as she spoke, there would be a trace of coldness added to her voice unconsciously. Everyone quietly listened to her telling about war while being led by her voice into the fierce battle.

“On the other hand, after the Vietnamese armed forces lost Laoshan, they counterattacked repeatedly, in the hopes of regaining Laoshan which is an important choke point. That’s why among the 4.28, 6.12, and 7.12 large counterattacks, , 7.12, the Battle of Song Maolin was the Vietnamese armed forces’ most massive division level attacks. It was also the fiercest battle in the Laoshan tug of war.”

“The soldiers who were defending Laoshan near Erlian of the Nara front were all killed in action. Following that, a number of our troops who went to scout the situation were killed by the Viets. After dawn, we sent a row of 45 men up there, and almost all of them died. In the end, we fired at them with rocket launchers, and only then did our troops manage to reclaim the front.”

When she got there, multiple students took a breath. They… had not paid attention to that place at all! They always thought that war did not belong to China in this peaceful time!

Ye Jian pursed her lips with a serious expression, and her gaze swept past the students who were still stunned. She continued softly, “The war did not end there. Following that, the Viets launched an attack with five-to-six hundred infantries, but they were instantly met with artillery from our troops, and we made them pay the heavy price for their actions towards us.

This war was not far from the students. However, a lot of them and even adults did not understand.

Following Ye Jian’s slow storytelling, the bullets seemed to fly past the students, like they could see the image of the sacrificed soldiers who were unafraid of death. They saw the young soldiers who fought to their last breath even though they were seriously injured.

When Ye Jian mentioned that everywhere including branches, the bamboo forest, the grass pile, and the shrubs were filled with flesh and blood and dismembered limbs… They felt like they were standing on the battlefield.

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A weeping sound could be heard, and it was Yang Ye who started crying. She was crying for the soldiers who fought and died bravely in the battle.

Directly Li, Teacher Yu, and the rest of the teachers started tearing up. None of them said a word even after a while had passed since Ye Jian finished speaking.

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“It was very tragic, but why do we not know of it?” a student asked with a hoarse voice, heavy yet sad.

His question was answered by a teacher. Director Li sighed heavily, “We hoped that the next generation can enjoy peace and prosperity forever, and we also hoped that you can distance yourself from war. However, as a student, you need to know war means that setting people in danger; it also means death and blood. It also means losing peace and prosperity. We should distance ourselves from war, but we need to understand war and know war.”

While he continued, Director Li looked at Ye Jian once more, and his impression of her undoubtedly became deeper. A student’s knowledge of the Laoshan counterattack wasn’t much,  however, once he heard Ye Jian speak, he knew that she had indeed paid close attention to the events.

Gao Yiyang, who sat in a corner had his gaze lowered, trying to cover the complex feelings in his eyes. She knew… a lot more than what they knew about.

In another hotel room, ‘Red Scorpion’ sat down on the bedside with a gloomy face. His gaze swept across the few guys with extreme coldness. “The reason I brought you out here wasn’t to discuss war with the Chinese students. You all need to behave yourselves for your families and my matters! ”

“I do not want to see dumb stuff again. If you anger me, don’t even dream about going home.”

The three guys’ shoulders visibly shrunk, and they lowered their heads as much as they could. No one dared to raise their heads to look at him. From their expression, it could be seen that they were all afraid of ‘Red Scorpion.’

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